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There should be a story where Andrew Ladd gets traded to Vancouver. He and Ryan Kesler tolerate each other, because they're teammates, but they still don't like each other. After a year or two, they both get divorced in the same summer. They become sort of friends as they try to navigate life as divorced dads with custody arrangements. And then they fall in love and have angry sex and live happily ever after.

Also, I really, really, really want someone to write me the story where Danny and Claude went to Europe so they can play on a line together. Laviolette pays attention to what his players do during the lockout, so when they come back, he tries mixing up lines in practice, and eventually lets Danny and Claude play on a line in games. And it works out. They don't even have to get together; I would totally read a gen version of this where they're just hockey soulmates forever.


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