Oct. 8th, 2011

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The joke I kept making as I read Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac was that while I couldn't remember having read it before, it all seemed vaguely familiar. I'm not sure if that means I did read it once before, if it's because I'd read bits and pieces before when I was deciding if I wanted to read it, or if it's because the book is so well constructed that it all fits perfectly together.

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TAI announced today that they are no longer a band. I bring this up largely to disclaim: while I hadn't written any of this down yet, I've actually been writing this entry in my head for a week.

I think I'm kind of done with bandom. Bandom people, I feel sad about this too. I don't want to move on! I'm just not feeling the same way about it anymore. All is not lost, however; there are things I still want to finish. And that brings me to new fandoms. I'm afraid to start writing anything that could become a long story. I'm not ready for that kind of commitment. I'm also working on editing the Leighton/Vicky-T story, and I've reached the point where I never want to look at it again. I don't want that to happen with shiny new fandoms! I almost want a break between fandoms, but that's not the way my mind works.

Anyway, as I said, there are things I still want to finish. There are also things that are finished snippets that just need to be posted. Below the cut are a couple of lists of WIPs and snippets - bandom and otherwise - broken into categories. It's mostly for my own reference (and I'll probably keep a copy in my Google Docs to delete things from as I take care of them), but to make it more interesting, let's treat it like a WIP meme: if you ask about any of them, I will tell you something about it, or bump it up to the top of the posting list for things that are finished.

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