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Disclaimer: Fiction.
Summary: "All we really need is the five of us, some streamers and booze. We've got three DJs between us."
Notes: Originally posted here for this [ profile] anon_lovefest prompt.

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Title: Cobras Only
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Cobra Starship girl!GSF
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 1700
Disclaimer: Made up.
Summary: It starts on Warped. Well, actually it starts when Nat moves into Gabi's basement, or maybe when Gabi meets Ryla and Alex and asks them to join her band, but they don't actually do anything until Warped, because, despite popular opinion, Gabi doesn't actually fuck anything on two legs.
Notes: Originally written for an [ profile] anon_lovefest prompt. The story that made me say both, "Always-a-girl fic is difficult if only for keeping the names straight," and, "Wait. What made me think writing a five-girl sex scene seemed like a good idea? *flail* That's a lot of limbs to keep track of!"

Cobras Only )
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Video )

This is part 3 of an interview Gabe, Ryland, and Alex did where they took questions from fans. I think part 3 is more interesting than parts 1 and 2, and here are five things worth noting:

  1. The first question is the old "Who would you go gay for?" standby, which is a good fangirl question, even if I think we need to amend it to, "Who other than Johnny Depp would you go gay for?" because Johnny Depp has long since ceased to be an interesting answer. But that's not my point here. My point here is that their discussion about the answer says something interesting about the social construction of what it means to be gay, because their discussion, especially what Ryland says about Daniel Craig, makes it sound like they're actually answering the question, "Who would you bottom for?" It reminds me of both the Roman idea that sex with another man was cool as long as you were topping and discussions that posit that anti-gay sentiments are really about sexism - that bottoming makes a man more like a woman, which is what makes it so objectionable in the frame of the social construction of acceptable masculine behavior. (Also, Alex Suarez, don't think the fact that you didn't answer the question went unnoticed!)

  2. At the end of that question, at about 0:46, you can see Ryland's socks, which are orange in contrast to his otherwise subdued outfit. You can see them again at 5:53.

  3. At 2:38 they talk about Lady Gaga, and they leave behind their ridiculousness to be completely serious about music, which is awesome to watch. I also love how Gabe says, "I don't know anybody that knows her," which totally echoes his comments from part 1 about asking around if anyone knows Ashley Tisdale and if she's someone he has to be nice to.

  4. At 3:11, they say they're not JoBros fans, but Gabe stops Ryland from going on to the next question to say, "Although, I did watch the Jonas kid do the 'Single Ladies' dance, and I thought it was brilliant."

  5. At 4:36, they take the question, "Gabe, how do you feel about the rumors involving you and Mr. William Beckett going out?" You can totally tell the age of their fans by the phrase "going out." More importantly, they maintain straight faces (or Gabe and Ryland do, anyway; Alex is off camera) as Gabe says, "They're not rumors. It's true."
I keep meaning to make a "what I'm watching this summer" post and then not doing it, but one of the things that would go in it relates back to item 4. No, it's not Joe's "Single Ladies" bit, it's this:

My favorite Single Ladies vid )

which is a neat bit of editing that cracks me up every time. When I thought about making that post, I thought, "But I don't really get the whole 'Single Ladies' thing," and then the song got stuck in my head and I thought, "Oh, wait, maybe I do."


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