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I started writing this quite a while ago, so it takes place in a world where Joner never got traded and the Kings exercised a normal buyout of Mike's contract. This is less a linear narrative and more a collection of scenes from a life as it goes on. I was really having fun writing it, but unfortunately I didn't finish it before I needed to move on from hockey. I did write out what else would have happened so there is some closure to the story.

Content Note: Various real world partners, children, siblings, and other family members appear in this story. Skip it if that's not your thing.

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I didn't cobble together enough holiday spirit to send cards this year, I'm feeling a little stuck on my current writing projects, and I have a few days off for holidays this week and next week, so it seems like a good time to do prompt snippets.

Leave me a prompt by the end of the day Saturday and I will write you something by the evening of January 4. (If there are a lot of prompts or circumstances change, posting may extend beyond this date.)

Fine print/guidelines: One per person. Lurkers and anonymous commenters welcome. If you're posting anonymously because you don't have an LJ account but I know you elsewhere and you leave me your name, I will do my best to write something catered to your tastes. Generally first come first served, although things may jump the queue depending on inspiration and what can be written at work. I will write hockey, but not Patrick Kane, Drew Doughty, or the Avalanche. I may write other fandoms; feel free to ask if you want something else. I may veer from your prompt. I will take lyric prompts, but be forewarned that I'm not necessarily good at them. This is for new story ideas, not sequels or timestamps. I make no promises about length, but in the past prompt snippets have tended to be 300-3000 words.


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