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I'm taking tomorrow and Friday off this week and next Friday is a holiday, which means I have a four-day weekend this weekend and three-day weekend next weekend. I'm going to use this time to do what I love to do on long weekends and write prompt snippets.

Leave me a prompt by, say, Saturday morning, and I will write you something by the evening of July 6.

Fine print/guidelines: One per person. Lurkers and anonymous commenters welcome. Generally first come first served, although things may jump the queue depending on inspiration. I will write hockey, but not Patrick Kane or Drew Doughty. I may write other fandoms; feel free to ask if you want something else. I may veer from your prompt. I will take lyric prompts, but be forewarned that I'm not necessarily good at them. I make no promises about length, but in the past prompt snippets have tended to be 300-3000 words.


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