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As I mentioned yesterday, [ profile] norwich36 and I went to see Twilight today. We tried to stifle our laughter, but we might have ruined the experience for the poor teenage girl in front of us.

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Any and all spoilers are below the cut. I make no promises about what may or may not be in the comments.

I have a thing about reading series in progress (this is why it was so hilarious that I spent fully one-fifth of my Barnes & Noble gift card on the next books in four different series), so I'd been waiting to try out Twilight until the series was complete. I didn't want to actually buy the thing, even with a gift card, and the library's waiting list is apparently insanely long, so I took myself off to Barnes & Noble today to read it. The irony of the situation is that I spent just as much or more on lunch, a cookie, and hot chocolate as I would have on buying the actual book.

Here's the short, non-spoilery version of what I think: Twilight would have been greatly improved by an editor who was unafraid to (a) chop and (b) force Stephenie Meyer to tighten it up. I have to admit to skipping whole sections. I also will not be reading the other books, but instead reading the plot summaries on Wikipedia or somewhere similar.

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