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In a batch of links yesterday, [ profile] j_crew_guy linked to Gaming, rape culture, and how I stopped reading Penny Arcade (serious trigger warning, also this link goes to the printer friendly one-page version which will also open a print dialogue; just close it and you can continue on to the article). I knew that something had happened around PA and jokes about rape, but I hadn't really followed the story. The full story made me sick to my stomach (I really mean that trigger warning). I actually stopped reading PA well before this, mostly because I got behind and kept meaning to pick up again where I left off, but then it had been a really long time and I didn't remember where that was, and I wasn't willing to just jump back in wherever it was. Now, I really won't be going back to catch up. One of my friends and I exchange Child's Play donations for holidays, and I may have to rethink that too.

I have been following Gabe and Tycho on Twitter, mostly for their cute kid stories/pictures. (Their kids are super cute.) I'm rethinking that now, too, and not just because of their idea of what's funny. I'm also bothered by the casual sexism of something Gabe said last week: "Possible hunger games spoilers: Just finished the first book. If you are a boy who identifies with Peeta that is a really crappy book." Here's what's wrong with that: Peeta is a secondary character. The main character, the one everything about the book tells you to identify with, is Katniss, a girl. By saying that he identified with Peeta - and suggesting that boys in general will identify with Peeta - Gabe is reinforcing the idea that men don't, and don't need to, identify with female characters. That is not okay. Everyone, every last one of us, needs to be able to identify with people who aren't like us. How else can we create a more just, loving, and compassionate world?
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I received a couple of snowflake cookie v-gifts (thank you!), so I thought today's treat could be snowflake-related. First up is this:

This was posted by Penny Arcade's Gabe with the caption "I cut a snowklake for my son and he looks at me like I'm David fucking copperfield. That's a good feeling." (source)

Secondly, if you'd like to virtually cut your own snowflake, I always enjoy Barkley Interactive's Make-a-Flake.
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First of all, even though I often find William Beckett and Gabe Saporta hot, the hottest boy in bandom is hot baby dyke Spencer Smith (that last one is less dykey and more just because it's one of my favorite Spencer pictures). One Spencer picspam I ran across had the comment, "Patrick Stump made me straight, and Spencer Smith turned me into a lesbian again."

Before that, though, I was reading fic, and I kept coming across things where Ryan Ross has a big cock. I asked [ profile] schuyler if there was a canon basis for that or if it's a fanon thing that grew. She said that the canon basis for it is that Ryan, despite wearing girl jeans, apparently hasn't learned to tuck, and that Jon said, suggestively, in a making of the "Nine in the Afternoon" video thing that Ryan has the biggest clock.

I remembered this a few days after our discussion and thought I'd go look at a picspam to see for myself. The Delicious ryanross+picspam tags led me to [ profile] teainagarden's Bananapants picspam. I scrolled through it and thought two things:
  1. If it weren't for the picspam pointing it out, I would never notice.
  2. In the pictures where he's wearing black pants, how can you tell? All the lines and shadows blend together.
(Sky appropriately laughed at me when I told her this.)

Then I stumbled across [ profile] quettaser's Salute to Crotches picspam. This time, even knowing that was the point of the picspam, what I notice most is not their hips, thighs, or crotches, but rather their faces. (Also, I find it hilarious that the actual pictures of Pete Wentz's naked crotch are no longer there and I had to google them.)

One of the pictures there and elsewhere is this one:

Picture! )

which Tom Conrad took of The Butcher and William Beckett. In at least one place, I saw it captioned with, "Why are the Butcher's pants undone?" This is a good question. One might also ask, "Whose bed is that?" or perhaps, "Is that a candid shot or did he pose them?" Of course, none of those are the questions I ask. No. My question, every time I look at it, is, "What is William reading?"

(And that's not even to mention how embarrassingly long I had to stare at June 5's Penny Arcade before I got the joke.)
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I don't usually post things just so that I will have a place to go to remember they exist, but this one's worth it.

Tycho Makes Me Cry
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Save your money. The best thing about Hero is that it led me to reread The Wandering Age: Last Rites (parts 1, 2, 3; originally posted 3, 1, 2), which is just beautifully done.

Life changes. I've been working two part-time jobs. Yesterday was my last day at one, and I'll be working full-time at the other one starting Tuesday. For my going away mini-to-do, I got a cool helium balloon (usually I just think balloons are lame, but this one's actually cool), a card with a bunch of people crying on it, and a gift certificate to Lyon Books. I also got to take home the end of the cookies from The Cookie Shoppe.

Buffy. I've been watching Buffy out of order. I started with season 4, then 3, 5, and now 2. I'm feeling the Xander/Willow. She was so in love with him! Anyone know where to find any Xander/Willow? Or Xander/Willow/Spike? Or Spike/Xander/Anya? Or good Spike/Xander I haven't read yet?
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Unrelated 1. Penny Arcade continues to be my new favorite thing. I'm nearly done reading the whole archive of strips, although I haven't read the whole archive of news posts, and I feel compelled to tell you that Gabe is THE CUTEST THING EVER.

Unrelated 2. For those of you who may be interested, I did actually finish my list of the books I read in 2003.

Unrelated 3. Par-tay tomorrow. Feel free to ask me for help if you find IRC incomprehensible.

And now what you're really interested in: the movies I've seen since December 24.

Honey )

Paycheck )

Cold Mountain )

Peter Pan )

Calendar Girls )

House of Sand and Fog )

The Station Agent )
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Jerry/Kramer I've been watching a lot of Seinfeld reruns on Fox 30, and it's become desperately clear to me that Jerry and Kramer need to be together. "The Bizarro Jerry" is the quintessential Jerry/Kramer episode, but there are many slashtastic moments in other episodes as well.

Gabe/Tycho I read through the last year's worth of Penny Arcade strips the other day, and I really think there should be some Gabe/Tycho. I would post to RareSlash about this, but it's one of those pairings that's just a bit ambiguous on the RPS issue. Gabe (in yellow) and Tycho (in blue) are characters in the strip, but Gabe and Tycho are also the pseudonyms of two of the guys involved in the running of the site.

Some strips worth mentioning from the last year:
Gabe worries about Tycho's impression on his parents.
A little voyeurism never hurt a slash pairing.
Gabe cheats!
Love over breakfast.
True love.
This one's just funny.
Phallic fandoms make them happy.
Poor, lonely Gabe.
Phallic construction.
Lunch date.
Even Tycho's aunt thinks he's gay.
Sometimes Gabe asks Tycho to do certain things for him.

And now I've started reading from the very beginning. They were in love from day one.
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BB hits the spot.

I visit BBspot nearly every weekday. The satire varies quite a bit in quality, but the webcam parodies of the Personal of the Day and the Polls are always amusing. However, the real reason I visit BBspot is to follow the Daily Links. The links from the main page are varying sorts of geek-related/cool things. The links from the Politics section are, obviously, political in nature, and it's for these that Brian really deserves recognition. While geek culture can often be amusing, it's also too often sexist. Imagine my surprise and delight, then, to find feminist commentary popping up on BBspot's Daily Links. There have been a few other examples, but the one that made me particularly happy was from November 7, 2003. When I saw the list that day, I thought, "Count the Women? Huh?" Surely, I thought, it would have something to do with women and voting. Or maybe women in positions of political power. But no. The link is to this picture of Bush signing an anti-abortion bill. It was a week later that I saw the same commentary in print.

Best ex-listmom ever.

There are a lot of reasons I could hold Melle up for some public recognition. She runs which provides a home for RPS and RPSers. She's a great friend, both in the fandom arena and in other matters. She's been a true defender of a fan fic writer's right to write about whatever she/he/it wants/needs/chooses to write about. Those would all be good reasons, but they're not the one that I want to highlight. Back in the day, Melle founded RareSlash. Since then, it's been through a few different listmoms, and I'm the current one. Even though it's not her list anymore, Melle has been fantastic about being the resource and sounding board for all my questions and concerns.

This just in: gamers are not evil.

The folks over at Penny Arcade read one too many gamers are evil articles and decided to do something about it. Thus was born Child's Play, an absolutely amazing geek-and-gamer fueled, internet run and organized toy drive to benefit the Seattle Children's Hospital. I'm just in awe of how much stuff and money they've managed to gather using only the internet and advertising only to gamers and geeks. This is what we mean whenever we talk about the good things that can come from the power of online promotion and internet-based communities.


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