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One of my bingo squares is wingfic. I wrote the very beginning, but never did anything with it. Possibly because once I wrote this it almost sounded more like a Mike/Bill story. There are notes about the Mike/Kevin version below. (Also, I apparently have no idea how tall Bill is. This says 6'2", which must have seemed right for some reason. A quick google gives me 6'1" or 6'3", so maybe I just split the difference.)

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One of my bingo squares is Regency romance. I wrote most of the story, but never quite finished it (although the missing parts are in the middle, so it does have an ending). I also never quite got all of the Regency stuff down, so historical/fake historical details and address may be all wrong.

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One of my bingo squares is psychic bond. I wrote the very beginning (with other names) in answer to a writing prompt I no longer remember from my writing group, but never finished it. This is an AU where Mike and Bill work at a music store. I don't think I ever figured out what Kevin does.

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One of my bingo squares is circus. I wrote much of the story, including both the very last scene and the important to my idea about this story scene, but I'm not going to finish it, so here it is, [SOMETHING GOES HERE] brackets and all.

Warning: Past death of Mike's family.

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If I made a list of my favorite stories I never wrote, this would be near the top of it. One of my bingo squares is runaway/street kid. I'm a big fan of flipping things around, so I wanted to do this the unlikely way and have Kevin be the street kid. I also wanted to write a story where Mike is on really good terms with his parents. I wrote the beginning and the beginning of the alternate version, but never finished it, despite thinking about it a lot. I did, however, outline the whole thing in an email to [ profile] icanbreakthesky, so this includes that as well as the bits I actually wrote.

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[ profile] sodamnskippy is playing bingo. It has no rules and no timelines, so I signed up. Part of why I signed up is that I want to write something different, and I want to write something shorter, so I'm also giving myself a self-imposed maximum of 2000 words per story. I don't know when I might write all of these (I already have the beginning of something that will fit one of them, I plotted out a second yesterday and today, and I maybe have an idea for the beginning of a third), but if I write an average of one a month, I'll fill the card by the end of the year. We'll see. I will come back and link stories as I write them.

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