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Today I'm thankful to have finished watching all of Torchwood because now I can go read fic without being spoiled. And, yes, that is also a thinly veiled request for recs. At this point, I will read anything, but I'm particularly interested in Jack/Gwen, Tosh/Owen, or anything where they're all poly.
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I needed something to watch one day, and Torchwood was on Netflix instant, so I thought, why not? I've watched all of the first season over the last couple of weeks.

Sometimes I think fandom doesn't know how to sell things to me. Now, granted, I've never outright read a Torchwood primer/pimping post, but it's been a big enough fandom for long enough that I've seen enough stills and references to it to have a vague idea what it was. The emphasis in that sentence belongs on "vague." If you'd asked me, I would have guessed it was all about Jack and Ianto. Fandom, if you wanted to sell this show to me, you really needed to sell it like this: Torchwood is a sci fi show whose protagonist is a relatively average-looking British woman. Sure, it has ensemble-ish episodes, but for most of the first season at least, Gwen is the main character. As much of a slasher as I am, sci fi about women is my first love.

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