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I realized recently that I haven't bothered to update my master posts or my delicious bookmarks for my fic since before I did 31 Days of Fic in March. Everything is also on AO3, so I'm not sure if it matters. Therefore: poll time!

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There's a lot of Brendon/Spencer/Haley/Sarah porn in my head, but it's pretty much only for my own enjoyment so far. I could potentially write some of it down, but I don't know if anyone would be interested. Hence, a poll. Anonymous commenting is always on (assuming LJ isn't doing something weird to prevent spam/other issues), so if you want to comment your vote and remain anonymous, that is also an option.

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The discussion on [ profile] eleanor_lavish's cranky old fangirl post (friends locked; sorry) made me wonder just how long people have been in fandom. So let's have a poll! Feel free to pepper the comments with anecdotes about your entry into fandom. Also, due to LJ restrictions on the number of options, I've had to chunk things out a little. Luckily, this data is only going to be used to satisfy my curiosity and not to make any sort of point where good data matters.

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This poll is in part for the wonderful anonymous person who gifted me with paid time. In all actuality, there are several paid account features I use, but the ability to create polls is the only one I ever remember is a paid account feature.

I've been thinking about writing for a big bang of some sort. I do really well with deadlines. I'm also totally wishy-washy about it right now.

First is the issue of time. On the one hand, I have this Mike/Kevin story (now over 20,000 words, and I still don't know what's going to happen) and my novel that I'm supposed to be working on. On the other hand, I keep writing other things anyway, so why not make that more structured?

Secondly is the issue of my own rebellious nature. I started reading through the rules and such for the big bangs I might write for, and even though what I want to write would fit into the rules for at least one of them, I dislike there being strict rules. (I know, I know. This is totally emotional and has no rational basis whatsoever.)

I basically have three big bangs I could write for and two stories I'm considering. The big bangs are [ profile] au_bigbang, [ profile] bandombigbang, and [ profile] bandgirlsbang (which may or may not happen this year; they don't have a 2010 info post up yet). The stories are an actor!Gabe/director!Victoria AU that already has about 1600 words and notes for casting the other characters ([ profile] au_bigbang allows WIPs that are under 3000 words if you write at least 15,000 for the challenge; the others say nothing about WIPs) and the Leighton/Vicky-T Good Girls Go Bad AU that I've been thinking about for months (this one would not fit into the rules for [ profile] bandombigbang). (I also have the beginning of a girl!Gabe/Victoria d/s story, but I don't think it's going to make it over 10,000 words, if I write it, so it wouldn't work for a big bang.)

Here's your chance to influence me! The poll below has all those options neatly laid out for you to vote on.

In addition to deadlines, being responsible to someone else helps keep me on track, so the poll below also has a question about if you'd want to read along as I write. The way I've been doing this when there's more than one person reading along is to paste what I've written for the day into the Google doc before I go to bed. (I don't write straight into Google docs; I like Dark Room, which I'm actually using to write this entry.) You wouldn't be obligated to read it at any sort of regular interval, although I do occasionally pose questions that the people reading can answer or not as they feel like it.

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So as I mentioned, I've written some things for a couple of anonymous fic memes recently. Some of the things I wrote aren't great and should probably just stay anonymous. (And the one I'm not sure I can admit to writing is definitely staying anonymous!) But some of them are good, and I'd love to say, "Hey, these are mine," and post them here.

The sticking point is that I think part of the point and part of the fun of anonymous fic memes are that they are anonymous.

So here's a poll!

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One of the things I've talked about with people in my writing group is how to describe people, and the subject of eye color always comes up. I keep thinking of it off and on, and since I'm reading something where one of the characters just mentioned another character's eyes, I think it's time to find out what the reality basis for this is.

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People always look at me strangely when I talk about folders in iTunes, so let's have a poll.

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I've started relying more on people's tags to find their other fic and not bothering to go look at their memories. There are three reasons for this:
  1. So many people don't use memories anymore that looking for them just got to be an exercise in disappointment.
  2. When I find a piece of good fic via delicious, it's so easy to just click on the tags at the top of the entry to find the author's other, similar fic. (My most favorite tag ever is fic involving eating cake off of sammy; the more general fic involving cake is a close second.)
  3. LJ changed the profile page, and there's no longer a nice big, red heart to click on to get to people's memories. Sure, there's a link that says "Memories," but it's lumped in with a lot of other equally sized and formatted text.
So this has me thinking about what to do about my LJ. I'd like to start tagging things so other people who might wander by won't be frustrated by my lack of tags the way I'm starting to be frustrated by other people's lack of tags. But there are questions to be asked:
  • What about the nearly eight years of my entries that I've memorified? Obviously I'll go back and add tags to the fic entries. Do I go back and tag everything else that was memorified too?
  • Do I keep adding things to memories or give that up in favor of only tagging them?
  • Tags clearly serve the triple purpose of categorizing, commenting, and demonstrating cleverness. Do I stick to simple, descriptive tags, or go for more entertaining things?
  • I've been using an extremely ancient client to post entries (LiveJournal 1.4.6), which comes from a time Before Tags and therefore has no way to add them to an entry. How should I post things now?
The best way to answer questions about using LJ is, of course, with a poll on LJ.

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One of the interesting things about my writing group is that I'm learning a lot about how other people read. One member of our group said he's heard that people don't read prologues, generally speaking, and another member said she will sometimes read the prologue when she's well into the book.

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I don't know very many of my neighbors. I can recognize a few people on sight, but in terms of people whose names I know, the list is pretty short. A young family who are friends of a friend lives on the other side of the complex, a friend of my mom's lives near the tennis courts, and the woman who lived two doors down introduced herself to me once and we waved when passing each other in the parking lot. She moved out this week. Every time someone nearby moves out, I fantasize about who the new people moving in will be. Sometimes it's the love of my life who I meet because I'm baking cookies or listening to interesting music when she wanders by my apartment one day. Sometimes it's a celebrity living incognito in a town that's small but not too small. Sometimes it's someone I used to know who's just moving in with his boyfriend.

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Non-Binding Poll: What should I write in 2008?

I've been thinking about changes I want to make in 2008, and in addition to learning things, I want to write more. I have one idea that I'll tell you about on the first, and my other idea is to actually focus on working on something particular. I don't really have a fandom at the moment, so I don't think I'm going to focus on fan fic. (Although there are often Eroica fic bits in my head, especially if I'm between fandoms. Dear Klaus and Dorian: If you want me to write you this story, I need to know the plot around it. Bitter sniping at each other, manipulation, and angry sex does not a story make.) I was thinking of fiction, though, so that means some original works. Below are some of the ideas I have, followed by a non-binding poll. (When I say "non-binding," I really mean it. Despite the votes, I went with "recrudescent" on my mom's birthday present.) I do, of course, always welcome other ideas.

A not-quite aside: I debate with myself sometimes about revealing too much about ideas I have, but I find Seth Godin's "if you've got ideas, let them go" fairly compelling.

I call these novels I'll probably never finish )

I call these novels and short stories I'll probably never write )

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I don't think my mother reads my LJ, but just in case: Mom, don't read this until after you open your birthday present!

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I have very severe allergies. When I was five, my cousins and I played in the very tall grass next door. When we came in, I had to lie on the couch with a wet washcloth over my eyes because they'd swollen shut.

When I was sixteen, my mom took me for allergy testing and I've been on daily allergy meds ever since (10 mg Zyrtec now).

Recently I've been thinking about "What would you do if you were not afraid?" and about how there are a lot of reasons I wouldn't just pick up and go somewhere exotic. For me, one of the big reasons I wouldn't do that, and one of the things I'm afraid of is, "What about my allergy meds?" As I've been thinking about this and about removing the barriers to the life I want to live, I've been thinking about allergy shots.

I asked my doctor about allergy shots almost two years ago, and I've basically been putting off making any sort of decision ever since.

Big Fear
Around the time my mom took me to the allergist, she also took me to a dermatologist for my acne. We tried various options that didn't work, and then he finally put me on Accutane. They told me that you do Accutane (which is actually some pretty nasty stuff) once and then your acne is gone forever. So I did Accutane, and my skin was really clear for about 18 months. And then it wasn't. By that time, I was living 3000 miles away, so I went to a different dermatologist who put me on Accutane again. This time, my skin was clear for about six years. The way they talk about allergy shots is the same way they talk about Accutane. My big fear is that I'll do it and my allergies will come back anyway.

Little Fear
I called yesterday to get more information about what they do to control your allergies during the shots. My doctor said she would want to redo the skin test, so I also wanted to know if that would mean that I would have to be off the Zyrtec for some time before then. The woman who I talked to told me that I would have to be off the Zyrtec for five days before the test. A couple of years ago I was, for some reason, behind in picking up my refill, and I was off the Zyrtec for a couple of days. At somewhere around 58 hours, my skin started to itch. This was not a symptom I had before I went on meds. My little fear is the discomfort of being off the Zyrtec for five days.

Emotional Baggage
One of the most hurtful (if unintentionally so) things my mother says to/about me is, "I should have taken you to get allergy shots when you were five." On the surface of it, this doesn't seem hurtful. On the surface of it, I even agree with her. If she'd done it when I was five, I wouldn't have suffered through allergies all those years, and I wouldn't have to contemplate the cost (money, time, and anxiety) of doing allergy shots myself. (Of course, everything that's happened has made me who I am today, and I like me now.) But it's not the words that are so hurtful. It's the way she says them. What I hear is that my dislike of the outdoors is some kind of moral failing and she considers herself to be a bad parent because she didn't fix it.

If you have any experience with allergy shots, personally yourself or known about someone else, please share it with me. You can take the poll whether or not you have any experience.

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