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I should explain two things: 1. This is actually [ profile] schuyler's bunny. 2. I wrote at least the beginning of this in text messages to [ profile] schuyler and (I think) [ profile] amatia.

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Now you, too, can show the world that you believe in keeping the world safe for sheep.
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Self-promotion. I'm in complete denial about this. I'm not in denial that I wrote it. I'm in denial that it is what it is. I keep thinking to myself, "It's not really NSync slash," but that's not really true. I need to find some way to deal with the fact that it is simultaneously NSync slash and something I wrote. More than that, I have to deal with the fact that I actually like it. It's not quite as "See JC. See JC suck cock. Suck, JC, suck" as I wanted it to be, but I'm still rather pleased with it.

I think part of what's helping my denial along is that it feels very "any two guys" to me. The only character in it who feels real to me is Christina. Britney's sort of real, although that's probably just because I like the idea of a drugged-out Britney. JC and Justin are just the guys who are friends that the story hinges around, but since I don't really know anything about JC and Justin, they could be any two guys who've been friends since childhood.

A river in Egypt. Speaking of Egypt and things that are on crack, Herodotus had a strange idea of what the Nile looked like.

Advice. Save a sheep, shag Russell.

Lo-trips 1. Viggo doesn't need to be so serious all the time. What does this have to do with you, me, and our time together? I need some cheesy, gay porn, hand job lines for a scene I keep thinking about. Leave your suggestions here.

Lo-trips 2. I thought I was done with the Jedi lo-trips, but my brain keeps telling me I have some loose ends. And it's trying to suggest Henry/Liv. I agree that there are loose ends, but I'm not so sure about the Henry/Liv.

Lo-trips 3. Henry's getting married, both in my head and on the small piece of paper I wrote on at work today. Unbeknownst to Viggo, Henry and Orlando have kept in touch over the years. Viggo and Orlando have not.

Where is Viggo's house? Is it really on the beach? Would he have a beach house by the time Henry's old enough to get married? Would the wedding be close enough to Viggo's house but far enough away from Orlando's that it would make sense for Viggo to invite Orlando to stay with him?


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