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I actually have a Google doc titled "plot bunnies" to keep track of these things (sort of; I know a lot of them get lost because I forget to copy them into the doc). If you love any of these and end up writing them, please let me know about it so I can read the story! (Unless you take the disturbing one and write a serial killer story, because I'm not into serial killer fic.)

You know, we always assume Pete is all subby, but there should be a story where he gets turned into a werewolf and turns out to be an alpha. No one is more surprised by this than Pete. Patrick swears a lot when Pete uses his alpha thing to get his own way.


Ryan (Luciani, not Ross) ends up pregnant. Mike K, being the only sensible person in that group, explains that he's going to have a baby and he can't live in his car/people's couches. The Stegers are practically family, so Ryan moves in with Max and the Steger parentals. Then Max/Ryan, obviously.


Possibly horrifying plot bunny: Zack quietly takes care of anyone who might hurt Brendon or Spencer.


You know all that fic where Pete sexes up Patrick to show him he's attractive? There should be fic like that about Max. I would even read fic where Pete (creepy or not) is the one sexing him up.


Andy Hurley and Misha Collins both tweeted about the protests in Barcelona. Where's that cracky fic? They meet, and Misha's like, "I already have a threesome," and Andy's like, "That's cool. Want to have sex anyway?"


Once upon a time, I was going to make an illustrated Black Cards mini-primer/plot bunny, but I didn't get my act together and then they kept losing members, and now this is all that's left of it.

There are four people in the Black Cards:

Pete Wentz (bass, frontman): formerly of Fall Out Boy, father of Jessica Simpson's nephew, soon to be ex-husband of Ashlee Simpson
Bebe Rexha (vocals): the girl, formerly of a publicly unnamed wedding band
Nate Patterson (guitar/keyboard): the one I know nothing about
Spencer Peterson (drums): Cobra Starship's Nate Novarro's best friend and former drum tech

You do have to pay close attention, though, to know there are four of them. Publicity is all Pete or Pete and Bebe. The sense I get from Twitter is that Nate, Spencer, and Bebe hang out together. I would love to read a story that examines that. Possibly something about how Pete feels very alone/isolated - he has this whole new band full of people who seem to like each other more than him, he's getting divorced, so many of his friends live far across the country - and how he slowly comes to realize he can be part of this group with his band.
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Summary: "I think everyone already knows about it." Brenna keeps her smile on her face. "I was born Josh, but just so we're clear, I'm Brenna now. I have the legal documents to prove it."

Notes: Originally written for an [ profile] anon_lovefest prompt. There is more than one way to be trans; Brenna's choice is only one of many.

Warning: Includes mention of transphobic language and the potential for violence.

Story on AO3

Grown-Up Girl )
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Summary: They don't pick up girls very often because anything they could do with a girl they could do with each other, but sometimes they like to have sex with a man. They used to hook up with Brendon sometimes, but now there's Sarah.

Notes: My original plot bunny for this was: Spencer and Haley, stoners in love who sometimes pick up a girl to have a threesome with: y/y/mfy? Of course, then I was wondering how you could get Brendon into that so: girl!Spencer/Haley.

Story on AO3

Hook Up )
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Summary: Sarah kicks her out of the bedroom, so she goes downstairs to play with the dogs, expecting Sarah to end up in a new dress or something.

Notes: I'm sorry I never finished this. This was going to be dancing and then porn (Original comment: Today in porn in my head: Sarah crossdressing because girl!Brendon likes cuddling up to Dallon way more than she thought she would.), but I never wrote more than the set-up.

Story on AO3

Going Out )
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Summary: Sometimes, when Spencer comes into the living room to find Brendon cuddling Bogart or baby talking to him or scratching behind his ears, something happens in his chest, this too-tight feeling that makes it hard to breathe.

Notes: This was going to be kidfic for [ profile] schuyler, but I never quite got that far.

Story on AO3

Don't Need a Kid )
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Disclaimer: Fiction.

Summary: Ryan invites Spencer and Brendon over for the first time in months, which is when they find out he has a baby.

Notes: Written mostly over Twitter to amuse myself.

Story on AO3

Always You )
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Yuletide Story for Me
Someone wrote me Unasked. Rizzoli & Isles fic, just for me!

Yuletide Guessing Game
I wrote one story in the main collection and one in the madness collection. I talked to many of you about my story in the main collection, so those of you who heard about it are ineligible for guessing on that one, but I didn't talk to anyone about my madness story since I didn't know I was going to write it until I did. Anyway, if you guess what I wrote, I will write you a snippet of your choice!

Yuletide Recs
I surprised myself by how few Yuletide fandoms I actually wanted to read stories in. (The sexism/misogyny of so many of the requests I read on the spreadsheets of all requests also soured my enjoyment of the whole thing. Really, fandom, we're still doing that?) Of the things I did read, the following are the stories I liked best. AO3 usability hint: if you hate the Yuletide banner/margin, delete "collections/yuletide2011/" from the URL and it'll show the story without the Yuletide stuff around it.

open problem (Push, gen) - This is a fantastic post-movie story that manages to incorporate the same kind of twists and turns the movie does, and there's a line in there that is just a phenomenal perspective on the whole plot.

And You're Overdue ("You Make Me Feel" video, Gabe/Sabi) - I liked a lot of things about this video, but hated the way it reinforces the supremacy of couples and coupledom. This story fixes all that by making it a soulbonding story in a world with empaths, succubi, and other supernatural types. It also has this fantastic piece of dialogue about Gabe: "You were easy to find. Everything about you is very loud and your tour schedule is on the Internet."

All the Little Lives We Could Have Lived (Titanic RPF, Kate/Leo) - This is not a pairing I would have ever thought of on my own, but the fact that there was a story on some commentfic meme a while ago made me click on the fandom in the Yuletide collection. This is a lovely story that spans decades. I loved both the portrayal of their relationship and the way they are both such interesting characters.

Amy Potter and the Monkey of Salvation: an America's Test Kitchen Adventure (Cook's Illustrated/TV Commercials, gen) - I was curious about cookbook fic, and I have a soft spot for fic about Mayhem, so of course I had to read this. It's great. It's adorable and it made me laugh.

Three Scenes from Tiny Cooper's 2014 New Year's Eve Party that Will Definitely Be in His Autobiography (Will Grayson Will Grayson, Tiny/Will) - I was iffy about Will Grayson Will Grayson fic because the book is so fantastic, but this story didn't disappoint at all.

Other Holiday Challenge Recs
I read a handful of [ profile] bandomstuffsit fics today, and there were two I absolutely loved.

Food Of Love (Play On) (Alex/Ryland) - This is a semi-AU where Cobra Starship never got off the ground, so Ryland is a waiter/aspiring actor who also plays in Gabe's band on the weekends. He meets up with Alex again when Alex becomes the new sous chef at the restaurant. This story is so perfect. It's romantic and funny and delightful. I almost emailed one of you a rec today, and then I realized the person I was going to email probably wrote the story and had to put it in a post instead.

the times, they are a-changing, or: a modern marriage of convenience (Brendon/Spencer) - There's sort of a plot here - Dallon suggests that since they're both single at the holidays, Brendon and Spencer should hook up - but mostly there is a really hot, kinky sex scene with Spencer subbing.
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Happy Halloween! This is the third year I've done this, and it's always fun.

Red Door

Knock or ring the bell by leaving me a comment, and I'll reply with a treat of some sort. It might be a fic snippet, a picture, a song, or something else I come up with in the moment.

(Not my actual door. Photo by Flickr user pmschlenker, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.)
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Foxy Shazam is a lot of people, and from what I could see from where I was standing, a lot of weird people. They have some not quite coordinated dance moves that made me see how they fit into a tour with Bad Rabbits. (I still don't understand why The Young Veins were on that tour.) They were entertaining, but I wouldn't see them again unless they were opening for someone I wanted to see.

The second act was Patrick Stump, and when I say "Patrick Stump," what I really mean is "Patrick Malfoy as styled by Flock of Seagulls." More about Patrick. )

And then there was Panic!. We moved down to the floor for them because I wouldn't have been able to see Spencer from the bar area we were in for Foxy and Patrick. We kept ending up in the dude sections of the place because [ profile] idahophoenix is tall and was trying not to be in people's way. But it was fine! We were right at the back of the floor, and for most of the set, I could see right between people to watch Spencer. More about Spencer. And those other dudes he plays music with. )
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Remember that time I talked about Spencer the pool hustler? A couple of weeks ago, Zack posted another picture of Spencer Smith, Pool Hustler:

Picture! )

This reminded me that despite the idea behind plot bunny of the day posts - to get them out into the world so I can stop thinking about them - I kept plot bunnying this story out over Twitter. Here's the rest of it!

More Plot Bunny )
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Picture, courtesy of Zack )

So obviously this is the AU where Spencer is a pool hustler. Brendon sings in the house band. Dallon bartends. Zack is the bouncer. I have no idea what Ian does.

Zack sometimes has to keep guys from going after Brendon, either because they're more interested than Brendon than Brendon is in them or because their girlfriends are more interested in Brendon than the guys are particularly happy with. Brendon and Spencer flirt a lot. Brendon gets his drinks free, of course, but sometimes instead of drinking his beer, he hops down off the stage at a break and sets it down on the edge of the pool table for Spencer. (Astute observers might notice that this is when Spencer is most likely to miss a shot he actually meant to make.) This story should also have some Breezy (because Breezy is awesome), maybe hiring a babysitter one night and coming in with friends so she can flirt with the hot bartender (who just happens to be her husband) and let him pick her up at the end of the night.
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I've been thinking about social networks and fandom for a while, specifically since LJ introduced the crosspost to Facebook/Twitter feature and everyone freaked out. This got long. )

But even with all that, I know what [ profile] eleanor_lavish means. On days when I'm busy, my friends list, small as it is, seems overwhelming, but on weekends I refresh and refresh and refresh and wish there were more going on. I have recently become more likely to make small, one-off posts about something I just found. (It's not really a joke when I say I'm always two to three years behind the rest of fandom. I should have all my fic uploaded to AO3 by 2015 or so.) If I did more of that, if I posted here with my favorite picture of the day (not every day, but whenever there's one I love) with commentary, if I posted small plot bunny of the day posts instead of saving them all up for one giant post, would you read them and join in the conversation or would it be too much clutter on your friends list?

TL;DR version:
  • I love social networking. You should be friends with me on Facebook. (I only ask that you let me know who you are if I don't already know your real name.) You can also follow me on Twitter.

  • Feel free to unfriend/unfollow me at any time.

  • I love email. You can send me some even if we don't know each other that well. You should also feel free to comment here, at any time. If you find an older post and want to comment, I have no problem with that. Talking about fannish things is my favorite thing in the world.

  • I will absolutely and completely respect your boundaries around keeping your identities separate.

  • I might post here more often, and I am open to suggestions as to communities I should be posting to.
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I've had this picture open in a tab all day:

Picture! )

I don't know what it is about it that I love so much. There are Spencer's pushed up sleeves. There's the way Brendon and Spencer are dressed alike, bookending Dallon. There's the way they all look so relaxed.
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In case you missed it, I spent a long weekend visiting friends in New York. This involved a movie premiere, a concert (the reason I went this particular weekend instead of some other), other fannish delights, and food. Plus a lot of just hanging about with some of my favorite people in the world.

Talihina Sky

Thursday night was adventure number one: Talihina Sky. In case you have never heard of it, it is a documentary about the Kings of Leon. We did not just see this movie; we attended the premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Premiere adventures. )

My Chemical Romance

On Friday night, we went to see MCR. You can read an actual review of the show here. My thoughts on the experience. )

Other Fannish Viewing

We watched a bunch of fannish things, as you do when spending a long weekend with fangirls.

Panic!, AAR, MCR, Community )


One of the promises about this trip was that we would go to BabyCakes, which is a vegan, gluten-free bakery, so on Saturday night we did just that. I bought a cupcake and an apple crumble thing (kind of like a coffee cake). The cake part of the cupcake was fine. The frosting was amazing. It tastes like a cream cheese frosting, but it's vegan. I had the apple crumble as part of my breakfast on Sunday morning, and then promptly started googling vegan, gluten-free apple cake recipes. I may have to buy one of their cookbooks. We also went to Risotteria, a gluten-free Italian place, where we each had a different kind of risotto. I may also have to learn how to make risotto now.

Concluding Note

Fangirl weekends are the best. You should have them if you don't already. ♥
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I had this goal to post something ficcish every Sunday to Saturday week this month, and then this week turned out to be very busy. So instead of actual fic, have some plot bunnies. If you're a regular [ profile] anon_lovefest reader, some of these might seem familiar.

Cross-Band Threesomes )

Empires )

Cobra Starship )

The Cab )

Panic! at the Disco )

Miscellaneous )
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There's a lot of Brendon/Spencer/Haley/Sarah porn in my head, but it's pretty much only for my own enjoyment so far. I could potentially write some of it down, but I don't know if anyone would be interested. Hence, a poll. Anonymous commenting is always on (assuming LJ isn't doing something weird to prevent spam/other issues), so if you want to comment your vote and remain anonymous, that is also an option.

[Poll #1726823]
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This is for an anonymous to you but not to me person's prompt for this pairing. Many thanks to [ profile] mayqueen517 for her suggestion of Tennessee when I needed a drummer.

This is an AU that does not in any way, shape, or form conform to the reality of the music business.

Fic: Better Than Céline and René )
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As you probably know, I tend to churn out plot bunnies over Twitter. One day, I said:
Plot bunny of the day: Bob/Spencer coffee shop AU. Bob owns it. Spencer finagles his way into being a manager. Bob thinks Spencer is (a) too young and (b) sleeping with Ryan, Brendon, and Jon. Spencer can't go home because he'll bang the shit out of his drums, which will get them in trouble with the neighbors.

"I have a soundproofed basement with a drum kit," Bob offers. And then they have sex. And then Bob angsts and Frank tells him he's an idiot.
One of my friends emailed me and said, "WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ON TWITTER RIGHT NOW - YOU SHOULD WRITE THAT." (Emphatic capitals hers.) So I did, in bits and pieces over the next two weeks. For this month-long fic posting project, I have now also given it an ending.

Title from "Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love," which is purportedly a Turkish proverb.

Sweet As Love )
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This is the snippet where the answer to "Who would Patrick sub for?" is "Brendon."

Warnings: Kink (hitting with a flogger), mention of Patrick's weight loss.

Someone Who Can Keep A Beat )


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