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[ profile] duckgirlie recorded podfic of The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine. (T.J Oshie/Jonathan Toews, "They never stopped loving each other, not really.") You can find the headers/cover/download links here on AO3. I'm delighted she liked it enough to record it, and you should check it out if podfic is your thing!
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[ profile] bessyboo recorded podfic of Keep You On My Arm. (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews, "In which the gay bar is Stalberg's idea and Kaner doesn't notice Jon pretending to be his boyfriend.") It is part of the #ITPE: Informal Twitter Podfic Exchange 2012, and I'm delighted she chose to record it. There is a cover there that is worth looking at. If podfic is your kind of thing, check it out: MP3 | Podbook
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[ profile] lalejandra recorded podfic of Brothers, my trans!Max story. I am obviously delighted that she liked the story enough to want to do that, and you should check it out if podfic is a thing you like!


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