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Needless to say, there are spoilers galore in this post.

How I Met Your Mother )

Prison Break )

Grey's Anatomy )

Along with season finale season comes fall season announcement season. NBC is canceling Conviction. I'm not surprised, but still. Boo to that! Brian and Christina had damn well better get together in the two-hour season finale! If you really want the best Brian/Christina moment Some Minor Spoilers ), you should totally get your hands on "Deliverance." Some More Minor Spoilers )
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Yesterday, after Prison Break, I skimmed the panels for BASCon (I'm not going, but I stumbled across a mention of it and thought I'd see what the programming looks like). There's a panel entitled "Prison Break: Don't Pick Up the Soap!" The description says, "The difference between Fox and HBO - prison rape is barely mentioned at Fox River State Penitentiary. How fast would pretty Michael have been prey?" That, combined with spoilers for Tweener in the rest of this post. )


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