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I've never watched Generation Kill, but I have read a lot of GK fic, largely because [ profile] lakeeffectgirl started writing it. (This sometimes causes confusion when I run into GK gifsets on Tumblr; none of them look the way I imagine them in my head.) This is a four-story rec set because I couldn't find the fifth story I was going to rec.

we should do it again (Brad/Nate, 6378 words) by Lake
Summary: In which Nate has issues, and occasionally sleeping with Brad is the least of them.

You should really go read all of [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's GK fic, but I'm choosing just one for this rec set, and I'm choosing this one because of the three I love best (the other two are Après moi le deluge and and my glory shall be love), this is the one I didn't beta read, which means I never commented on it as it went along, and I also meant to leave a comment on the finished story and never did. If I'd left one, it would have been something like, "Wow. This packs a lot of intensity into a fairly short story."

for my move, well I'm making it (Brad/Ray, 3226 words) by stolemyslumber
Summary:Ray has been a chick for three days when he sits down next to Brad on the couch, puts a hand on his knee, and says, “Brad. I think you should fuck me.”

Of course this rec set needs a hot suddenly a girl story. (stolemyslumber has also written a bunch of other GK fic. If you're going to read more, I highly recommend both we can take it easy if you want me to and then I pick up the pieces and run.)

For What It's Worth (Brad/Ray, 10876 words) by SarahJeanne
Summary: Neither of them really notice it's happening, until it has.

Very good accidental d/s relationship fic.

Bright College Years (Brad/Nate, 7780 words) by fourfreedoms
Summary: Bravo platoon as a fraternity.

This is possibly my most favorite frat AU ever. The throughline of the story is the Brad/Nate relationship, but it's also, in many ways, an ensemble story, and I love the other povs.

The lost story: the fifth story I was going to rec is the Brad/Nate one where Nate is sometimes female and sometimes male. I'm pretty sure I didn't hallucinate it, so if anyone knows what it is, leave a note in the comments!
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Uh, yeah. I don't really know how I stumbled upon these, but I like them. Like the last set of kink recs, these are long on porn and short on plot.

Strive to Overwhelm (2523 words) by faviconlocketofyourhair, girl!Steve/girl!Tony, "Steph Rogers has a very fast refractory period, and Tony loves that, she does, but sometimes even she needs to sleep."

This is no different. Tony sets up the machine in her bedroom, throwing a sheet over it so the dildo isn’t as obvious. Steph shows up after a run with Clint, and she’s sweating and hums into Tony’s kiss. “I can take a shower,” she says, even though she knows what the sight of her sweating, in jogging shorts and a tank top, does to Tony.

“Oh, no,” Tony says, and she slides her hands over Steph’s hips to hold her close. “I have an experiment.”

Steph’s face falls a little. “Oh,” she says. “In the lab?”

Tony laughs and kisses Steph, biting at her lips. “Sexy experiment. I want to see how you like something.”
Adjustments (2004 words) by faviconsomehowunbroken, Steve/Tony, Tony/tentacles, "It's three hours before JARVIS tells Steve that Tony is ready."

Steve laughs softly as Tony stands back up and walks back towards the tentacle machine. He drops his pants as soon as he’s out of Steve’s reach, tossing a smirk over his shoulder as he runs a hand up the length of the nearest tentacle.

“Any requests?” Tony asks, flicking the end of the tentacle with his fingertip. It ripples and moves, curling around Tony’s hand and tugging. He laughs as he stumbles toward it.

“Oh,” Steve says, almost involuntarily. Tony glances over and grins.

“I think we’ll just see where it takes us this time,” he suggests, and all Steve can do is nod.
As Passionate Machines (2155 words) by faviconsinuous_curve, girl!Steve/girl!Tony, "Steph makes the mistake of asking, “What do you do for fun?” one afternoon when she and Tony are alone in the mansion, when they’re both sweaty and pleasantly sore from a couple hours spent sparring."

Tony grins. “I think you want to try it.”

“Okay, then,” Steph says, hiding her tangle of fear and desire behind defiance. “Okay, I want to try it. What do I do?”

“Get naked,” Tony says promptly.

Steph never changed out of her thin tank and shorts after Tony finally collapsed and declared she would die if they went another round sparring. She strips off her clothes, panties, and sports bra, setting them in a pile on the nearest table. Her nipples go hard in the cool basement air and she crosses her arms over her chest, even though Tony has seen her naked hundreds of times at this point. It’s different.
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If you don't know what knotting is, fanlore has a good overview. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting stories to tell about alpha/beta/omega worlds, but I'm not in it for those stories. I'm totally in it for the porn. Overstimulation/people taking it beyond what they think they can is one of my top five kinks to read, and knotting totally plays in to that. These recs tend toward the shorter and plotless side.


Working Hard/Hardly Working by [ profile] poor_choices. Chash has done a fair number of knotting stories around the question of "What about the girls?" and this is my favorite of them all: Jared Padalecki/Danneel Harris/Genevieve Cortese, "Jared has the best job ever, in that he gets to fuck hot omegas and make out with a hot beta during his downtime." Bisexual threesome; what more do you want?

There's a jangle of bells, and Danneel sighs. "Customer," she says, slumping back against him. "What do you think, yours or mine?"

"I hope mine," he says. "I've got a raging hard-on and you're not available until eleven."

"Longer, if this girl wants a proper knotting," Danneel says, smugly. Jared isn't allowed to get off with Danneel during work hours, because he needs to be ready to take care of the omegas if they stop by. Which works for him--he just follows Danneel home and fucks her on her own bed.
Sure to Lure Someone Bad and its sequel, You Are A Fever by faviconObstinatrix, faviconmistyzeo Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, "Jensen plans to take care of his heat the way he normally does: alone. But there’s a stranger on the subway that has a better idea."

“I’m Jared,” the guys says, very quietly. “And I’m gonna fuck you.”

It should be insulting. It should be ridiculous, and outrageous, and the exact opposite of really goddamn hot, but it isn’t. Jensen sucks in a sharp breath, a pulse of want and need rocketing though him. His cock is fully hard now, throbbing in his jeans, and he has his briefcase positioned just right to not scandalize the whole train. Jared takes another step into his space, gets a foot between Jensen’s boots where he’s bracing against the subway’s movement, and his hard thigh between Jensen’s spread legs. His crotch is against Jensen’s ass, and Jensen can feel the solid line of his dick.

“Jensen,” Jensen says, choking on a moan as the guy, Jared, ducks his head to the curve of his neck and inhales. He’s obviously got his animal instinct in check, just enough that he can keep up the charade of normality in public, but Jensen’s got a feeling this guy will take him apart.
X-Men: First Class

Reading XMFC fic usually just makes me irritated with the movie all over again, but we're just in it for the porn here, so the plot doesn't really matter. (This is also why the not quite 60s elements of the porn don't bother me much.)

Fighting Acceptance by faviconheeroluva Hank/Alex, "Not all of Hank's changes are so obvious, and he has problems adjusting. Alex finally gets through to him."

Alex’s mind abruptly supplied him with a vivid image of what it would look and feel like fully erect, but Alex pushed it aside. Mouth suddenly parched, Alex swallowed thickly, his tongue darting out in a failed attempt to wet his dry lips. Forcing his gaze upward, Alex met Hank’s terrified, wide-eyed gaze. He was obliviously prepared for rejection, for disgust or fear.

Those were the things farthest from his mind at that moment, and probably one of the hottest things he’d ever seen. Alex said as much. “You’re hot.”
much in common by favicon1001cranes Hank/Alex, "Kink meme fill. Knotting, and neither Alex nor Hank know what's coming."

Hank catches him staring, and that's it, the awkward-face is back.

"Don't even," Alex says, and he launches himself at Hank for good measure. Literally launches, and he knocks Hank onto the bed more by surprise than force. "I can't wait," he slurs, because sex does this to him, it knocks him out, it makes him languid, it makes him want. He gets pushy and malleable all at once. "I want to suck your cock so bad," he croons, shoving one hand between Hank's legs, fingers sliding just over the head, and Hank makes a noise like he's been shot.
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needs must (98686 words) by faviconthatotherperv

This is an AU where Harvey is Harvey and Mike is a paid sub. It's almost 99,000 words, so it's one of those things you don't want to start unless you have a lot of time on your hands. I started reading it, and I planned to take a break at one point to do something else, and I just couldn't tear myself away from it.

Mike needs the money for Grammy's care, so he finally takes a long-term, very highly-paid subbing contract with Harvey. Mike's done this kind of work before, but he's not into subbing - or so he thinks. As time goes on, he finds out he's wrong about that, and Harvey helps set him on the path to law school. Plus, of course, they fall in love.

I loved this story. There's a middle part that hews closely to the plot of the show that I thought was only okay, but the rest of it was exactly what I wanted out of this kind of story. (Weirdly, to the point that I felt like I couldn't email this rec because it was too close, but posting it publicly to LJ doesn't bother me.) If you don't like this sort of fic, this story isn't going to change your mind, but if this is your sort of thing, I definitely recommend it, and I think most of it will make sense even if you don't watch the show.
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I had the absolute pleasure of getting to read [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's skip to the practical part as she wrote it. Like my last kink rec, this story does a fantastic job of getting the feeling right. Even if consensual violence isn't your thing, give this story a try just for that.
He always says thank you. He's not sure why.

Kaner's hands drag down his neck and over his chest. "There's a bruise on my hip," Andrew says, and Pat looks at him questioningly. He nods. Kaner pulls his briefs down, gaze following.

"Well, that one's a beauty," Kaner says dryly, and wiggles down to poke the tender flesh. Andrew hisses. Reaves had slammed him into the boards with extra force last night, retaliation for Andrew's check on Crombeen earlier in the period.

Kaner ducks down, applying teeth, and Andrew shouts wordlessly at the ceiling as the pain breaks over him, hands feeling for Kaner's head and tangling in his still-damp hair.
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The one thing I've been lamenting about hockey fandom is its lack of kink fic. There's a lot of casual kink - people enjoying being manhandled/held down/bitten - but not much of the more serious variety. Then along came [ profile] liketheroad with a complicated kindness. I'm sure you've heard me say before that my cardinal rule of sex scenes is that how they feel is more important than what they do, and this is increasingly true the more people in the scene or the kinkier it is. "a complicated kindness" hews true to that rule. She fades to black for half the sex scene, which works incredibly well because (a) the story is all about the feeling of the kink and (b) it's the kind of sex scene where you could easily get stuck on what they're doing and forget to show us how they feel. The whole story has exactly the fantastic kind of feeling I want from d/s fic. It does take place in high school, so if that's not your thing, you shouldn't read it. It also does exactly what I've been pondering when thinking about kink and hockey players being young and has them look things up on the internet.
Shaking still, he types in another link, but it doesn’t take him to more porn, which sucks a lot, but is probably helpful in terms of Patrick’s goal of not coming in his pants.

He tries to focus on the text in front of him, and after blinking at it stupidly for awhile Patrick realizes he’s reading some kind of a FAQ on bondage and sadomasochism. Patrick kind of wants to skip it and see if there’s more porn, but it was on Johnny’s list so that means he has to read it.

It seems pretty straightforward to Patrick. He never thought to lay things out like the website does, but he finds himself nodding a lot, feeling like he wants to fist-bump whoever wrote the responses. Like, who wouldn’t want to get tied up? Seems like a pretty fucking great idea. He imagines rope digging into his wrists and thinks he would still prefer Johnny’s hands, but if Johnny was the one watching him struggle against them, Patrick figures he could probably make do.

Same goes for getting hit, getting choked. It all sounds fucking awesome, if you ask Patrick, and really the only thing he doesn’t get is why anyone would want something different. Pain is - in hockey pain is how you know you’re doing good, how you know you’re working hard enough. It should burn a little. It should leave you gasping, emptied out, wanting more.

If hockey’s like that, and hockey is the best thing in the world, Patrick figures sex can’t be that much different. It might even be better, maybe, but he doesn’t really know. Mostly, all Patrick knows is that whatever he’s doing, he wants to be doing it with Johnny.
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There are two stories behind this entry. The first is that I was going to make it yesterday, because I think there should be something different for the Ides of March. Then we were ridiculously busy at work, and I didn't want to do anything but wallow in reading fic when I got home. The other story is that when I can't get my shit together (and this is the first week of 2012 where I have gotten my shit together), I pick a fandom I don't care about and read a lot of fic. So here are some recs from three previously-unread fandoms.


I have now read a lot of Avengers fic, and I feel like a terrible fangirl for saying this, but I don't really get it. Maybe if I'd seen more of the movies than just Thor. There are two stories I've liked:

Safeword by melannen. The author's summary for this is, "Tony Stark doesn't need to be safe, sane, and consensual. He has JARVIS instead. (Then he gets Steve.)" JARVIS is the pov character, which makes it a particularly interesting story.
The next time Tony specifically requested that JARVIS observe one of his encounters, the other participant was a man who did not yet appear in any of JARVIS's databases. He was tall, burly, had a few days' beard stubble and a leather jacket, and smelled of distilled alcohol and engine exhaust. He must have been someone Tony met in a bar or other location where casual encounters were commonly negotiated.

He was, at several points, rather rough with Tony, and notably demanding. However, he never seemed to have any air of malice about him, and in fact appeared to be quite carefully monitoring and reacting to Tony's level of enjoyment. And Tony never offered any signs of distress; entirely the contrary, in fact. There were several points at which JARVIS considered the possibility that he was expected to interfere, but in the end, he simply let the encounter play out.

The next morning he asked Tony if his lack of action had been appropriate.

"Oh, yeah, don't worry about it," Tony said through his smoothie. "He was considerate all the way. Guess that shows me not to judge people by appearance, huh? Thanks for caring, though, you're great."
Thor is the one movie I saw, and Darcy was my favorite character in it. I discovered, as I read Avengers fic, that I will read any and all Clint/Darcy. Gift of Asylum by carleton97 and Sister_Wolf is my absolute favorite. Clint and Darcy have really hot sex in a bar bathroom, and years later meet again as part of the Avengers Initiative.
Sleep is just about winning when bar stool girl drops two tequila shots in front of him and says, "Drink up. I'm at least two drinks ahead and you look like you can hold your liquor."

Clint jerks back, surprised again that a civilian girl managed to get so far into his personal space. "Excuse me?"

She gestures impatiently at the drinks. "You seem like you would hesitate to take advantage of a drunken me. I'm trying to fix that."

"Are you kidding?"

She gives him a flat, unimpressed look. "Do I look like I'm kidding? Listen, the math is simple: a few drinks plus you plus me equals sex. If you're not into it, let me know now and I'll stop wasting my time."

Clint isn't used to girls being so blunt about it. Normally a bar hook-up is flirting, a little kissing and "do you want to go back to my place for some coffee?" But hey, she's cute, she's a little weird but not in a bad way, and she wants to have sex with him. Clint is not an idiot.

Clint gives her one of his best charming grins and tips both of the shots back, one after the other.
X-Men: First Class

As you may remember, I loathed the movie with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, but a couple of weeks ago, [ profile] brown_betty made a post of recs for AUs where Erik is in a position to mentor people. I did read all four stories (although not the sequel to one of them) before I had to stop because it was just making my rant about the movie loop in my head. The best of the stories she recced is If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie by paperclipbitch. Erik is a high school guidance counselor, Alex and Hank are both in mandated therapy with him, Hank and Emma are best friends, Raven tries out everything, Sean is the lead singer of a band, and Erik refuses to sleep with Charles.
Mr Lehnsherr had a smile with too many teeth in and a bare office with no inspirational posters about mental health or life in general or anything in it, and the thin, mean look of a guy with bodies under concrete in his basement. He watched Alex’s glare and calculated silence for five minutes without saying anything, and then said: “I’m Erik.”

Alex had had his fair share of call-me-by-my-first-name-and-now-we’re-friends psychiatrists, and while he didn’t say it aloud, he let his scorn curl across his face.

Erik grinned. “Oh,” he said, “I’m not trying to be your friend here. I have no interest in being your friend because I’ve read your file and you’re an asshole. But I think we can let formality slide since we’re basically here to keep you from killing anyone else.
Hockey RPF

I originally started reading Hockey RPF because I wanted something to read and I was promised soulbonding, but I have to admit it's totally my fandom now. I have no interest in hockey as a sport, but hockey fic? Yes, please. Three reasons hockey fandom is awesome:
  1. It takes place in our real world - no pesky canon to learn!

  2. Most of the fic is about people living together/hooking up/otherwise making a life together while being oblivious to/dumb about the fact that they're in love, but in an adorable way.

  3. No one in hockey fandom can quite believe they're in hockey fandom, so everyone who talks about it is hilarious about it.
The first rec is the Kane and Toews primer by [ profile] totheviktor. Even if you have no interest in these people or this fandom, you should read the primer (you don't have to watch the videos; I've only watched a few, and that was well after I read the primer the first time). I laughed all the way through it.
Patrick Kane is a hideous hockey-playing weirdo who is bad at every aspect of life. "An unattractive, terrible dude?" you say. "He sounds like the worst! Tell me more! Does he happen to have a somewhat attractive, bossy captain/teammate/roommate/BFF/bromeo in his life? Do they perhaps have popsicle eating contests, weep over movies, fail miserably at fighting, buy matching furniture, read Twilight, and get called married by their mothers? As men do?"

Hockey RPF has an entire subgenre of fic where people teach Sidney Crosby about sex/feelings/having fun. Heart in Hand (Sidney Crosby/Alexander Ovechkin) by salifiable is my favorite of them. It's very long (130,000 words), so either plan to stop in the middle or don't start reading until you can read all the way through. It is worth the time. It's fantastic. You may want to skip/skim the first sex scene; it's dub con in a way that is uncomfortable to read.
"Oh my god, stop that," he says, pulling Ovechkin away from the glass where the other player is crossing his eyes and trying to touch his tongue to his nose, apparently engaging in a silly-face contest with a kid in the front row. Sid feels like telling the kid that there's no way he can win, Ovechkin has too much of a head start in that race. "C'mon, we need to start practicing."

"Okay, great! What we practice today, Sid?" Ovechkin says, bouncing up and down.

"Well, I've been working on getting better defensively," Sid says. "But you wanted to improve your game, right? What do you think you need to work on? What criticisms of your game did you hear last year?" he asks.

"Russian, dirty player, no defense, choker, predictable, dirty hitter, no defense, show-off, not team player, choker, Russian, dirty, selfish, bad fashion, bad dancer," Ovechkin rattles off.

"Whoa, whoa," Sid says. "Wait, what?"

"I know, right? I dress great, and I'm good dancer!" Ovechkin says indignantly.

"No, I mean..." What Sid really means is that he had no idea Ovechkin had taken all the criticism aimed at him so much to heart.

"But hey, we can work on defense together!" Ovechkin says, brightening. "By end of summer, we gonna be Selke nominees, tell Datsyuk he can't have any more."
You know how Twilight is terrible? Well, if you make it gay and humorous, then it becomes delightful. Where the Wild Things Are (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews) by liketheroad is such a story.
He approaches Johnny slowly, hands up in the air. “No touching, okay, I get it,” he says, using a soft, coaxing voice, but Johnny just presses his shoulders back tighter against the wall. It looks like his nails are trying to dig into the plaster.

“Don’t break the wall, man,” Patrick says. “There’s probably asbestos in there. You could die, and that would hurt.”

It’s a serious fucking concern, because Patrick is a good guy and only looking out for Johnny’s best interests, so he’s almost offended when Johnny starts to laugh.

Okay, that’s a lie. Johnny’s face cracks open with his laughter, his body unfolds, turning loose and bent double, and Patrick stands in front of him, his hands raised triumphantly in the air.
One of the things I really enjoy about hockey fandom is the commitment to stories where one dude plays hockey and the other dude used to but is now homeless/poor/a hooker. The first one of those I read was Knocking Me Dead (Ryan Kesler/Andrew Ladd) by beatperfume. It's fluffy and delightful, and my absolute favorite variety of hooker AU.
Over the next few weeks, Andrew takes a pair of Kesler’s gloves, a Coach bag containing a present for his mom, a travel coffee mug, and his expensive sunglasses. Some of it Kesler gets back (his mom’s present, his mug) and some he doesn't (he doesn’t even bring up the gloves). But he always has to go back and ask, and every time he ends up having sex with Andrew. The fact that each time, he comes prepared with a couple hundred in cash is something he doesn't think about. He also doesn't think about the fact that he doesn't get mad anymore when he realizes something is missing.

Whatever. He's getting laid and he's playing great, so there's really no need to complain.
The other thing this fandom has a serious commitment to is babyfic. This comment/chatfic by [ profile] shoemaster and [ profile] go_gentle is such a story. Erik Staal and Jeff Skinner have a one-night stand when Jeff is seventeen, and it results in a baby. If you are not into mpreg, this story is safe for you since it skips to Jeff showing up with the baby.
He brings their stuff inside and drops it in the hall the second he sees Jeff holding Maggie. She smiles when she sees him, and he's so glad she didn't forget him, even if it was a stupid thing to worry about.

"Hey little one," he says, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "Papa missed you."

Jeff is just beaming at both of them and it just feels like home, and it feels like family, and Eric just wants to pull Jeff into his arms and hold them both.

"I missed the way she smells," Jeff admits.

"Way better than the locker rooms at Nassau," Eric agrees, stroking Maggie's cheek.

They stand there grinning at each other for few moments.

Eric finally breaks the moment. "Who's hungry? C'mon, I'll make dinner," he says, putting his hand on Jeff's back to herd him towards the kitchen.
I am semi-systematically reading my way through the hockey RPF at AO3 (there are only 632 of them, and I've already read a fair number of the really long ones), but I will take recs for fic if you are also enjoying this fandom! I am perfectly happy to read these without knowing anything about any of the characters, so team/pairing is unimportant.
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Yuletide Story for Me
Someone wrote me Unasked. Rizzoli & Isles fic, just for me!

Yuletide Guessing Game
I wrote one story in the main collection and one in the madness collection. I talked to many of you about my story in the main collection, so those of you who heard about it are ineligible for guessing on that one, but I didn't talk to anyone about my madness story since I didn't know I was going to write it until I did. Anyway, if you guess what I wrote, I will write you a snippet of your choice!

Yuletide Recs
I surprised myself by how few Yuletide fandoms I actually wanted to read stories in. (The sexism/misogyny of so many of the requests I read on the spreadsheets of all requests also soured my enjoyment of the whole thing. Really, fandom, we're still doing that?) Of the things I did read, the following are the stories I liked best. AO3 usability hint: if you hate the Yuletide banner/margin, delete "collections/yuletide2011/" from the URL and it'll show the story without the Yuletide stuff around it.

open problem (Push, gen) - This is a fantastic post-movie story that manages to incorporate the same kind of twists and turns the movie does, and there's a line in there that is just a phenomenal perspective on the whole plot.

And You're Overdue ("You Make Me Feel" video, Gabe/Sabi) - I liked a lot of things about this video, but hated the way it reinforces the supremacy of couples and coupledom. This story fixes all that by making it a soulbonding story in a world with empaths, succubi, and other supernatural types. It also has this fantastic piece of dialogue about Gabe: "You were easy to find. Everything about you is very loud and your tour schedule is on the Internet."

All the Little Lives We Could Have Lived (Titanic RPF, Kate/Leo) - This is not a pairing I would have ever thought of on my own, but the fact that there was a story on some commentfic meme a while ago made me click on the fandom in the Yuletide collection. This is a lovely story that spans decades. I loved both the portrayal of their relationship and the way they are both such interesting characters.

Amy Potter and the Monkey of Salvation: an America's Test Kitchen Adventure (Cook's Illustrated/TV Commercials, gen) - I was curious about cookbook fic, and I have a soft spot for fic about Mayhem, so of course I had to read this. It's great. It's adorable and it made me laugh.

Three Scenes from Tiny Cooper's 2014 New Year's Eve Party that Will Definitely Be in His Autobiography (Will Grayson Will Grayson, Tiny/Will) - I was iffy about Will Grayson Will Grayson fic because the book is so fantastic, but this story didn't disappoint at all.

Other Holiday Challenge Recs
I read a handful of [ profile] bandomstuffsit fics today, and there were two I absolutely loved.

Food Of Love (Play On) (Alex/Ryland) - This is a semi-AU where Cobra Starship never got off the ground, so Ryland is a waiter/aspiring actor who also plays in Gabe's band on the weekends. He meets up with Alex again when Alex becomes the new sous chef at the restaurant. This story is so perfect. It's romantic and funny and delightful. I almost emailed one of you a rec today, and then I realized the person I was going to email probably wrote the story and had to put it in a post instead.

the times, they are a-changing, or: a modern marriage of convenience (Brendon/Spencer) - There's sort of a plot here - Dallon suggests that since they're both single at the holidays, Brendon and Spencer should hook up - but mostly there is a really hot, kinky sex scene with Spencer subbing.
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A while ago, for no reason I can remember, I decided to read some Star Trek reboot fic. I missed this fandom the first time around for two reasons: One is that I don't want to read Kirk/Spock. I get that they're the original Trek pairing, but (a) Spock and Uhura! and (b) as much as I expected Kirk and Spock to fall in love, they didn't. The other is that I saw the movie in theaters three times in a month, and my reactions were something like this:

First time: Awesome!
Second time: Wow, that's a lot of lens flare.

Two years later, that trauma has worn off, and it was probably time for me to get into this fandom anyway since I generally pick up fandoms two years late. Since I'm not reading Kirk/Spock, there are two other pairings I've gone for: Kirk/McCoy and Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto. I didn't think I was that involved in this fandom, and then Zachary Quinto officially came out and I had a lot of feelings about it, so maybe I just imprint quickly.

This entry originally had a recs request section, but since my last entry makes that redundant, this is now just five recs.

Fic Rec: Kirk/McCoy
I read Ceres_Libera's Switch on accident. Not that I didn't mean to click on it, but I misread the word count, and only when I'd been reading for a while and hadn't gotten anywhere near the end did I realize it was 230,000 words, not 23,000. The story is fantastic. It's long and slow and they don't get together until near the end. There's bed sharing and stealth bed sharing. Kirk becomes a teacher to a bunch of other Cadets, which is one of the things I love in outsiders in an academy stories. It's a fantastic love story with a really good McCoy pov and interesting politics. It is also the first story I've ever read that uses "clavicle" in a sex scene where it's both character appropriate - McCoy uses anatomical terms to talk about bodies all the way through the story - and sexy. Really the only problem with this story is that every time I go look at it to rec it, I get sucked in again and spend hours rereading it.
Jim was silent while Leo stepped toward him, but shifted to the edge of the bed and spread his legs so that Leo could stand between them. Leo'd never had a patient that so aggressively wanted the doctor to invade his personal space. "I'm going to make a lesson plan for you, too, Bones," he said quietly. His color was still high from fighting, and Leo could practically hear the adrenaline zinging through his system.

"That a fact?" Leo drawled, lining up hypos on the tray with some satisfaction.

"Yep," Jim said, and Leo started at the feeling of Kirk's hand wrapping itself around his hip the way it had the other night, and he looked up, straight into Jim's bloodshot blue eyes. "Going to make sure that you're capable of disarming an enemy, teach you to use whatever weapons you have at hand to defend yourself and sickbay."

Leo picked up one of the hypo sprays menacingly, and he heard Jim chuckle, then felt his long fingers flex on his hip, his thumb rubbing against the ridge of his external obliques. Jim was watching him, his eyes twinkling with amusement and something that looked a lot like affection, before he closed his eyes and lifted his chin, exposing the long line of his neck. "Go ahead, Bones," he said quietly. "I'm all yours."
Kink Fic Rec: Kirk/McCoy
You remember how overstimulation/people taking it beyond what they think they can is one of my top five kinks? [ profile] silverlining_99's Just Can't Get Enough is one of those stories, and an incredibly hot one at that.
Jim sets it aside for awhile, though it nags at him, the very suggestion that maybe he doesn't need to bother holding back and hiding even the most extreme parts of himself. On the one hand it's a completely foreign notion to him, has been since he first became acquainted with his own near-insatiable drive and realized it isn't normal, the way his body resists being done if he allows himself to get going at all.

On the other hand, since the day he met Bones the man has bitched and moaned but indulged him in every way that matters, every single time.

On some level he's not exactly surprised that Bones would do it for this, too. If anything it's that that makes him reluctant to let go entirely, to let Bones see just how far -- and long -- he could actually go.

He doesn't want to take advantage, or anything.
Kink Fic Rec: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
The cheesy title made me put off reading [ profile] medea_fic's Captain Spanky and Supernova series. Then I stumbled into a different excellent piece of kink [ profile] medea_fic wrote, and decided to trust that these might be good. I loved them. They are incredibly engrossing. There is also some really hardcore kink, as in if I'd been told what was in them I might not have read them because it's not my thing. It works, though, in the story.

The basic plot is that Chris starts to think he might be a little kinky, gets Zach to play that out with him, and then it keeps escalating, both kinkwise and relationshipwise. The other thing you should know before you start reading is that this is not one of those stories where the author warns for angst, and then you read it and think, "That wasn't angsty!" [ profile] medea_fic means those angst warnings. Don't start reading part 12 of Supernova unless you have time to read from there all the way through to the end. Those last few chapters are rough, but the story arc is incredibly satisfying.
Zach gives a small smile. A strange smile that Chris had never seen before. It hits him: this is the smile reserved for Zach’s lovers. Chris feels a stab of – something – at the thought that so many others before him have seen that gorgeous smile.

“You want me to spank you? Doesn’t sound like it to me.”

“I want you to hit me. I’ve been thinking about it for – for months. Please, Zach.” Chris is thinking, Hell yes this is my thing. And no need for fantasies of a hot female redhead, either. He wonders what his face looks like, because he is trying to project desperation and appreciation and anticipation and all the things he thinks Zach would like to see. It seems to work.
Fic Rec: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto/George Clooney
Now this is a threesome you never knew you wanted, but now that you're thinking about it, you can't stop. The story is [ profile] sparky77's The George Clooney Experience, and it is absolutely hilarious.
There are certain things that George does not do. Not because they’re wrong -- his grasp of right and wrong has never been that strong -- but because they never turn out as well as he planned.

He’s learned his lesson. No more fucking pretty boy actors. It never works out well. And they’re never as pretty as he thought when he was drunk and it was dark. And they generally turn out to be idiots. And assholes. And lousy in bed.

He’s not entirely sure what the kids are getting up to these days, but clearly it’s not good sex. Maybe he should talk to the President about the state of sex education in this country. Clearly something is missing. He has his phone out of his pocket before it occurs to him that drunk-dialing the President is probably not a good plan.

He is really, really fucking drunk. And that’s the only excuse for the fact that right now he is checking out the ass of a pretty boy actor. It’s a very nice ass, and, you know, fuck it. He can learn the lesson about not fucking pretty boy actors again tomorrow.
Fic Rec: girl!Kirk
In addition to the pairings above, I wandered my way into always-a-girl territory, and found In Her Aspect and Her Eyes by ninhursag. The story is "Four people Jamie Kirk likes the look of, and the one she loves." Each section is told from the other person's pov, and yet Jamie doesn't get lost in it. The first three sections are good, but it's the end of the fourth and the fifth that have lodged themselves in my head. Heed the consent warnings.
"You have scars," Gaila whispers when she finds them with her fingertips. They're broad and flat, just raised skin, really. They're all over Jamie's back and scattered over her ass.

"Good observation. I do," Jamie says and she sounds a little lazy-- still calm and sleepy, still, but she's gone stiff. No more purring cat, more like spine curved, claws ready.

Gaila frowns and finds herself going stiff too. "I don't-- do human manners say it's rude to ask? You've been so nice, don't let me be rude, please."

For some reason that turns out to be exactly the thing to say. Jamie laughs, relaxing again, and kisses Gaila on the mouth, warm and pleasant. She tastes like Gaila's orgasm and that works just fine for her. "You," Jamie says, "Are the least rude person I have ever met. Forget about it, okay?"
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I don't make a habit out of reading House fic. In fact, I can only ever remember reading one other House fic and it's also fairly kinky (rec here). But when I was reading Sherlock d/s fic, I stumbled across the original prompt for "everything you won't tell me (is mapped in your scars)" and its prequels (my rec here) which referenced [ profile] aris_writing's Directed Verse. The Directed Verse is a handful of stories set in a world where everyone is a dom or a sub. (I only read the House ones, not the Pirates of the Caribbean one.) I think what makes this one stand out so much compared to other variations on the theme that I've read is that while there are romantic relationships, the central conceit is an examination of identity in that kind of world. I have now made it sound much more boring than it actually is. It's not boring. It's fascinating. The last story closes off the House/Wilson arc, but I'm sorry the author stopped there. To me, the most interesting character is Cameron, and I wanted to see more about her arc.
"Cameron, everyone fucks up sometimes," he said. They stepped into the elevator, waited for the other passengers to clear out. "You can't expect things to go right every time. You have to pick yourself up and start over."

"Wisdom from the greeting-card industry," she said, jabbing the button of their patient's floor.

He sighed and crossed his arms. "Seriously. You can't go back to being a dom and pretend that none of it ever happened. That it isn't happening, that you don't fit into that box any more."

She looked at him. He was staring at her, expression tight, almost vulnerable.

"Maybe," she said, "maybe it's worth being a little less happy, if it means I get to keep my life."

She expected him to argue, but all he said was, "Maybe it's lucky that you get to make that choice."
The stories are several years old, so if you, like me, stopped watching House some time ago, everything will still be familiar to you.
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While I was visiting her, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl showed me Sherlock, which I loved. It has the same two elements that I love about H50: they're married (or at least well on their way to together, complete with everyone thinking they're together) from the beginning, and it's funny. (My favorite line: "I'm in shock. Look, I've got a blanket.") I've read my way through the first few pages of highest hit count and longest things (minus anything that sounded ghastly or was part of a series) on AO3, and I'm finding the same thing with this fandom's fic that I found with H50: a lot of it is boring. My sample size of two is actually too small to make any definitive judgments, but I'm wondering if there's something about fictional person fandoms - either in terms of who they attract or in terms of the canon itself - that makes this more likely. Anyway, my point here is that I would love some recs! And I will give you some too.

First up are two stories I read on recs from [ profile] lakeeffectgirl that are basically the same story, except one is kink and the other has texting. [ profile] etothepii's "everything you won't tell me (is mapped in your scars)" is the kink one. It's set in a world where everyone is either a dom or a sub. It's actually the third in a series, but I originally read it without reading the prequels, and it made perfect sense. (I did then accidentally read them last night, and they are also very good.) [ profile] misslucyjane's "My Phone's on Vibrate For You" is the texting one. They both hit my love of stories where the characters are involved before they ever put a name to it. From "everything you won't tell me (is mapped in your scars)":
"He told me to choose between you and him," John admits, and looks away. His mouth feels suddenly dry. "He didn't like that I help you with your cases."

"So you chose me," Sherlock says, softly. There is something in his voice that John can't identify, and on someone else he'd almost call it awe.

"I don't need a sub," he says. But I need you, I need what we have.

Sherlock beams at him.
From "My Phone's on Vibrate For You":
Then came the day when Sherlock texted him a blunt, "Come home and fuck me. SH," and a few weeks after that John woke up to a text of, "I'm downstairs and naked. Where are you and why aren’t you here? SH," and then only a few days passed when Sherlock texted him from across the room, "Take off your clothes. I want to do stuff to you. SH," which made John laugh out loud, but he also took off his clothes.
Because it's me, after reading through a lot of unsatisfactory things (remember the part where I said it was funny? Why is the fic all serious?), I finally got down to business and started working my way through things tagged john/sherlock+d/s at delicious. I have two recs from that reading.

First up is [ profile] thisprettywren's "Transport," in which Sherlock's kink of choice when he needs to decompress is sensory deprivation. John happens to be filling in as the medical person on duty at the club where he does this and finds out. This was so good, and I absolutely believed that Sherlock would need a break from taking in all that information.
The abrupt removal of the touch on his skin was one of the most disorienting moments of Sherlock's life, the sudden lack of connection making his head spin. So intently had he been focusing on that single point of contact that, when it disappeared, his first dizzying fear was that it was he who had been obliterated.

They'd played games before, confronting him with teasing bursts of stimulation that came and went, leaving him to swim in a void, keeping him guessing. It was enjoyable and distracting, and when it happened again he'd accept it as he accepted everything else.

It was also not what this was. Or, he didn't think it had been. That intense, sustained connection hadn't been teasing at all, it was... exploratory. Communicative. Then it was severed and he called out for it, biting down hard on the gag between his teeth, once again grateful for the anchoring presence of the leather restraints. Just this, he thought, here, and the pressure of the straps against his skin was the proof he needed.
The other thing I read that I really liked is [ profile] thedeadparrot's "If I Fell." In a lot of ways, it's the same kind of d/s fic you might find in any fandom, but then, I like that sort of thing.
"Do you trust me?" John asks when Sherlock turns to look at him.

He's not touching Sherlock. There is a careful two feet of space between them, yet Sherlock wants to lean towards him, wants to bury his face in the wool of John's jumper and just breathe in the scents of it, London and dim sum and John's particular brand of detergent. "Yes," Sherlock says, and the word tastes strange on his tongue.

"Good," John says, as he brushes his lips across Sherlock's, light enough to be a tease. "I want you kneeling."

Sherlock drops to his knees almost as soon as John's finished the sentence. "You knew," Sherlock says, still feeling a bit petulant. He's not in that place in his head yet, where all he can do is want and obey and need. "You knew and you didn't say anything."

"I suspected," John says. "I didn't know until just now." He runs a hand through Sherlock's hair, his fingers digging lightly into Sherlock's scalp. "You'd be obedient at the strangest times and I could never suss out why that was."
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I've read tentacle fic before, and I've never really gotten into it. It didn't squick me; I was just disinterested. But it turns out that I really like tentacle fic when it's about Bob. So have some recs. (Yes, yes there are multiple tentacle fics about Bob.)

I clicked on the link to [ profile] mahoni's The Red Light District of R'lyeh (Bob/Brian/Patrick[/tentacles]) even though I was skeptical of tentacles because it was delicious tagged as bandom+d/s and I hadn't read it yet. You know what I love in kink? People taking it beyond what they think they can, and this story has that in spades.
By the time it stops, he can only breathe through his nose. His jaw stretches wide, as wide as when Brian and Patrick both fuck his mouth at the same time. He can't hold back a desperate moan; it's still a little bit from being freaked out, but he can't deny he's getting turned on. This is different than when it's just him and Brian and Patrick. He knows them; he knows the kinds of things they like to do.

This thing, he doesn't know what it will do. He's helpless against it, and it can do anything to him, and even though that's scary in a way he's never scared with Brian and Patrick, it's also a lot hotter than he'd like to admit.
Then I was reading my way through Bob/Mikey fic and came upon There Are Worse Things Than Tentacles, also by [ profile] mahoni. This one is more humorous than porny, although there is some sex in it.
Suddenly Bob's blush deepened and his eyes went a little wide. He glanced down between them. Mikey followed his gaze and noticed that his other two tentacles (yellow and white polka dots, and a festive neon green with red swirls) were slowly twining around Bob's legs. Mikey hesitated, startled and abruptly overwhelmed with the extra sets of sensations -- Bob's broad shoulders, and Bob's solid waist, and the curve of Bob's ass and his thighs and wow.

"Um," Bob said. His voice sounded a bit strained, but not an angry or unhappy sort of strained. More the kind of strained Mikey tended to hear when he straddled Bob's lap in his tight jeans and dominatrix boots and pinned Bob's wrists to the couch and made him ask politely for it. "Like I said. Weird. But. Also kinda hot, now that I'm thinking about it."
And then this weekend I've been reading Bob/Brian fic, and I came across [ profile] saekokato's Tossing Up a Strong Vibe. The thing I loved about this fic before I read it is that she wrote it for kink bingo - for the voyeurism square. It's also totally hot. (And I would read any and all sequels.)
Because Brian has definitely walked in on Bob jerking off in front of the television.

Like actually in front of the television, using the black screen as a mirror, bent over his coffee table, moaning like he's being ridden hard. His back is arched from the way he's spread his legs - back and out - so that he's still on his feet, but not blocking his view on the screen, and his head is twisted around so he can watch as a tentacle fucks itself into his ass. There's another one wrapped around Bob's wrists, pulling both of his arms over his head, and the angle forces him to rock up onto the balls of his feet with every thrust the other tentacle makes into his ass.
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There are no pictures in these answers. Whoops. I'm really more of a word person anyway.

[ profile] inlovewithnight asked for my top five Gabe pairings. )

[ profile] colouredmango asked for my top five songs. I did this in two parts.

List A )

List B )

[ profile] mayqueen517 asked for my top five fics ever. )

She also asked for the top five pairings that make no sense to me. )

[ profile] wordscomekinda asked for my top five Sisky pairings. )

She also asked for my top five TAI pairings in general )
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Today I am both reccing and unreccing the same story, and for the same reason. Before you click the link, I highly recommend you read something of what I have to say about this story, or at least the bolded sentence below.

Months and months ago I clicked through from delicious bookmarks to I want to choke (u) and get sick off of you like cigarette smoke by [ profile] lalejandra. I read it in the morning, and was upset by it the whole rest of the day. Ten months later, I'm still kind of traumatized by it. At the time I read it, someone had commented to say that her warnings were incomplete, but she hadn't seen that comment and changed them yet. I don't think it would have made a difference for me because this story hews closely to my cardinal rule of sex scenes - how they feel is more important than what they do, and this is increasingly true the more people in the scene or the kinkier it is - and it was the feel, not the actions that traumatized me. So here's my additional warning: This story made me feel unsafe. I'm not sure that's ever happened to me before. That's why I'm unreccing this. But it's also the reason I'm reccing it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my feeling unsafe meant it was really well written.

Spoilers )

I'm bringing this story up now because one of the sequels she wrote is showing up in my delicious tag searches, and I'm afraid to click on it. I'm hoping that one of you has or will read the sequels and tell me if they're safe for me to read.
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I Know This Hurts (It Was Meant To) by [ profile] dancinbutterfly is amazing. Pete is the main character, and I won't spoil you by telling you the pairing. I, of course, did highlight to read the pairing, and I think it's probably interesting in a whole other way if you read it without knowing.

I don't really know what to say about this story because I just loved it. I've read the whole thing twice through in the last week, and parts of it more than that. I will say that I find different people's reactions to things fascinating. [ profile] reni_days recced it and said, "It left me thoughtful and unsettled for days." I found it settling.
Lips press to his forehead. “No, I meant what do you need? Tell me.”

Pete flounders. He doesn’t have the answer. Even if he did, he doesn’t have the words. “I don’t- Just please. Please, sir, please.”

“I’ve got you,” he says, but he lets go of Pete’s face, resting it gently on the bench. For a second, Pete thinks the man’s going to release him and a protest catches in the back of his throat. But instead there are lips on his back, tracing and agitating the welts.

It’s a completely different kind of pain. This makes Pete feel like he’s being put back together one piece at a time. It hurts, but he still relaxes; melts into the bench so much that when a spit-slick finger slides inside him he doesn’t react with more than a gasp.

“Easy.” The Dom’s other hand presses down on Pete’s shoulders. He doesn’t push against it. “You were such a good boy for me.” Pete moans as a second finger pushes inside and that gets him a warm mouth on the base of his spine, over a particularly raw welt. “Good boys get rewards.”

Pete can’t remember the last time anyone thought he was good, like, really good.
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Normally I would just email recs, but the people I would normally email dislike at least one member of the pairings for all of these fics, so you all get them instead, and maybe one of you will find something here you like.

Walk it for you by [ profile] colouredmango - This is a Cash/Singer story in which Cash has been gone for a long time, but he finds Singer anyway. This story is amazing. I'm not sure how to describe this genre that I love: the warrior and the non-warrior love story plus sci fi, maybe? Anyway, I loved it and would have read a million more words of it.
Tucked into the corner of the mirror is an old old picture, or rather two; it's the two top pictures from an old photo booth. Alex knows them, remembers them. He has the bottom two, and he can tell you how it starts: Two boys making faces at each other, one boy shoving the other off. Alex has one kid creeping back onto the other's lap, and he has the kiss right at the end, the kiss he never forgot.

But he hasn't seen the top two in years. And he's never seen them in his bedroom.

He stands up and walks over and eases the photograph out, turns it over. Written on the back in Cash's shaky illiterate scrawl is, "I fucking love you." It's worn and faded, like it was written there years ago.

Taped right beside the words is the tiniest flash drive Alex has ever seen.
Objects in Motion by [ profile] airgiodslv - This is a Gabe/William space AU in which Gabe rescues slaves, preferably before they've been entirely broken. This story was so incredible that I couldn't read anything else for the rest of the day because I knew it wouldn't be as good. This is one I would recommend even if you don't know the characters.
He realized his mistake – and the proximity of the dock-hook – a split-second too late. William lunged for the hook, swinging it around in a move that by all rights should have spilled Gabe’s guts all over the metal deck, but Gabe blocked it with his walking stick at the last second and both weapons smashed into the grates lining the hatch, the hook skidding across with a metallic screech and a small shower of sparks.

If William got loose, Gabe wouldn’t be able to protect him, and besides that, it had been a long fucking day. Gabe was running somewhat low on patience. He caught the hook with the stick’s cobra head, twisted them sharply around until William’s arm wrenched in its socket and he fell to his knees trying to keep hold of the hook without dislocating his shoulder, and then Gabe stepped in to yank William’s head back by his gorgeous hair, triggering the trick catch on his stick and pressing the knife blade to William’s throat.

“We’ll work on this,” Gabe said optimistically, driving William forward on his knees and shoving him into the first storage room they came across that had a lock. He slapped the panel to secure the room and then sagged against the wall, suddenly keenly feeling like he’d just been run over by a hoverjet.
Congruence by [ profile] airgiodslv - This is a Mikey/Gabe/William story in which Gabe and Mikey are together, have been together, and they decide they want William to be a part of that. I very much enjoyed this story. I really liked the bits about Mikey's relationship with Gerard. Since I find endings highly important (I keep thinking I should write an entry just about endings), reading this shortly after reading "Objects In Motion" gave me an interesting insight into [ profile] airgiodslv's endings.
He doesn’t know why it works. He’d never looked at Gabe and thought, ‘this is what’s missing in my life,’ but two years later, here they are. Gee knows about them – it would have been impossible to hide it from the band, especially for this long – and his attitude seems to be a mix of respect for Mikey’s choice and the steadfast belief that no one could ever be good enough. There are worse reactions; Mikey’s willing to take it.

It’s nice, though, that while Gabe and Gee get along fine, they’ve never been close. Gabe is something that Mikey didn’t have to steal, because Gee never had him first.
Darken My Door by [ profile] inlovewithnight and Black Eye Casts No Shadow by [ profile] morganya - These are both Gabe/Pete spanking stories, which can be filed under "things I didn't know my life was complete without until they were there." These are, in many ways, completely different stories, but they were both entirely satisfying.

From "Darken My Door":
He looks down at his phone again, running his fingers over the screen. Maybe--things change, stuff comes up, people realize there are new directions they’d rather go in and that’s fine, that’s awesome, so maybe--

The knock on the door is really loud, startling enough that he half-falls off the couch. He drops his phone, too, and it slides off under the couch as he goes to answer the door. He doesn’t go back for it; no point now.

Gabe is leaning in the doorframe, hat pulled down low so that the brim meets his glasses, which only cover half of the shadows under his eyes. “Hey,” he says. “Hope I didn’t wake you up.”

“I’m going to just pretend you didn’t even say anything that dumb, dude.”

Gabe half-smiles--not really, not quite--and tosses his duffel bag past Pete into the entryway. “You were just waiting up for me? Keeping the light on? Thanks, man, that’s so sweet.” There’s an edge to his voice, just a little bit of mocking, but Pete can roll with it. He knows where it’s coming from.
From "Black Eye Casts No Shadow":
"I want you," Gabe said very distinctly, "to take me back to the motel, put me over your knee and fuckin' beat my ass."

This was not the reaction that Pete was expecting.

"You've been fuckin' driving me nuts, you know?" Gabe said. "I swear to fuckin' God, you need to just get it all out of your system right now because I can't handle this shit anymore. I gotta work, dude, and I can't work if all I can think about is you smacking me until I'm raw."

Pete looked at him. Gabe was breathing hard, and his breath smelled like smoke.
Pick the Poison (And Pour Yourself a Glass) by [ profile] inlovewithnight - This is an amazing Gabe/William, William/Mike kink fic/love story that I foolishly read in bits and pieces. I should have read it all at once, because leaving the story to go back to the real world was difficult when I was deeply in the same headspace as Mike and William.
Mike takes another drink, determinedly not looking over at Bill. He doesn't give a fuck what Bill does, or doesn't do. He's not his babysitter.

Unfortunately, it turns out that he can declare that all he wants, he's still attuned enough to Bill that his head swivels around like he's doing a community-theater version of The Exorcist the minute Bill starts raising his voice. Mike shouldn't even have been able to hear that over the bar noise, or recognize it through the beer in his system and the sheer annoyance of losing three games straight to the chuckleheads he calls his band. But he hears, and he recognizes, and he's halfway back to the bar by the time Bill draws himself up to his full stupid height and throws the first punch.
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I wanted to read something d/s yesterday, and was skimming through the bandom+d/s tag at delicious. I happened to click on [ profile] colouredmango's "Come Here," and am I ever glad I did.
Sisky ignores the rules of pass back and catches Butcher's hand to take another drag, greedy brat. He eyes Butcher and says, "Nobody ever asked me about it."

Unspoken there is, I never asked for it. They never noticed. Butcher gets that urge again to slap himself, the one he gets when he thinks about wasted years of Sisky that he missed out on, while he takes his drag and Sisky rolls closer into him.
This was actually one of those stories where I'm out of touch with myself. I was reading it thinking that I wasn't that into it because there's so much unsaid (which is part of the point of the story), and then I got to the end and had to gasp for breath because I'd been so intensely focused on the story I forgot to breathe.
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Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all.

Special thanks to the person who gifted me with paid time. This is what I think of you: ♥ ♥ ♥

I did not get my act together to do anything for Valentine's Day this year, so here are some (only slightly annotated) recs instead. I intended to read everything from [ profile] no_tags and then found that some things just didn't interest me, so I read almost everything. This is twenty stories I liked from it. They're in reverse order of when they were posted because I just skimmed through and opened things in new tabs. I hope you find something you enjoy!

  1. These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For - Amazing Patrick gen Star Wars AU.

  2. Tick Tick Boom - Gabe/William MacGyver AU, in which Gabe is an agent, William is a science teacher, and together they fight crime.

  3. i'll be your lightning rod - William/Mike. I loved the way their relationship works in this story.

  4. All night, sugar rush - Gabe/Brendon bakery AU. I'm a sucker for cooking AUs.

  5. when there's nothing left to burn - Brendon/Ryan/Spencer. I don't usually go for angst involving Brendon and Ryan, but this has stuck with me.

  6. An Allotrope of Carbon - Excellent Frank/Jamia thieves AU.

  7. Are We The Parts, Are We The Whole - Adorable Gerard/Lindsey/Bob.

  8. 10-23 (Stand By On This Frequency) - Bob/Ray EMT AU.

  9. Catch a Wave - Brendon/Spencer, with some fun Pete and Ashlee teasing.

  10. wanna talk to her (she's hot as hell) - Hilarious Brendon/Cassadee story where she's confused by him hitting on her because "But. Aren't you gay?"

  11. With Tongues So Reptilian - Gabe/William Snakes on a Plane AU without the snakes but with them both being smart about literature.

  12. Don't Look Innocent Enough - William/Vicky-T on tour.

  13. Ante Up - Amazing Gabe/Vicky-T continually upping the ante on each other.

  14. Walk and Don't Look Back - Patrick/William early days fic.

  15. Steps will always rhyme - Adorable Gabe/Travis story where they own a coffee shop, and Travis just waits until Gabe thinks things are his idea.

  16. Gathered Here to Witness - Frank/Gerard wherein they meet at Mikey's wedding.

  17. Couldn't Call It Unexpected - Frank/Jamia genderswap. This story is the hottest one in the whole set. I love the way it only works because of the relationship they already have.

  18. Strange Steps Take Us Back - Gabe/William accidental boyfriends. I love stories where people are involved in a relationship before they realize it.

  19. Pixelated Romance - Frank/Gerard. This is the funniest story in the whole set. I laughed all the way through it.

  20. Taste like guilty longing - Carden/Siska. I love this story. I love that it has a d/s vibe that is very serious, and at the same time, Siskay is totally cheerful about it.
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I hope you've enjoyed at least one of the treats I've posted this month. I've enjoyed sharing things with you!

For the last day of treats, I'm giving you three recs. They're in order of preference, so if you're only going to read one, read the first one. If you want to read them in increasing order of how much I liked them, start at the bottom and work your way up.

First up is "Here at the Right Time" by [ profile] sunsetmog. This is a Brendon/Spencer story wherein Spencer is bad at sex until they figure out what it is he likes in bed. I love this kind of learning d/s but knowing when it feels right kind of story. I will tell you that there's conflict at the end of part 4, and when I reread, I generally stop before I get to it. (I guess a story can have conflict, but I have no problem with just more and more d/s in a story.)
Brendon brushes his mouth to Spencer's. "You're still thinking too much," he says. "Stop rushing." And he gently pulls Spencer's hands away from his hips, putting one of Spencer's hands up above his head, and then the other.

"What -" Spencer manages, but he doesn't move his hands away from where Brendon's placed them, above Spencer's head, on the pillows.

"There's no rush," Brendon says, and he presses the palm of his hand to Spencer's wrists, just for a moment.

All of a sudden, Spencer can't breathe. "Brendon," he manages, and for a moment Brendon looks just as wide-eyed as Spencer imagines he looks himself, but then Brendon's eyes gleam and darken and he shifts a little so that he can push down on to Spencer's cock.
My second rec is "All We Fear is All that Can Save Us" by [ profile] hidingoutside. I pretty much don't read Brendon/Ryan because I have a limit for how much angst I'm willing to put up with, but I was intrigued that it was a BDSM story, and I ended up really liking it. In contrast to a lot of the d/s I read, this story has both of them knowing what they're doing when it comes to kink and sort of falling together.
"Come home with me," he says, words tumbling out his mouth. "Come home with me, and I'll make this up to you."

Ryan freezes. "Is Spencer home?"

Brendon shakes his head. "No, he went to babysit for Pete. He and Ashlee are going to a party or something, and her mom has the flu. Spencer is flu-free and totally cool with hanging out with Bronx for the night. Which means no Spencer. Just me and the dogs."

"I'm not having sex with your dogs." Ryan wrinkles his nose. "Or around your dogs."

"Well, no. I can't afford doggie therapy for Bogart." Brendon shoves his hands into his pockets. "Let me take you home," he whispers into Ryan's ear. "I want to hurt you."

Ryan shivers a little, but he's smiling when he pulls back. "So that's how you're working out your issues with me," he says lightly.

Brendon shrugs. "You said it, not me."
My third rec is a story I'm actually a little iffy about. It's "Everybody is Shining, Everyone Deserves the Flames" by chaosmanor. The story is Patrick/Andy, and when I sent the rec to friends, I said, "There are sections where I wanted something more out of it," which is still true. And yet I keep coming back to it because there's something there that's hitting my kinks just right. The main kink is crossdressing, although there are a few other things going on in it too.
Andy reached out, sliding his fingers into the open collar of Patrick's shirt, so they brushed against the T-shirt. "Tell me the day of the photo was one of the times you and Pete slept together."

His palm was flat against Patrick's collar bone, fingers curling over Patrick's shoulder.

"Um, yeah, it was. Why?"

"Because, fuck, it was so clear that you needed someone to hold you. If I'd known, if you'd told me, I would have been there for you. I wish I could have helped you."
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As you may have noticed, Fuck City is my new fandom. It's a small one, and the undisputed queen of Matt/Andy is [ profile] megyal. She's written a lot of really good fic, and of the two that are my favorites, one of them is nicely kinky: "Waiter, there's been a mistake; I ordered a quiche." (My other favorite of hers is "one mile to every inch of.")

The sum total of her summary for "Waiter, there's been a mistake; I ordered a quiche." is, "Written for [ profile] sosodirty comm. NC-17 | ~4,200 words | kink: piercing". Every time I read it, I'm struck by the way she identifies piercing as the kink. Sure, the piercing is important, and they do have sex made even better for it, but the piercing is mostly the framework for the real kink of the story, which is about power, control, and what happens when you let someone all the way in. (That last one is a recurring theme in her Matt/Andy fic.)
Matt sounded smug. "Oh yeah, that's it. You said it yourself, too. Some girl says, hey, I like you with a labret, and you do it because it gets her off when you go down on her and you like having her want that. Some dude likes when you suck his dick with the tongue-piercing and he needs it so bad and you want him to need it. It's not just a sex thing. You want them to... to owe you, or some shit like that."

Andy scowled. "And you? What the fuck do you want it for?"

"I want." Matt was breathing hard. "I want you to fucking memorize who put it there. I want that every time you move, you curse me out and you want me to fuck you all at the same time. I want that, you stupid shit," and fuck, Matt was in a mood, because he hung up on Andy again.

Andy thought about calling him on the house-line and yelling his ear off, but he was so turned on, he had to toss his phone to one side of the bed and grabbed his stiff cock, jerking his fingers roughly over sensitive skin; he bit his lip as he came, Matt's rough voice ricocheting in his mind.


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