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Summary: Mike swings his feet down onto the floor and slides past Kevin in the doorway. It's too close, and Kevin can't help the way his eyes sweep over Mike's form. Mike's eyes crinkle at the edges, and then he's gone.

Notes: This was going to be a college AU, with poetry, and then I got distracted by the rest of TAI and Christine and lost track of it. Title from Walt Whitman's "Among the Multitude."

Story on AO3

That One Knows Me )
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Summary: Christine knows that Bill's always wanted to watch her with another woman, but it's not something they can just do, because they can't chance someone telling the internet. (Or her family.) So she asks Courtney, because Courtney would never do that.

Warning: Sibling incest.

Story on AO3

Neutral Territory )
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Disclaimer: Fictional.
Summary: Courtney grins and holds up the back of her hand to the camera. Bill doesn't see what she wants him to until she says, "We got married!"
Warning: Use of non-celebrity sibling and partner as main characters.

Wedding Bells Are Gonna Chime )
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Warnings: Incest, non-celebrity sibling as a main character, someone finding out about the incest.
Disclaimers: Not mine, never happened. The inclusion of Wal-Mart is for purposes of verisimilitude only and should not be taken as endorsement or approval of their goods, services, or business practices.
Additional Notes: Originally written to entertain [ profile] inlovewithnight. Title from Nina Simone's "Love Me Or Leave Me."

Summary: It can't be official. They can't have a marriage certificate. They won't be able to claim each other on taxes or health insurance when (if) one of them gets a steady job. But Courtney's driver's license already says Beckett and it'll keep people from asking questions. It gives them a story: fell in love, married young, starting a new life together.

I Love You Only )
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I am less than twenty-four hours away from one of the greatest pleasures known to workingkind: a three-day weekend. Fourth of July is even one of the three holidays we actually get paid for. I thought that with the extra spare time in my life, and the fact that although I've been getting a lot of work done on my other projects, I haven't been coming up with much outside of them, it's a good time for prompt snippets. Leave me a prompt and I'll write you something by Monday night! Fine print: One per person. Lurkers welcome. Generally first come first served, although things may jump the queue depending on inspiration. I may wander from your original prompt.
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Summary: The last thing Mike's expecting when someone knocks on his door at eight-thirty on a Tuesday night is Evie Beckett.
Disclaimer: Fiction.
Warning: Evie Beckett is a main character in this story.

Notice )
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I had this goal to post something ficcish every Sunday to Saturday week this month, and then this week turned out to be very busy. So instead of actual fic, have some plot bunnies. If you're a regular [ profile] anon_lovefest reader, some of these might seem familiar.

Cross-Band Threesomes )

Empires )

Cobra Starship )

The Cab )

Panic! at the Disco )

Miscellaneous )
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[ profile] westingturtle asked for more from the world of Want It Anyway. You probably don't need to read that for this to make sense.

Warnings: Angst, discussion of abortion, men trying to dictate a woman's reproductive choices, yelling and insults.

Choice )
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I really have no idea what my plan for this was. As it is, it was mostly just an excuse for me to use the phrase "metaphorical pants."

girl!Tom/Mike High School Breakup )
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This is not really a story. Like so many other things I've written, I really wanted to write the beginning and the end, and not so much of the middle. To be a real story, this would need a lot more of Tom and Mike spending time in the middle. This is a high school AU, and I had fun incorporating everything I know about Mike's high school activities into it.

Not Your Girl )
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One of my bingo squares is wingfic. I wrote the very beginning, but never did anything with it. Possibly because once I wrote this it almost sounded more like a Mike/Bill story. There are notes about the Mike/Kevin version below. (Also, I apparently have no idea how tall Bill is. This says 6'2", which must have seemed right for some reason. A quick google gives me 6'1" or 6'3", so maybe I just split the difference.)

Wingfic )
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I think the origin of this is that I said something about a Carden-Wentz offspring and [ profile] schuyler said something about that being the result of a patented Peyton bad decision, and then I wrote a bit of it but never finished the story.

Warnings: Angst, mentions of abortion and attempted suicide by a parent.

Want It Anyway )
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One of my bingo squares is Regency romance. I wrote most of the story, but never quite finished it (although the missing parts are in the middle, so it does have an ending). I also never quite got all of the Regency stuff down, so historical/fake historical details and address may be all wrong.

A Most True and Unsettling Affection )
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One of my bingo squares is psychic bond. I wrote the very beginning (with other names) in answer to a writing prompt I no longer remember from my writing group, but never finished it. This is an AU where Mike and Bill work at a music store. I don't think I ever figured out what Kevin does.

Three Notes )
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One of my bingo squares is circus. I wrote much of the story, including both the very last scene and the important to my idea about this story scene, but I'm not going to finish it, so here it is, [SOMETHING GOES HERE] brackets and all.

Warning: Past death of Mike's family.

Mike/Kevin Circus AU )
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If I made a list of my favorite stories I never wrote, this would be near the top of it. One of my bingo squares is runaway/street kid. I'm a big fan of flipping things around, so I wanted to do this the unlikely way and have Kevin be the street kid. I also wanted to write a story where Mike is on really good terms with his parents. I wrote the beginning and the beginning of the alternate version, but never finished it, despite thinking about it a lot. I did, however, outline the whole thing in an email to [ profile] icanbreakthesky, so this includes that as well as the bits I actually wrote.

Mike/Kevin Street Kid AU )


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