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Summary: Sean looks over at Brandon because they're practically living together - Sean hasn't been back to his own place in at least two weeks - and if Sean's taking Johnny as a cat home, realistically he's taking him home to Brandon's.

Story on AO3

Out of the Bag )
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Summary:Sean's never quite gotten excited about sex the way other people seem to. That lasts from the time he first starts discovering sex until he's twenty and in his sophomore season in the NHL.

Content Notes: This story contains crossdressing, spanking, teacher-student role play, and characters using the term "slutty" to refer to sexually active young women.

Notes: Brandon Bollig really did tell the Flames cameras about dressing up as a cheerleader for Halloween. Title from Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." Thanks to Lake for consulting and everyone on Twitter who answered various questions.

Story on AO3

Let you put your hands on me )


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