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I'm home sick today, so this seems like a good time to pull out all of these miscellaneous plot bunnies into a post. As usual, these are things I'm not going to write. If anyone else wants to write them, please do! (And link me to them so I can read them.)

Hawaii Five-0

There should be a story where Danny refuses to move in with Steve because his house is too dangerous and he won't let Grace live there.


There are enough of these to put behind a cut. )


Kind of a lot of these too. )

Star Trek/Sherlock RPF

Just one, but it's long. )

Teen Wolf

There should totally be a story where Stiles is feeling kind of sad and left out about Scott and Allison and asks Derek if werewolves mate for life like some other species of wolf. Derek says yes, and then when Stiles is even more sad, he says, "But they don't always mate with just one person," and then things happen and eventually Scott, Stiles, and Allison live happily ever after in a poly V relationship.

Stupid Commercial

I kind of want to write fic about this Verizon Droid Razr ad that explains why it takes two people to carry two phones out to the showroom.
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I keep thinking I should post about hockey more so we can have more conversations about it and do all that fannish stuff, but (a) I'm not very industrious when it comes to things like pictures and video and (b) I think [ profile] lakeeffectgirl is the person most interested in it, and she and I email about hockey all day long anyway. And speaking of, go read her snippet about the Briere kids wanting Claude to move back in. It's so great! Also, I really want all the stories about the Briouxs and their kids. ALL THE STORIES. (Well, actually, only the good ones. Badly written ones can stay unread.)

Mostly my everyday tiny hockey things go on Twitter or Tumblr. I have a confession about Tumblr: sometimes I open things with the intention of reblogging them, and then don't because tagging them seems like too much work. (And I refuse to reblog without tags. My biggest Tumblr pet peeve is untagged and uncaptioned pictures. You can't interest me in people if you don't tell me who they are.) I think I use Tumblr all wrong anyway because I almost never just reblog things. Everyone who follows me and is interested in whatever it is probably also follows the person I'm reblogging from, so there's no real point in reblogging unless I'm going to say something about it, which I don't think is how you're supposed to use Tumblr. You all know I'm wordy anyway, so of course I can't just use Tumblr for pretty things. I also often open things and then decide that, no, I'm not going to pick a fight about it. (But I think there's at least one thing that's getting some angry commentary if I see it a third time.) See? This is why I can't just be fannish, because I overthink things and refuse to just capslock. Semi-relatedly, I'm horribly jealous of how much time people seem to have for fandom. Why can't I have a job where no one cares if I watch videos of hockey players taking us on tours of their houses at my desk?

I must have more time than I think, though, because I ran out of hockey fic to read. (If you know of things I'm not likely to have read, meaning things not at AO3, you should tell me about them!) I tried reading some Generation Kill fic instead (because I generally love GK fic even though I've never seen the show), but it turns out I've read an awful lot of it already, particularly the AUs, which are what I like most. I don't know what to read now. Is there new good Star Trek reboot fic?
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Summary: Chris thinks it probably doesn't have to be a big deal. He's gotten the same maybe from co-stars before - Zach, for one - and it's never developed into anything more. If he's lucky, it means he'll end up with another friend for life, but it probably won't be anything more than that. Even his wolf side can't be stupid enough to mate him to a guy who lives in another country.

Notes: This is for [ profile] siryn99 who asked for "Captain Fine/ Z. Quinto (Or Benedict Cumberbatch)."

Story on AO3

Above All, Certainty )
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A while ago, for no reason I can remember, I decided to read some Star Trek reboot fic. I missed this fandom the first time around for two reasons: One is that I don't want to read Kirk/Spock. I get that they're the original Trek pairing, but (a) Spock and Uhura! and (b) as much as I expected Kirk and Spock to fall in love, they didn't. The other is that I saw the movie in theaters three times in a month, and my reactions were something like this:

First time: Awesome!
Second time: Wow, that's a lot of lens flare.

Two years later, that trauma has worn off, and it was probably time for me to get into this fandom anyway since I generally pick up fandoms two years late. Since I'm not reading Kirk/Spock, there are two other pairings I've gone for: Kirk/McCoy and Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto. I didn't think I was that involved in this fandom, and then Zachary Quinto officially came out and I had a lot of feelings about it, so maybe I just imprint quickly.

This entry originally had a recs request section, but since my last entry makes that redundant, this is now just five recs.

Fic Rec: Kirk/McCoy
I read Ceres_Libera's Switch on accident. Not that I didn't mean to click on it, but I misread the word count, and only when I'd been reading for a while and hadn't gotten anywhere near the end did I realize it was 230,000 words, not 23,000. The story is fantastic. It's long and slow and they don't get together until near the end. There's bed sharing and stealth bed sharing. Kirk becomes a teacher to a bunch of other Cadets, which is one of the things I love in outsiders in an academy stories. It's a fantastic love story with a really good McCoy pov and interesting politics. It is also the first story I've ever read that uses "clavicle" in a sex scene where it's both character appropriate - McCoy uses anatomical terms to talk about bodies all the way through the story - and sexy. Really the only problem with this story is that every time I go look at it to rec it, I get sucked in again and spend hours rereading it.
Jim was silent while Leo stepped toward him, but shifted to the edge of the bed and spread his legs so that Leo could stand between them. Leo'd never had a patient that so aggressively wanted the doctor to invade his personal space. "I'm going to make a lesson plan for you, too, Bones," he said quietly. His color was still high from fighting, and Leo could practically hear the adrenaline zinging through his system.

"That a fact?" Leo drawled, lining up hypos on the tray with some satisfaction.

"Yep," Jim said, and Leo started at the feeling of Kirk's hand wrapping itself around his hip the way it had the other night, and he looked up, straight into Jim's bloodshot blue eyes. "Going to make sure that you're capable of disarming an enemy, teach you to use whatever weapons you have at hand to defend yourself and sickbay."

Leo picked up one of the hypo sprays menacingly, and he heard Jim chuckle, then felt his long fingers flex on his hip, his thumb rubbing against the ridge of his external obliques. Jim was watching him, his eyes twinkling with amusement and something that looked a lot like affection, before he closed his eyes and lifted his chin, exposing the long line of his neck. "Go ahead, Bones," he said quietly. "I'm all yours."
Kink Fic Rec: Kirk/McCoy
You remember how overstimulation/people taking it beyond what they think they can is one of my top five kinks? [ profile] silverlining_99's Just Can't Get Enough is one of those stories, and an incredibly hot one at that.
Jim sets it aside for awhile, though it nags at him, the very suggestion that maybe he doesn't need to bother holding back and hiding even the most extreme parts of himself. On the one hand it's a completely foreign notion to him, has been since he first became acquainted with his own near-insatiable drive and realized it isn't normal, the way his body resists being done if he allows himself to get going at all.

On the other hand, since the day he met Bones the man has bitched and moaned but indulged him in every way that matters, every single time.

On some level he's not exactly surprised that Bones would do it for this, too. If anything it's that that makes him reluctant to let go entirely, to let Bones see just how far -- and long -- he could actually go.

He doesn't want to take advantage, or anything.
Kink Fic Rec: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
The cheesy title made me put off reading [ profile] medea_fic's Captain Spanky and Supernova series. Then I stumbled into a different excellent piece of kink [ profile] medea_fic wrote, and decided to trust that these might be good. I loved them. They are incredibly engrossing. There is also some really hardcore kink, as in if I'd been told what was in them I might not have read them because it's not my thing. It works, though, in the story.

The basic plot is that Chris starts to think he might be a little kinky, gets Zach to play that out with him, and then it keeps escalating, both kinkwise and relationshipwise. The other thing you should know before you start reading is that this is not one of those stories where the author warns for angst, and then you read it and think, "That wasn't angsty!" [ profile] medea_fic means those angst warnings. Don't start reading part 12 of Supernova unless you have time to read from there all the way through to the end. Those last few chapters are rough, but the story arc is incredibly satisfying.
Zach gives a small smile. A strange smile that Chris had never seen before. It hits him: this is the smile reserved for Zach’s lovers. Chris feels a stab of – something – at the thought that so many others before him have seen that gorgeous smile.

“You want me to spank you? Doesn’t sound like it to me.”

“I want you to hit me. I’ve been thinking about it for – for months. Please, Zach.” Chris is thinking, Hell yes this is my thing. And no need for fantasies of a hot female redhead, either. He wonders what his face looks like, because he is trying to project desperation and appreciation and anticipation and all the things he thinks Zach would like to see. It seems to work.
Fic Rec: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto/George Clooney
Now this is a threesome you never knew you wanted, but now that you're thinking about it, you can't stop. The story is [ profile] sparky77's The George Clooney Experience, and it is absolutely hilarious.
There are certain things that George does not do. Not because they’re wrong -- his grasp of right and wrong has never been that strong -- but because they never turn out as well as he planned.

He’s learned his lesson. No more fucking pretty boy actors. It never works out well. And they’re never as pretty as he thought when he was drunk and it was dark. And they generally turn out to be idiots. And assholes. And lousy in bed.

He’s not entirely sure what the kids are getting up to these days, but clearly it’s not good sex. Maybe he should talk to the President about the state of sex education in this country. Clearly something is missing. He has his phone out of his pocket before it occurs to him that drunk-dialing the President is probably not a good plan.

He is really, really fucking drunk. And that’s the only excuse for the fact that right now he is checking out the ass of a pretty boy actor. It’s a very nice ass, and, you know, fuck it. He can learn the lesson about not fucking pretty boy actors again tomorrow.
Fic Rec: girl!Kirk
In addition to the pairings above, I wandered my way into always-a-girl territory, and found In Her Aspect and Her Eyes by ninhursag. The story is "Four people Jamie Kirk likes the look of, and the one she loves." Each section is told from the other person's pov, and yet Jamie doesn't get lost in it. The first three sections are good, but it's the end of the fourth and the fifth that have lodged themselves in my head. Heed the consent warnings.
"You have scars," Gaila whispers when she finds them with her fingertips. They're broad and flat, just raised skin, really. They're all over Jamie's back and scattered over her ass.

"Good observation. I do," Jamie says and she sounds a little lazy-- still calm and sleepy, still, but she's gone stiff. No more purring cat, more like spine curved, claws ready.

Gaila frowns and finds herself going stiff too. "I don't-- do human manners say it's rude to ask? You've been so nice, don't let me be rude, please."

For some reason that turns out to be exactly the thing to say. Jamie laughs, relaxing again, and kisses Gaila on the mouth, warm and pleasant. She tastes like Gaila's orgasm and that works just fine for her. "You," Jamie says, "Are the least rude person I have ever met. Forget about it, okay?"
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Yesterday I was thankful for long, plotty stories I could immerse myself in. Specifically: The New Deal by Closer (Suits gen half-AU) and Fortunate Son by mardia (Star Trek reboot, Kirk/McCoy).
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Happy Halloween! This is the third year I've done this, and it's always fun.

Red Door

Knock or ring the bell by leaving me a comment, and I'll reply with a treat of some sort. It might be a fic snippet, a picture, a song, or something else I come up with in the moment.

(Not my actual door. Photo by Flickr user pmschlenker, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.)

Star Trek

May. 10th, 2009 02:41 pm
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Oh, yes. Seriously, this was awesome. People saying there isn't enough CAPSLOCK in the world to say how much they loved it are not wrong.

Spoilers )
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So I'm watching my way through DS9, and the second season has a very large number of episodes that focus on one character. This weekend, I got to "The Wire," in which Garak's implant causes him pain and Bashir has to take care of him. Through the withdrawal. It's a serious Garak/Bashir episode, which got me looking for Garak/Bashir fic. Sadly, I'm not having much luck. Happily, I did find "Letters from the Northern Continent" by Hoyden, which is excellent. Anyone know of any other Garak/Bashir worth reading?


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