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Disclaimer: Fiction.

Summary: Ryan invites Spencer and Brendon over for the first time in months, which is when they find out he has a baby.

Notes: Written mostly over Twitter to amuse myself.

Story on AO3

Always You )
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In which Brendon gets married, Spencer angsts, and Ryan is still Spencer's best friend. Warnings for angst and the Panic divorce. Title from OK Go's "This Too Shall Pass."

When the Morning Comes )
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There is a reason why I write instead of tell stories out loud. I kept forgetting things, so they're not all in the same order I thought they should be in when I was writing this out in my head, but it's too late now!

I don't know if I would do this again. You tell me.

(I'm kind of afraid to listen to them. I don't know if I want to hear my own voice.)
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If I get everything else done this weekend and let myself work on something I'm not already supposed to be working on, it's going to be the story where girl!Andy and Matt slept together once. (I posted bits of it to Twitter this week.) But I have this other bunny I don't want to lose. So my plan is to voice post it while I clean out the wicker chest that serves as my linen closet. This way I can come back and transcribe it or have an outline if I decide to write it, or at least have it out in the world. Voice posts can apparently be five minutes long, so I'm going to set a timer for just under that, and we'll see how this goes. (I have no idea if this will take more than five minutes.) I think I won't listen to them, just post, so there'll be no waiting if you're hanging around.

The bunny is Brendon/Spencer. The ending is sort of happy, but the middle isn't and Ryan doesn't come off well in it. Consider yourself forewarned.
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On December 3, 1984, a baby was born. Well, probably a lot of babies were born. But the one we're interested in grew up to be this:

That's Mike Carden. Happy 25th birthday Mike! I'm celebrating by talking about you on the internet.

Many people dislike Carden. I find him kind of fascinating. People who dislike him either dislike him because they like Tom or because they think he looks creepy. When I was first getting into bandom, one of the lectures I got about not liking William Beckett was from a friend who grudgingly allowed that I could like Bill as long as I didn't like Mike. I have a strong rebellious streak when it comes to fandom, so that probably contributed to my interest in Mike.

This was originally going to be a more general Mike Carden primer, but the reality is that there's a perfectly good, if older, one here (as of this moment, the pictures are no longer there, but the information is) and [ profile] riorhapsody has written an excellent and excellently well sourced TAI primer. So this is going to be three things: interesting facts about Mike Carden, pictures I feel are worth sharing, and information about Mike Carden pairings. Enjoy!


In high school, Mike was on the swim team. He worked as a lifeguard during the summers. He was also captain of the debate team. (source, source)

Scurrilous internet gossip holds that Mike quit smoking in 2008 or so. (source)

Mike himself has said other things about living a healthier life these days:
Like Chislett, Carden also calls Los Angeles home when the band are off the road. He relocated from the Chicago suburbs to L.A. this past November, and has since taken to hiking, eating healthier and reading Nick Hornby novels. He also took some much-needed time away from his guitar. "There was a point where I probably put the guitar down for about two months, and I didn't want to see it and didn't have any interest," Carden says, having traded places with Bicket in the bus' lounge. "Then one day it just hit me. I'm like, 'I need to keep learning because that's part of it.' I think when you stop you kind of get uninspired and it's hard to move. It's like exercising the first few days - most people quit. So I think with guitar, it's breaking through that." (source)
People who met Mike on the AP Fall Ball tour described him as "chatty" and "quite the chatter box." (one source)

The Real Life Girlfriend

In about February of this year, someone or someones started posting anonymously that Mike is dating Jared Leto's assistant. (source) Her name is Emma Ludbrook. She was his date to Bob McLynn's wedding.

Photo proof )

For those of you upset about privacy things, I am sympathetic. At the same time, Emma is a public enough figure that there is a magazine article about her:

Scan of the article, plus more about Emma. )

Picture Time!

Let's start with a review of some of Mike's t-shirts. This might be an odd thing to fixate on, but I'm alternately baffled and intrigued. I can't figure out if these are things he chose for a reason, or if they're just shit he picked up at a thrift store.

Mike and his t-shirts. )

Next, we move on to the section I like to call, "Bill likes to lean on people, including Mike."

Bill leans on Mike )

Now let's take a look at Mike in his younger days.

Younger Carden )

Mike Carden is a giant dork. This may or may not be a known fact. When I saw TAI on the Fall Ball tour, Mike waved at the crowd (and let me note that he waves like a little kid - that grasping kind of wave), then gave us a thumbs up, then waved again with both hands. At least one scurrilous internet gossip thread has a lot of conversation about him being awkward and/or thanking people a million times. (source)

Mike being a dork )

This section is for pictures that didn't fit anywhere else. It includes Mike in bed, Mike in bathtubs, Mike on couches, Mike in a hat, Mike cuddling up to other people, Mike on stage, Mike being hot, and some other stuff.

Other stuff )


And now the part you're probably actually here for: pairings involving Mike Carden.

Mike/Kevin Jonas
Let's be honest: there's a good chance you've wandered over here thinking, "What the hell is up with this Jonas Brothers nonsense?" Well, let me tell you.

Origins, questions, and recs. )


I don't read Tom Conrad fic (I know someone who knows him, so in my head, he's a friend of a friend, not a random guy in a band), so I don't actually have any recs for this. You might try the delicious tom/mike tag (read carefully; that's as likely to be Tom Welling/Mike Rosenbaum as it is Tom Conrad/Mike Carden), or perhaps someone who does read it will leave some recs in the comments.

If you don't know why you might want Tom/Mike, I recommend reading [ profile] riorhapsody's TAI primer for more on their history. I will leave you with some pictures, though:

Pictures! )


Remember that whole section up above where William was leaning on Mike? Why isn't there more fic about them?

A little about them, a picture, and a rec. )


Why would I tell you about this when [ profile] dandylionsgirl has written a perfectly good primer? You should go read that.

Today there's this:
siskybusiness: I would like to take this time to wish a happy Birthday to my main man Mike Carden. I love you Santi. You are my worst best friend! Muah (source)
Then, if you want to read fic, you can browse through the delicious mike/sisky tag. There isn't that much there; you can read it all in an afternoon or so.

Mike/Michael Guy Chislett

Mike fell in mad guitar love with Michael the first time they met:
But, see, I knew Michael (Guy Chislett, Conrad's replacement), and Michael played with Butch, and I met Michael at the "Slow Down" video that we did for Almost Here. I sat down with the dude, we just talked about music, we played guitar. It's funny. I was with a friend that night, and I go back, we're shooting this video, and I go, "Dude, that dude Michael is awesome. I know I'm gonna play guitar with him someday. I just don't know when it's going to be." (source)

Picture and recs )

TAI gsf

For whatever reason, there isn't much in the way of TAI gsf. I don't know why not; they're just as gay as any other band.

There's one here: Two boots and a spur on by [ profile] modillian. I don't think I've read it, although I have read other things by her that were good.


They're the three original members of the band. They used to go out for midnight pancakes together:

Video where Mike and Sisky talk about pancakes while Mike clutches a throw pillow. )

There is one excellent William/Mike/Sisky story: Three Cheers by an anonymous author. (As far as I know, it's the only William/Mike/Sisky story.)
Except Sisky's got his tongue down Bill's throat and one hand on Mike's thigh. Bill's got one arm around Sisky's shoulders and his other hand between Sisky's legs, rubbing him through his sweatpants, and Sisky’s got one hand on Mike's thigh. Bill does something, either with his tongue or his hand (or possibly both at the same time) and Sisky gasps, squeezing Mike's thigh tightly, and Mike can't help but to gasp as well, because fuck.


TAI went on tour with Midtown (Gabe's previous band) early in their career. Gabe was also at Mike's 23rd birthday party in Las Vegas. It's entirely possible this was because it was also Rob Hitt's 30th birthday party (Rob was also in Midtown), but Gabe and Mike clearly hung out together:

Pictures, more source material, and a rec )

Mike/Greta Salpeter

I have no idea what the basis for this pairing is. My best guess is that it's because they're both musicians from Chicago and when you need a girl, your choices in bandom are relatively limited. That doesn't stop it from being adorable.

[ profile] icanbreakthesky appears to be the main Mike/Greta writer. You should become LJ friends with her so you can read her locked entry with bits of a lovely Mike/Greta story in progress.

More recs )

We've now come to the section of pairings that I think there should be fic about but isn't, at least to my knowledge.


This does not just come from a limited choices in girls place. They clearly know each other - TAI and Cobra love to tour together - and there are a couple of pictures they're in together (and I swear there's one more out there that I can't find again:

Pictures! )

I really want fic where they're not romantically involved, but they are friends and the sex is good, so they hook up when they're on tour together.

Mike/someone in Panic

They toured together. They're in pictures together.

Picture that isn't up above. )

Mike said, "I like listening to Panic every night." (source) That's more than enough for their to be fic about them.

Mike/someone in Fall Out Boy

Did you know that Mike could have been a member of FOB?
BE: So I went and checked out your Wikipedia entry, and it says that you once turned down an offer to join Fall Out Boy. True?
MC: Well, I mean, "turned down"? (scoffs) I grew up with those dudes! I had another year of high school left, and they were talking about it, and Patrick used to just sing, and I knew Joe and Pete, and we joked about it, but I don't know that I really "turned it down." I guess the cards just didn't fall in the right place at the time. Which is totally cool. (laughs) (source)
I could totally go for some fic where he did join or where he didn't because one of them was an ex or where he hooked up with one (or more) of them.

Other Mike Recs

I have two other stories to rec to you that don't fit into any of the categories above.

The last two recs )
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So some people have had some of these emailed to them, but others of you might find them interesting and one of them is new, so here they are! (I cannot believe I now need a JoBros tag.)

These first two are the angsty!Spencer stories I'm hoping are obvious enough that someone will write them and I can just read them.

Angsty!Spencer: Option 1
They're all very rational about it. It's been coming, and when Jon and Ryan finally say they need to do their own thing and they all agree about it, it's fine. Later, Spencer goes home (aside: does he have his own place in LA or does he still live in Brendon's guest room?) and falls apart. (This may not be my first Spencer the with-it one falls apart vague idea.) And then, I don't know. Brendon makes it better (with his cock)?

Angsty!Spencer: Option 2
They've left the studio and have moved on to MKII when both their phones buzz. The first thing Spencer feels when he sees the picture is a burst of white hot anger, and he thinks, "How could you do this to us?" And then he remembers that he doesn't have that right anymore, that Ryan's not his anymore.

He still wants to call and yell at him, because, Jesus Christ, cocaine?

And then he wants to call Jon and demand to know if he knew about this.

He can't do either one because they're not his anymore.

He's still staring at it when Brendon wraps his arms around him and presses his face against Spencer's back.

And then, I guess, they're all cuddly and eventually there's sex?

Do you think Ryan Ross has any concept of how he comes across? Because this really did not make him seem particularly sympathetic to me.

So Zack said, "Then sometimes you need to take a nap in my lap," and I have to admit that I was kind of disappointed that the accompanying picture was a puppy and not Brendon. There should totally be (a) more Brendon/Zack fic and (b) fic where Brendon's all tired and cranky and Zack knows, and knows, too, that Brendon's not going to settle down by himself, so Zack tugs him down into his lap, and then Brendon falls asleep there. (I can't figure out if bandom really doesn't have the diversity of stories that J2 does or if bandom folks just don't tag things quite as granularly. It's surprisingly hard to find what I want when what I want is more than just a pairing. Witness: j2+cuddling vs. brendon/spencer+cuddling.)

Joe/Nick d/s
I don't really have a specific bunny for this, but I was reading a Joe/Nick story yesterday that was almost on the verge of being about power issues. I can't decide what I want more: Joe taking over and forcing Nick to give up control, or Nick being totally in control and Joe just giving up everything to him. If any of you happen to find such a thing of either type, you should tell me about it. (I did write the beginning of something like this today, but I don't know if it's going anywhere.)

Bonus Jonas
What if Frankie grows up to be gay? I don't know where I would go with this, but I kind of like the idea. Like, Frankie doesn't grow up ignored, exactly, but by the fourth kid, his parents pretty much trust that kids can take care of themselves, plus his brothers are the ones in the spotlight all the time, so he doesn't get a lot of the same kind of attention and pressure his brothers do. So he gets to just quietly be gay. And even when he starts dating, no one notices, even though he and his dates sometimes show up on things like TMZ. Even they don't think his dates are dates, just friends. And maybe Frankie never put on a purity ring, so no one really cares about that either. And then there's a guy who is just amazing. Sweet, and hot, and totally into Frankie. And they keep dating, and eventually Frankie brings him home to meet his family, and it takes them a while to realize that this isn't just a friend, this is Frankie's boyfriend. (I appear to be writing a snippety version of this, too, but if someone wanted to write the epic version, I would love you forever.)
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First of all, even though I often find William Beckett and Gabe Saporta hot, the hottest boy in bandom is hot baby dyke Spencer Smith (that last one is less dykey and more just because it's one of my favorite Spencer pictures). One Spencer picspam I ran across had the comment, "Patrick Stump made me straight, and Spencer Smith turned me into a lesbian again."

Before that, though, I was reading fic, and I kept coming across things where Ryan Ross has a big cock. I asked [ profile] schuyler if there was a canon basis for that or if it's a fanon thing that grew. She said that the canon basis for it is that Ryan, despite wearing girl jeans, apparently hasn't learned to tuck, and that Jon said, suggestively, in a making of the "Nine in the Afternoon" video thing that Ryan has the biggest clock.

I remembered this a few days after our discussion and thought I'd go look at a picspam to see for myself. The Delicious ryanross+picspam tags led me to [ profile] teainagarden's Bananapants picspam. I scrolled through it and thought two things:
  1. If it weren't for the picspam pointing it out, I would never notice.
  2. In the pictures where he's wearing black pants, how can you tell? All the lines and shadows blend together.
(Sky appropriately laughed at me when I told her this.)

Then I stumbled across [ profile] quettaser's Salute to Crotches picspam. This time, even knowing that was the point of the picspam, what I notice most is not their hips, thighs, or crotches, but rather their faces. (Also, I find it hilarious that the actual pictures of Pete Wentz's naked crotch are no longer there and I had to google them.)

One of the pictures there and elsewhere is this one:

Picture! )

which Tom Conrad took of The Butcher and William Beckett. In at least one place, I saw it captioned with, "Why are the Butcher's pants undone?" This is a good question. One might also ask, "Whose bed is that?" or perhaps, "Is that a candid shot or did he pose them?" Of course, none of those are the questions I ask. No. My question, every time I look at it, is, "What is William reading?"

(And that's not even to mention how embarrassingly long I had to stare at June 5's Penny Arcade before I got the joke.)


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