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Having a job again means I once again have real three-day weekends. It also means that as I've been adjusting to working, the only writing I've been doing is on very long projects (all three of them are over 40,000 words now), and I could use some creative refreshment. Therefore: three-day weekend prompt snippets!

Leave me a prompt by, say, Saturday evening, and I will write you something by Monday night. Fine print/guidelines: One per person. Lurkers welcome. I will write hockey, but not Patrick Kane. I may write other fandoms; feel free to ask if you want something else. I may veer from your prompt. I will take lyric prompts, but be forewarned that I'm not necessarily good at them. I make no promises about length, but in the past prompt snippets have tended to be 300-3000 words. If there are a lot of prompts, filling them may stretch into next weekend.
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[ profile] duckgirlie recorded podfic of The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine. (T.J Oshie/Jonathan Toews, "They never stopped loving each other, not really.") You can find the headers/cover/download links here on AO3. I'm delighted she liked it enough to record it, and you should check it out if podfic is your thing!
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Summary: They never stopped loving each other, not really.

Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] lakeeffectgirl for cheerleading and to her and [ profile] liketheroad for helping me figure out one of the details. Title from Taylor Swift's "Mine." The other title option was "Conversations After Sex: A Love Story."

Story on AO3

The Best Thing That's Ever Been Mine )
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All I'm writing these days is hockey fic. Including a story that fulfills my theory that my participation in a fandom is not complete until I write a story about someone getting pregnant. So, WIP post! Have some samples of things I'm writing.

Kane/Toews, Babyfic )

Crosby/Ovechkin, De-aged!Sidney )

Oshie/Toews Star-Crossed Lovers )

Kane/Toews, Gay Bar and Obliviousness )

Girl!Crosby/Ovechkin Babyfic )

Kane/Toews, Clothes Sharing and Feelings )

Unsolved Problems, A List

Suggestions welcome!
  • As you may have noticed, I haven't really decided how to refer to Kane and Toews in the narrative.

  • I need to watch way more Ovechkin and Malkin interviews to get their English speech patterns down.

  • I need to come up with ways for Kane and Toews to be couply in their normal lives in the gay bar and obliviousness story.

  • The girl!Crosby/Ovechkin story needs a lot of work. Even I don't believe Syd sleeping with Alex the first time, and I wrote it. Also, my tentative summary for the story is "Sydney Crosby is a hockey player, not a mother," and so far it's mostly about Syd and Alex hooking up.

  • The clothes sharing and feelings story so far follows a reality-based timeline, which means I either need to finish it now or only write little bits of it at a time throughout the playoffs. (Why do hockey playoffs take two months? I don't understand.)


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