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Summary: Mia makes herself a new family.

Notes: Happy Yuletide ilyena_sylph! I enjoyed writing this for you, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Title from Matthew 25:35: "I was a stranger and you welcomed me." Thanks to M and S for read-through and consulting services; any remaining errors are my own.

Story on AO3

And You Welcomed Me )
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Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made.

Summary: Mia leaves while they're out. She puts the letters she wrote where Dom and Brian will see them, hitches Nico higher on her hip, and leaves her car in the airport parking lot with no intention of ever coming back.

Notes: Written for [ profile] eternalscribe as part of Yuletide Madness 2011.

Adrenaline Junkies )
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I unironically loved it. I feel like I should have more to say, but I don't. I just had to post about it because I have an (also unironic) "i heart vin diesel" tag.

Okay, a few things:
  • It was not quite as amazing as the first movie (what could be?), but way better than two and three.
  • I was so excited I could barely keep still. Seriously, I had to bite my nails to keep from vibrating out of my seat.
  • Spoilers )
  • I kept thinking, "Vin Diesel, I love you forever."
  • Spoilers )
  • Spoilers )
  • The one thing I really didn't like was Paul Walker's hair. The whole flat, no curls thing just isn't right.
I reserve the right to come back with another bulleted list of excited utterances if/when I see it again.
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I've been posting some snippets to [ profile] royalfic, and it has me thinking again about posting some of my never finished fic. Maybe you'll enjoy it. Maybe it'll inspire you. Maybe it'll just fill up your friends page.

These are not things I ever expect to work on again, and I'll be moving them into a my permanently unfinished fic folder once they're posted here.

Dom in Jail )
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Generally speaking, I dislike the silly surveys that pass through LJ. But this one held my attention enough that I kept thinking about it on my way to work. I've emulated Dara's approach of eliminating the questions, and I've gone one further by renumbering, or relettering, the questions for my own convenience.

A. 1. A good From Eroica With Love story. Klaus/Dorian, with a plot, true to the spirit of the manga, no scent of roses unless in mockery, no wussification of anyone, and inclusion of all the important supporting characters.

2. A good rendition of the lotrips slave AU with all the missing scenes and a better written examination of the religion. Viggo/Orlando.

3. Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera. Something good, with a plot, realistic. Maybe the half-started thing where she has something of a breakdown and he takes care of her.

4. A really good Harry Potter story. I'm not particular about pairings or genre, but something good. It would have to be a true examination of the characters and involve some detailed magic.

5. Crossing Jordan/Law & Order/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit crossover. Munch/Briscoe. Briscoe freaking out about how much Jordan looks like Claire. Perhaps finding Jordan's mother's killer. Munch/Briscoe snarkiness.

B. Six months ago, more or less, yes. I haven't really done much fandom-wise in the past couple of months, so my interests haven't changed much. The farther back you go, the more my answers would change.

C. 1. A formula sci fi/fantasy novel. Something with one person protecting the other and they fall in love while doing so. If it were a het couple, the female lead would have to be a very strong, capable, intelligent person. Otherwise, I'd like to do it as a lesbian couple.

2. A British teen rock star book. It started life as a Spice Girls AU, but it would be better as an original story. Five girls, best friends, who can all sing. The mother of one of them dies in the opening scene, and they'd have to be on stage in the closing scene. I haven't decided whether two of the girls are going to be just extremely close or lesbians.

3. Something about religion.

D. The review of "The Road to Las Vegas" by Tricia in which I would praise the story and make snarky comments about both Tricia's stupidity and the idiocy of people who think her writing must be bad because she's an idiot.

E. I don't know, exactly. But the top contenders would be "Travail", "Not That Funny", and "Resolve".

F. "Latkes and Memories", the worst thing I've ever written, and written before I was smart enough to let bad fic languish on my hard drive. I leave it on my webpage to keep me humble.

G. 1. "L'Histoire d'Obi" by Lilith Sedai.

2. "Joined at the Soul" by Diana Williams.

3. "Kickoff" by Meredith Lynne.

Three is all I can come up with, and even that was hard to think of. Although, honestly, I wouldn't want to take any fan fic on an airplane; it's far too easy to read over people's shoulders on a plane.

H. Anthony Lane.

I. I don't know. He is a movie reviewer, so he has to have some respect for the enjoyment of a fandom, but I think he might think it's silly. And if I ever met Anthony Lane, I wouldn't want him to think I was silly.

J. Either Robin McKinley or Connie Willis.

K. X-Files.

L. At the moment, I'd be tempted to say Blue Crush. On a more long term basis, I'd probably say Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera or The Fast and the Furious.

M. Eden/Anne Marie for Blue Crush, Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera for Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera, and Mia/Letty or Dom/Letty for The Fast and the Furious.

N. The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, with the caveat that the sequel ruins the impact of the book.
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I went to see The Fast and the Furious for the fourth time tonight. On the big screen for free again. I didn't take many notes because I wanted to just watch and try to get a feel for Letty's character, but I did write down a few numbers.

--Brian's green car has Arizona plates, number RNO263.

--Dom's red car has California plates, number 4CBO626.

--At Race Wars, Jesse's number is 208, and Johnny Tran's is 433.

And a few other observations. Spoilers as usual.

--I checked out Mia's books again. I think she's probably working on her general ed requirements. The book she's working from in the store looks like a math or science book of some sort, while the book she's reading when Dom and Brian come back to the house looks more like a literature anthology.

--I had Leon and Jesse's conversation about Brian backwards. It's Jesse who says, "He's beautiful," and Leon who says, "I like his haircut." Remember that Jesse and Leon "just showed up one night and never left."

--Letty really gets off on racing, as you can see when she beats the asshole at Race Wars.

--It is at the post-race party that Jesse's arms are around Vince.

--As he gets ready to leave on the last job, Dom tells Mia, "I'm doing this for the both of us."

--I swear Brian says that Vince has been shot in the left leg, but it's really higher than that, so maybe what he says is "the left flank" and it's that Keanu surfer drawl thing Paul Walker has going on that makes it sound like "left leg." It's the only thing I can think of that makes sense.

--A lot of the cars only have plates on the back. In California, you have to have plates on the front and the back.

--Dom tells Brian that the bathroom is "upstairs, first door on the right."

--If Vince is about 24, and he and Dom "grew up together" and "were friends as kids," then Dom's probably also 24 or so. He has to have been out of jail long enough to establish his dominance in the street racing world, plus they've been jacking trucks for three months, so that's at least a bit more than a year. Which means that Dom was no older than about 21 when his dad died and he beat up Linder. The way Mia talks about the relationship between Dom and Letty makes it sound like Letty's at least a few years younger than him. Jesse looks about 19, and Leon's probably 22 or 23. The only one I really can't figure out is Mia. The way Dom acts about her--not listening to her, being very protective in respect to her love life--seems to indicate that she's younger than him, but by how much? Are we meant to assume that she didn't go to school until Dom got out of prison, so maybe she's not the same age as your usual college sophomore (I'm guessing on her year in school using the assumption that she is working on general ed classes)? Or is she really only 19 or 20? If she's that young, wouldn't everyone else be a bit worried about her getting involved with Brian, who's probably 25 or so? Or is it okay because of the age difference between Dom and Letty?

--Dom does what Letty tells him to. When Mia tries to get him to break up the fight between Brian and Vince, he doesn't really go do anything until Letty insists. Back at the house after the race, it takes a repetition of the command, but he does give in to her request to "go upstairs" and "give me a massage."

--I'm fascinated by the relationship between Letty and Mia. When Letty shows up at the store, she says to Mia, "How you livin', girl?" Then, when Mia asks Dom to break up the fight between Vince and Brian, Letty takes her side and pushes Dom to get out there. Mia rides home from the race with Letty, and we do get a shot of them standing next to Letty's car together.

--Mia's supposed to be the nearly perfect one, but she shows an awful lot of resentment. When Brian says, "Where I come from, the cook doesn't do the dishes," she replies, "I'd like to go there," and you can hear the bitterness in her voice. There's also the way she tells Brian that it's nice to be first for once.

--Letty laughs a lot more than I think. She also tries to help make peace when Vince returns.

--Dom and Mia are definitely Catholic. When Jesse says grace, Mia crosses herself.

I found the crowd reactions very interesting. Last night's crowd thought the whole movie was hilarious. Tonight's was more responsive to the moments of action and suspense. Last night's crowd murmured, either in surprise or disapproval, when Vince kissed Dom's head, and was pretty much silent about the two girls kissing at the house. Tonight's crowd was silent about Vince and Dom, but there were some approving sounds for the girls kissing. Last night's crowd was mostly women. Tonight's had a higher percentage of men.

Mid-movie Mia musings: I go out with Brian, and he tells me I come first, that being friends with Dom is "just a bonus." I know they're out jacking trucks tonight, and I know that as soon as they get back, Dom'll take Letty upstairs and they'll fuck and I'll have to listen to him making her come. So I go home with Brian. If she's going to sleep with Dom instead of me, I'm going to sleep with Brian. We have sex in his bed tucked away in the corner of a little room at Harry's. It's good, but it's not the way it is with Letty. We sleep, but then his phone rings, waking us up, and we make love again. I try not to think about Dom touching Letty the way Brian's touching me.
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I spent my evening watching The Fast and the Furious on the big screen for the third time. And this time it was free, thanks to the Carolina Union Activities Board.

Now, a large part of why I wanted to see it for the third time was to check out a few things I wanted/needed to know about in order to write fic. With that in mind, I decided to finally put the Eminem notebook Molly sent me to good use, and I discovered that I can actually write legibly in the dark.

So, I give to you potentially useful observations from the movie. Spoilers within, of course.

--The market's full name is Toretto's Market & Cafe.

--Leon about Brian: "He's beautiful."
Jesse's response: "I like his haircut."

--Letty does indeed call Mia "girl." Leon and others call Vince "V." Jesse calls Dom "Dominic." At the race, Dom refers to Jesse as "the mad scientist," calls Letty "my trophy," and says, "My sister holds the money." Dom also calls Jesse "Einstein" and "Jess." Leon calls Vince "pumpkin."

--As the cops start showing up, Mia gets into Letty's car.

--At some point, probably at the party although I didn't write down when, Jesse stands behind Vince with his arms around him.

--At the garage, Mia argues with Dom about something in a file folder full of what could be invoices. It looks like she acts as an office manager.

--When Brian brings in the car to be rebuilt, Dom tells him that when he's not working at Harry's, he's working there. Mia then says, "He owns you now."

--One of the things Dom mentions in his list of things that don't matter is "the mortgage."

--Dom looks scared every time Brian drives.

--Mia says that Letty has been interested in cars "since she was like ten years old."

--When Brian races the guy in the Ferrari, the guy has a woman with him, and Brian has Dom. It makes a nice parallel.

--Letty's number at Race Wars is 207.

--Brian's serial number is 34762.

--As they're about to leave the last time, Mia says to Dom, "Don't give me that crap. You're doing this for you."

--After Dom kisses her, Letty presses her lips together.

--Dom's cell number is 323-555-6349.

--Vince gets shot in his left leg.

--Dom says to Brian, "I gotta find Jesse before they do. I'm all the kid's got."

--Brian describes Vince as being about 24 years of age.

--Dom presses his face into Jesse's shirt as Jesse's lying on the ground after being shot, and it looks like he's crying.

--Dom says, "I used to drag here in high school." It amuses me.

--Mia's books are inconclusive. They look more like Math or Chemistry or Biology books. They're large, wide books, and she always seems to be working out problems.
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Mia was looking smug. Mia never looked smug. She was happy a lot, and triumphant sometimes when she won a race or got the highest grade in the class, but never smug. She never walked around with this little smirk on her face.

And Letty was acting strange too. She shied away from his kisses and flushed and just shook her head when he suggested they go up to his room for a while.

Then he figured it out. Or rather, he found out. Letty helped Mia carry groceries into the kitchen. When neither one of them came out with the beer, Dom went to follow them in. He stopped in the doorway and watched his sister trap his girlfriend against the counter.

"One kiss," Mia was saying as she sidled closer.

Letty retreated as far back against the counter as she could. "Mia, no."

"I know you want it," Mia breathed just loud enough that Dom could hear her from the doorway.

"I don't--"

Dom turned away and went back out onto the front porch before their lips met. Letty came out a few minutes later and brought him a beer. She didn't resist when he pulled her down onto his lap, but her cheek was flushed and warm when he kissed her. He didn't protest when she got up and went home. He finished his beer and watched the sun set, then went back into the house. He found Mia in the kitchen making dinner.

"Pasta okay?"

"Sure." He leaned back against the counter and crossed his arms over his chest. "Why are you fucking my girlfriend?"

Mia glanced up from where she was sautéing onions for sauce. "I don't have a cock. I can't fuck anybody."

"Don't be so literal. You know what I mean."

Mia added mushrooms to the onions. "What makes you think I'm fucking your girlfriend?" She popped a slice of mushroom into her mouth.

"I saw you kissing her."

Mia shrugged. "And Vince goes down on you all the time. So what?"
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Phrase without context: Tough-slutty Letty and girly-girl Mia.

I don't know why I'm so fixated on The Fast and the Furious. I wasn't before, but then Joanne asked somewhere about Mia/Letty, and I started wondering how that could be done, and now I walk around doing roomchecks for work thinking about Mia and Letty making out and how Mia would deal with Dom being in jail and her father being dead. And what would happen to her? Dom was, what? 17, 18? when he went to jail. Mia's probably at least two years younger, if not more, which would make her too young to stay in their house alone. So what happens? We never hear about their mother, so I tend to assume that she's dead or disappeared, and once their father dies, Mia and Dom are all alone.

Once Dom's in jail, someone has to take care of Mia, unless she can get herself declared an emancipated minor. So maybe she moves in with Letty's family. They live in the neighborhood, so she can still go home when she wants to. The problem here is that while I can imagine them getting used to each other, I can't imagine them being very close friends. If they were close, then there would be a lot of resentment on Mia's part when Dom and Letty became a couple. Not only would she no longer be the most important woman in Dom's life, but she'd lose some measure of her closeness with Letty. That would make the resentment that comes out when she tells Brian that it's nice to be first for once even sharper.

I'm troubled by Mia's books. Is she in school? Was that homework she was working on? If she is in school, is it a community college, UCLA, correspondence school? What would she major in? And why would she do that? She's not really part of the team, but it's clear that she loves to drive, and Dom's making sure that she never has to worry about money. I think he'd make sure she never has to worry at all. So maybe school is recreational for her, something to do, and more importantly, something to do that's hers and hers alone.

I spent part of this weekend reading The Fast and the Furious fic. The main problem I see with it is that the authors can't seem to write both Letty and Mia. Either Mia gets a personality and a storyline, or Letty does. Dom, of course, always gets both. Both a personality and a storyline, I mean, although I would like to see Dom get both Letty and Mia. But more than that, I would like to see both Letty and Mia get their own personalities and storylines, or their own personalities and a shared storyline. And before someone throws my own advice back into my face, I am working on writing some of that, but I do sometimes want to read things I didn't have to write.
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I can drive, and I've got my own car that I put together myself--Dom taught me that much--but I'm not like them. Letty and Dom, all there is for them is cars. I remember Letty, fourteen, oil covering her hands, leaning over the engine of some car when Dom let her fix something all on her own. She barely even glanced up when I brought her a Coke.

I was always the girly girl, and none of them wanted that. None of them except Vince, and I didn't want anyone who wanted the girly girl type.

I remember her at sixteen, back up against the door of a car, Dom kissing and kissing and kissing her, their hands leaving streaks down the back of each other's coveralls, me watching for long, long moments and sliding back out the door before they could notice me. Later, hearing them in his room, small murmurs and moans that I could never be a part of.

After that, I could never have her, and in a way, I could never have Dom either. Sure, he was still my brother, and he still watched out for me and took care of me and taught me what I needed to know, but I couldn't go to him in the middle of the night anymore when I was sad or missing mom and dad or just needing the comfort of another person's arms.

I knew Letty and I would never be best girlfriends the way you read about in books, but I wanted something. A friend who understood cramps and multiple orgasms and boyfriends. But Dom was my brother, and we didn't talk about it.

So I cooked and washed dishes and kept the house clean and the refrigerator full of beer and food and soda. So Letty wouldn't have to. So Dom wouldn't have to. So they could concentrate on cars and sex and racing.

And sometimes one of them noticed. Dom would wrap his arm around my waist and kiss my cheek and tell me how great I am. Letty would smile at me and raise her beer and say thanks. But mostly, mostly it was just the way we lived.
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Serious spoilers for The Fast and the Furious. Don't read it if you don't want to know.

Jesse was ADD. When he told me that, I found out what it meant, how to help him. He wasn't the only one who could use a computer. I read up on it. I read about Ritalin, and how it has some of the same effects as nicotine and cocaine, how it can dull that brilliance he exuded. If it would have helped, I would have paid for it, even before we started taking the trucks. I would have found the money somewhere. But it wouldn't have helped. It would have changed him, made him someone else.

He said engines calmed him, so I let him loose in my garage. I let him tinker and learn to his heart's content. I bought him the best computer money could buy, and the car software to match.

I found another way to calm him down, at least for a little while. I took him to my bed. Mia would go down on him while I fucked him, long and slow, until he was begging to come. I could look over his shoulder and down into her eyes. I would let him come when he was twisting and writhing. I would come. Then I would pull him back into my lap and against my chest, and we would watch Mia make herself come. She always let Jesse lick her fingers.

He would sleep then, a few hours of deep, restful sleep, while we held him snugly between our bodies. The calm would last a few hours, a day, and then his hyperactive energy would take over again.

I was all he had, and I let him die.


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