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The title of this story's doc was briouxs1 (Sean has a boyfriend). As that 1 can attest, this was the first Brioux story I started writing. I gave up on it partly because I wasn't sure exactly what should happen next and partly because I realized the timeline doesn't work at all. (At one point, I have a note to self that says, "Crap. This is the Friday night in 24/7.") It is, however, still my ur-Brioux story, and you can see in it a lot of elements I ended up reusing in other stories.

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So sometimes I write melodramatic snippets that (a) are ridiculous/unbelievable, (b) get jossed, and/or (c) I will never turn into fic. A collection of those seems like a good post for April Fool's Day, so here are five of them. You could read the first one as a pairing kind of story, but they're mostly gen. Also, the second, fourth, and fifth ones mention Claude's real-life girlfriend, so be forewarned if that's not your kind of thing.

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In TBrown's interview from Monday, he talked about how his whole career, he's been grinding his way to the next level. He also had this whole thing about how he likes throwing his body around and getting hit. So, plot bunny: the Flyers continue to have bad luck with injuries, and they keep calling people up, and eventually Tyler gets called up.

He mostly alternates being a healthy scratch and playing on the fourth line, and sometimes getting kicked up to the third. Then they're down two in the third and Lavvy's getting ever angrier, and he starts sending his lines through a blender. He throws Tyler out on a power play shift with Danny and Claude. It works, because Tyler's not as strong with the puck, but he gets himself in the right place to make some room for them so Claude can make the play and Danny can send it into the back of the net. He plays a couple more shifts with them, and they don't score again, but they make some good plays and Lavvy starts filtering him into that first line in practice sometimes.

Tyler's been staying in a hotel, because it's awesome being up in the big show, but he knows he could get sent back to Glens Falls any day. Danny and Claude have noticed this, and they have a talk about how someone should take him in. Claude says he can't because he already has the Schenners, Scott can't because he has Laughton, and they shouldn't send him to stay with Kimmo because he has little kids. Danny can see where this is going, and he says no, but Claude points out that he has a lot of room, he's good for forming rookies into strong players (citing himself and Sean as examples), and he can rearrange the house to accommodate another adult.

Danny sighs, but he goes home and talks to the kids and Sean and they figure it out (either they give up their ball hockey room to be a bedroom [possibly Caelan's] or the boys agree to share and vacate one of the other bedrooms). Then he has to extend the invitation to Tyler, and Tyler is a little unsure about it, but Danny sends Sean to talk to him too, and Tyler agrees to move in.

This causes a lot of chirping about Danny and his kids (exacerbated by the fact that Danny drives himself, Sean, and Tyler to the rink for games). Tyler keeps trying to point out that he's almost three years older than Sean, but it doesn't stop anything.

It's weird for Tyler, because he's been living on his own with just a roommate for a couple of years, and getting used to a family is different. But it's also a good experience for him, because there really is a Briere effect that works to make him a better hockey player.

The Bruins come to town, and of course Tyler goes out and has dinner with Segs the night before the game. They talk all the time anyway, but it's great to do it in person, and then Segs says he wants to see where Tyler's living. Tyler keeps trying to say it's not that great, but Segs keeps pestering him, and saying that he's totally met Danny before, and it's easier to just give in. It's early enough that the boys are still up when they get back to the house, and there's a lot of good-natured chirping and Segs plays a round of video games with the boys, Tyler, and Sean. Danny makes them stop when it's time for the boys to get ready for bed, and Tyler drives Segs back into the city.

And then I don't know what. It could be about Tyler and Segs getting together or Danny and Claude being all family-like with everyone in that house, or I would also read it if it were all gen about Tyler finally making it to the NHL.


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