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This week's ep is apparently a flashback one, including Harvey and Donna's past, which means that all of the Suits snippets I'm never going to turn into real stories are going to be even more thoroughly jossed than they already have been, so it seems like an opportune moment to release them into the wild.

The story where Donna marries her partner )

Scenes from a friendship )

Five times Donna and Harvey didn't sleep together, plus one time they did )

Mike/Harvey/Donna and variations poly fic )
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Summary: "It's like you got us a child," Donna says. "A cockblocking genius child."

Notes: Once upon a time, I wanted a story where Donna and Harvey were married (and poly).

Story on AO3

Hard Work )
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needs must (98686 words) by faviconthatotherperv

This is an AU where Harvey is Harvey and Mike is a paid sub. It's almost 99,000 words, so it's one of those things you don't want to start unless you have a lot of time on your hands. I started reading it, and I planned to take a break at one point to do something else, and I just couldn't tear myself away from it.

Mike needs the money for Grammy's care, so he finally takes a long-term, very highly-paid subbing contract with Harvey. Mike's done this kind of work before, but he's not into subbing - or so he thinks. As time goes on, he finds out he's wrong about that, and Harvey helps set him on the path to law school. Plus, of course, they fall in love.

I loved this story. There's a middle part that hews closely to the plot of the show that I thought was only okay, but the rest of it was exactly what I wanted out of this kind of story. (Weirdly, to the point that I felt like I couldn't email this rec because it was too close, but posting it publicly to LJ doesn't bother me.) If you don't like this sort of fic, this story isn't going to change your mind, but if this is your sort of thing, I definitely recommend it, and I think most of it will make sense even if you don't watch the show.
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I'm home sick today, so this seems like a good time to pull out all of these miscellaneous plot bunnies into a post. As usual, these are things I'm not going to write. If anyone else wants to write them, please do! (And link me to them so I can read them.)

Hawaii Five-0

There should be a story where Danny refuses to move in with Steve because his house is too dangerous and he won't let Grace live there.


There are enough of these to put behind a cut. )


Kind of a lot of these too. )

Star Trek/Sherlock RPF

Just one, but it's long. )

Teen Wolf

There should totally be a story where Stiles is feeling kind of sad and left out about Scott and Allison and asks Derek if werewolves mate for life like some other species of wolf. Derek says yes, and then when Stiles is even more sad, he says, "But they don't always mate with just one person," and then things happen and eventually Scott, Stiles, and Allison live happily ever after in a poly V relationship.

Stupid Commercial

I kind of want to write fic about this Verizon Droid Razr ad that explains why it takes two people to carry two phones out to the showroom.
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Summary: Melinda starts with, "I'll bet you fifty that one of those files is about me. I can see why you like him. Pretty and smart. But then, that was always your type."

Story on AO3

That Love Is A Verb Thing You Do )
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Summary: Sherlock takes Mike in with one look and says, "I hadn't heard Pearson Hardman had changed its hiring practices," as he turns to Harvey.

Notes: I really want a story where Sherlock Holmes meets Mike Ross. This is just a tiny snippet.

Story on AO3

Most People Do )
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Summary: "I'm going to tie you up and hit you with a flogger." Harvey's watching for it, so when he gets a hitch of Mike's breath, he keeps going. "And if you're very good, I might fuck you. Or you can leave and this never happened."

Disclaimer: Not mine, no money being made.

Warning/Enticement: Kink.

Story on AO3

A Hill of Beans )
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This entry moves from gushing to contemplative and critical to critical. This is an entry comprised mostly of pop culture critique along political lines, specifically around issues of sex and race. If that is not fun for you, or you don't think that's a worthwhile use of fannish energy, you should skip this entry.

This entry includes spoilers for all aired episodes of all three of these shows.

Rizzoli and Isles

Have you ever watched a buddy cop show and thought, "If only this were about women"? If so, Rizzoli & Isles is the show for you. Angie Harmon plays detective Jane Rizzoli while Sasha Alexander is medical examiner Maura Isles. Together, they solve cases. They're also the kind of buddy cops who are practically married. They go undercover in a lesbian bar in season one and pretend to be together (unfortunately badly) in season two. They bicker and talk about fashion and facts and people. The show also does a fantastic job of including Jane's family. And I like the male cops. My two favorite things from this season: Spoilers )


Earlier this year, [ profile] norwich36 linked me to an anonymous thread about shows with strong women characters to catch up on over the summer. Haven was one of them, so I started watching it. I was fascinated by how many people commented back about it when I tweeted about it, particularly for a show I'd never even heard of before. It's really good. Those of you reading this might also like it: the lead character is a woman, and there's a fantastic slash pairing. (Nate/Duke forever! Where is my story where they're exes?) But in the context of this post, what I want to talk about is how Audrey is interestingly nonsexual and nonsexualized, which is not something you see in women on TV. Spoilers )


In case you haven't noticed, I love Suits. The plot is stupid and gets in the way of a really fun show, but the fun stuff is enough to make up for it. My strategy has been to watch it once, and then only watch the fun parts again. But that's not what this post is about. This post is about women, so let's talk about the women on Suits. Parts of fandom (including me) are very excited about the women: Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, lawyer whose name is in the firm name and who got Harvey out of the mail room and into law school in some fashion we haven't been made privy to yet; Sarah Rafferty as Donna, Harvey's fantastic assistant who gets all the best lines; Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane, paralegal who's smarter than most of the firm but with test-taking anxiety that's keeping her from taking the LSATs; and Vanessa Ray as Jenny, Mike's best friend Trevor's girlfriend who later becomes Mike's girlfriend. (Okay, fandom isn't as fond of Jenny. I think there are strong possibilities for some interesting stories there, but fandom's "OH MY GOD A WOMAN" thing means no one's likely to write them.)

But what I haven't seen yet (largely because I haven't gone looking for Suits conversation outside of the two email threads I'm on) is any discussion of the ways in which the show's portrayal of women is problematic. I think there's a layer of sexism on the show that's particularly insidious precisely because it's under the surface. Details/Spoilers )
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Yesterday I was thankful for long, plotty stories I could immerse myself in. Specifically: The New Deal by Closer (Suits gen half-AU) and Fortunate Son by mardia (Star Trek reboot, Kirk/McCoy).
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TAI announced today that they are no longer a band. I bring this up largely to disclaim: while I hadn't written any of this down yet, I've actually been writing this entry in my head for a week.

I think I'm kind of done with bandom. Bandom people, I feel sad about this too. I don't want to move on! I'm just not feeling the same way about it anymore. All is not lost, however; there are things I still want to finish. And that brings me to new fandoms. I'm afraid to start writing anything that could become a long story. I'm not ready for that kind of commitment. I'm also working on editing the Leighton/Vicky-T story, and I've reached the point where I never want to look at it again. I don't want that to happen with shiny new fandoms! I almost want a break between fandoms, but that's not the way my mind works.

Anyway, as I said, there are things I still want to finish. There are also things that are finished snippets that just need to be posted. Below the cut are a couple of lists of WIPs and snippets - bandom and otherwise - broken into categories. It's mostly for my own reference (and I'll probably keep a copy in my Google Docs to delete things from as I take care of them), but to make it more interesting, let's treat it like a WIP meme: if you ask about any of them, I will tell you something about it, or bump it up to the top of the posting list for things that are finished.

This List Is Longer Than I Thought )
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This was a horrible week for pretty much everyone I know. For my part, the fact that I melted down all the way into crying my eyes out only once is an accomplishment. But that was the low point, and things got better from there. Three lists of three:

Three Good Things About This Week
  • [ profile] norwich36, [ profile] archivecats, and [ profile] inlovewithnight all emailed me links to posts they thought I might be interested in. I haven't emailed any of you back, but I will, and I appreciate that you were thinking about me. ♥

  • [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and I are having exactly the kind of fannish conversation I wanted out of Suits. ♥

  • Because we were more or less unsupervised on Friday, I made pizza to take to work. My coworkers both enjoyed it and left enough of it that I didn't have to make myself dinner on Friday night.
Three Random Writing Neuroses
  • I have some things that I wrote over Twitter that I haven't posted here. I keep thinking that it's unfair because people have already seen them so it's not really new. The rational thing I can't quite keep in my head is that the overlap in the Venn diagram of people who follow me on Twitter and people who read my fic is probably pretty small, so it won't be duplicative for most of you.

  • New fandom has a small number of stories worth reading and a large number of stories that are mediocre to bad. I spend half my time thinking, "If they can write terrible things, I can write id-gratifying not very good things too," and half my time thinking, "I can do better than this, and I should (since apparently no one else is going to)." (We will ignore the part where since I have no idea where to post except for here, no one will ever read it anyway.) (Also the part where I'm cranky and judgy.)

  • There are a lot of things in my Snippets and Such file that are long enough to be split out into their own files, but as long as they're in the snippets file, I can pretend I'm not really taking time away from larger projects to work on them. Also, they're less likely to get lost. I still find Google Docs overwhelming, and I've run out of label colors, which makes it worse. (I'm thinking about collapsing all my bandom subfolders into one color.)
Three TV Show Fandom Stories I Want Someone To Write
  • The one where Jane and Maura (Rizzoli & Isles) are oblivious to the fact that they're already dating/married.

  • The one where Harvey and Donna (Suits) are/get married but no one is out of character.

  • The one where Payson (Make It Or Break It) is a lesbian.
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Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money.
Summary: Donna has her shoes off but her dress still on when Harvey gets to her place. He likes to undress her when they do this, but she refuses to wear heels in her own home.
Warning: Although neither I nor the character consider it exploitative, if the idea of the potential for power abuse in Harvey and Donna sleeping together is likely to trigger you, you should skip this one.
Notes: This is an episode tag to 1x11, "Rules of the Game," and might not make sense if you haven't seen it. This is also part of my weekend of allowing myself to just play, so it is a snippet, not an entire story. Title from The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" because it was in my head when I was thinking about the story this morning.

Twenty-Twenty-Twenty-Four Hours To Go )
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Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money.
Summary: Harvey works out who made it possible for Jessica to renegotiate Cameron's deal.
Warning: Unspecified but alluded to past nefariousness visited upon Donna. Since we never saw what was in the file, I decided I could be equally vague.
Notes: This is an episode tag to 1x11, "Rules of the Game," and might not make sense if you haven't seen it. It will most likely be rendered entirely non-canon compliant by future episodes. This is also part of my weekend of allowing myself to just play, so it is a snippet, not an entire story.

Fixing It )
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Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money.
Summary: "Donna says I should ask you about Scotty."
Notes: This is an episode tag to 1x07, "Play the Man," and might not make sense if you haven't seen it. This is also part of my weekend of allowing myself to just play, so it is a snippet, not an entire story.

This Is Not A Movie )
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Goals stated publicly here for accountability purposes. If I have not met them by Monday night Pacific Time, you have my permission to come back to this post and pester me about them.

Labor Day is one of the few holidays for which my place of employment is actually closed. (Technically, we're only sort of closed, but I don't have to work.) I am also having trouble giving myself permission to play with things that I don't want to do the work to turn into a giant story, so I was going to do prompt snippets. But then I started making a list of those kinds of things that are already in my head - or my snippets and such file - that could be completed/posted this weekend and thought, "Why not just write those things instead?" So that's what I'm going to do, at least three of them, even if I end up posting them all on Monday instead of one per day, and I'm giving myself permission for them to be the fun parts/snippets, and to not write everything that I could possibly do with the plot bunny. The thought that I should make them into real stories has been keeping me from working on them at all, so this is one of those times when something is better than nothing. Below is the list I made. Although I might still do whatever I want to do, feel free to comment with votes for what you'd like to see!

The List
  • The third Gabe/Victoria/Bebe story.

  • Post-episode seven melancholyish Suits gen (Harvey&Mike) with cake.

  • Tom/Sean, Tom owns a collar.

  • girl!Brendon/Sarah, crossdressing.

  • Harry/Draco EWE pre-slash wherein Draco follows Harry around for a week.

  • Evie runs away to the Human Lands: a fairy tale.

  • Suits/Sherlock crossover (because Sherlock Holmes should meet Mike Ross).
Other things I'm going to do this weekend:
  • Bake something. Bread and/or cinnamon rolls.

  • Write/post an entry about Malinda Lo's Huntress.

  • Finish the book I'm reading (Patti Smith's Just Kids) and write/post an entry about it.

  • Take a second crack at the book I stopped reading earlier this week (Patricia Briggs' River Marked).

  • Enjoy myself having lunch and seeing Colombiana with [ profile] norwich36. (Okay, I admit it: this one is on here because I know I'll be able to do it, and it's always good to have something you're sure you can cross off your to-do list.)
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I'm finding that in a lot of the Suits half AUs, Harvey is Harvey and Mike is something else (pizza delivery boy, hooker, etc.). Why not something the other way around?

Mike put down the joint and said no when Trevor wanted to sell a test, so he never got kicked out of school. He put in a little more effort, made it into Harvard Law on a scholarship, and legitimately got hired by Pearson Hardman, where he is one of the best associates the firm has ever seen.

As an associate, Mike struck up a friendship with Rachel and helped her through the LSATs. She moved away for three years to go to Harvard Law - coming back to work the summers - and promptly got hired as an associate as soon as she graduated. She advanced quickly because of everything she already knew - both about the law and about the firm - and ended up with her own office and assistant sooner than anyone expected.

Donna is tired of working for partners who either aren't worthy of her services or sexually harass her just under the line of what could be actionable, so she says yes the moment Rachel asks her to come work for her.

Harvey, meanwhile, was never rescued from the mail room by Jessica and instead worked his way up through the ranks into the secretarial/research pool. He's briefly worked for most of the partners in the firm, but it never lasts. He's too sharp and they don't like that he's smarter than they are.

This is where they are when Mike gets a promotion that gets him an office and an associate. Louis doesn't like Mike, and likes Harvey even less, so he manipulates things so Mike gets Harvey as his assistant.

This backfires entirely on Louis. Mike can keep up with Harvey. He appreciates his sense of humor, and takes (some) of his advice on style and fitting into the corporate world. Harvey is delighted (on the inside) to finally work for someone who might be as smart as he is, and who he can mold into the image of what he thinks a lawyer should be.
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Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money.
Summary: Mike gets turned into a kitten. Since he has no responsible friends, Harvey gets stuck with him.
Notes: Obviously inspired by the story recced in the previous entry.

Cute, and Much Quieter )
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I spent three days last week reaching the end of good Suits fic on the internet, and this weekend reading a lot of mediocre to bad Suits fic. (It's a new fandom. Eventually, I'm sure, there'll be a lot of good fic.) By far my favorite story is Habeas Corpus, wherein Harvey is turned into a cat and adopted by Mike:
Harvey peers at the screen, feeling a growing incredulity. The two words Harvey has for Mike's contract are concise and airtight. He presses closer to the screen and slips on the space bar. Wait, Harvey thinks, scrambling back, this could work. He steps back on the keyboard.

It comes out ggooood because he leaves too much pressure on the keys, but it clearly says good.

"Did you just type feedback on a legal contract I drew up?" Mike asks.
There was supposed to be a plot bunny with this entry, but it grew and is now a ficcish thing in the next one.
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Going off of [ profile] eleanor_lavish's list of things to read, I read [ profile] maja_li's Sweet Thang yesterday and quite enjoyed it! Now I want a story where Mike successfully ties Harvey up and doesn't let him come for a very long time. Eventually, Harvey is worn out and mussed, nothing of his usual polish left. Mike thinks, "I made him look like that." Then Harvey ties Mike up and makes him come more times than he thought he could in so little time. At the end, Harvey looks down at Mike with a smile that's mostly smug but a little fond too. Mike thinks, "I made him look like that." And then Mike wins a case by some means that Harvey hadn't even thought of. Harvey's actually surprised and a little impressed. Mike thinks, "I made him look like that."


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