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When I counted up my never-finished fics to post by the end of the year, I didn't count things that were in notebooks and not yet typed up. So you get three or four extra ones. (At least three. One more may be a finished story.)

This is a snippet of Greg/Sara CSI fic that I probably intended to be something romantic but now, at a distance, reads as mildly creepy.


He never hides his interest in her. )
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This is the last of the CSI fic, and it contains both plot and a finished sex scene. I started writing it in comments to an entry in [ profile] ruby_fruit's LJ, so it starts out with comments from both of us. This has both an unfinished sex scene and one that actually goes all the way tot he end.

Hooker AU )
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I'm working my way up to things I actually wrote a lot of. This was more of a bunny than an actual story, although I did write part of one section.

Family Photos )
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Today's theme for never-finished fic is CSI. First up is a Nick bunny I never really worked on, although bits of it did float around in my head for a while.

Politics )
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baddirtywrong - and oh so good
First up is [ profile] entrenous88's "All Together Now," which is the explicit Spike/Xander/Dawn sequel to "Persuasion," where Spike and Xander just talk about it. [ profile] entrenous88 writes really hot Dawn fic. (See also her very, very hot Wesley/Dawn series.)
"Right, just like that," Spike encouraged Dawn.

Xander leaned back, his eyes closed, and his breathing coming fast. They were in the back seat of Spike’s car, since his was the only one with wide, long bench seats.

There had been an arranged date. There had been an awkward dinner. There had been a hell of a lot of wine. And now, there was him, Dawn, and Spike, parked in a dark alley.
Three CSIs in a cabin
No, this isn't part of that cabin ficathon thing from a couple of years ago. [ profile] zeplum's "Newton's 1st" is Nick taking Sara to the woods after her DUI, and Greg joining them later.
"You could've called."

"Wanted it to be a surprise."

Night's falling early and there's already a chill in the air. In the dying light, Greg's face is relaxed, almost happy.

"It was. Greg, man --" and here Nick falters. Sara's always been much more Greg's out clause than his. They've talked about situations like this, but now that they're smack dab in the middle of one, Nick's not so sure -- about anything.

"C'mon, Nick, give me some credit. You...Sara...isolated from the rest of the world. Something was bound to happen."

"And you still let me come?"

"There was no question of letting you."

"So why are you here?"

"Truthfully? I missed you guys." Greg shrugs like this all completely normal. "Besides, right now I'm not sure who I should be jealous of, you or Sara. Y'know, just for the record."
HouseWilson is baby Chase's other daddy
And last (but certainly not least) is [ profile] swtalmnd's "Uniform Violations," an incredibly hot House/Chase/Wilson wherein House and Wilson dress Chase up as a slutty nurse for Halloween.
Knickers first, and the attendant wriggling about and trying to get his cock and balls to stay inside and keep the back from riding up where no man -- well, okay, not many men -- has gone before. He gives up after a few moments when a noise makes him nearly go into cardiac arrest, and decides to hurry the process along. The stockings come next and he's really glad there's no seams to try and get straight, though the white lace tops and matching garter belt are making his cheeks pink anyway with they way they look on his annoyingly masculine legs.

He's not sure what it says about him that he wishes he'd been given warning so he could have shaved, but there you are. He puts that out of his mind figuring out the bra, which seems to mostly exist to torment him as the cups are mere crescent-shaped wisps of that same white lace, attached to devilishly uncomfortable underwires that somehow give him the illusion of cleavage. Then it's on with the dress, one zip and bam, he's a slut. He keeps trying to tug the hem down to no avail, and it barely even touches the tops of his stockings when he moves more than an inch. Sitting down is going to be out of the question, and he's going to sue House himself if there's any bending over in his near future.

"Right, nearly done," he says to himself and fishes out the penultimate bit of the costume, black eyeliner and whore-red lipstick. He tries to pretend he's never done this before as he puts the liner on smoothly, then smears the red stuff on his lips, sulking for a moment that they couldn't even be arsed to buy him a decent brand. He's just pinning on the ridiculous little white hat when the door swings open and he spins around, cheeks redder than any blush could have made them.
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I'm not home when CSI is on, so I've been taping it. After several weeks of this, I decided that the show was well over the shark and I wasn't going to do that anymore. But then there was a Lady Heather episode, and I love Melinda Clarke, so I continued taping. And the episode after that was the femslashiest episode ever. Ever. But last week was the reality show episode. And it was horrible. Horrible. So that's it for me. I might catch reruns and such, but no more taping.

The Unit
I've been watching The Unit. Or, more accurately, I've been taping The Unit and watching it later. Its bad points outnumber the good, so let's start with what's good. I like the action bits. I like that kind of super-secret unit carrying out missions thing.

And now the bad:
  • Scott Foley just looks dumb. I think that's his role on the show.
  • There are no women in The Unit. I have issues with this.
  • The men sound okay, but the women don't. They're completely unreal! Molly Blane is the Magical Negro of the show. Serena Brown is way too high-strung to be married to a soldier. And Tiffy Gerhardt is very boring.
  • In addition to sounding unreal, these women's sole role in life is to support their men. Blech!
  • The women's story of this week's episode was that the husband of one of the other women on base was killed in Iraq. As all the women of the neighborhood were going into her house to comfort her (apparently none of the women on the base have jobs, except for the secretary who garbles Serena's phone message), I thought, "I wonder when they'll have the soldier's wife dealing with domestic violence episode." Then, the trailers for next week show Mack hitting/shoving around/otherwise being violent to Tiffy.
  • Dennis Haysbert will now always be the Allstate Guy to me. It does lend him an air of authority, but it's distracting during the show.
Close to Home
This show is bad. Bad, bad, bad. And yet I keep watching it. Christian Kane wasn't even in this week's episode.

Conviction is not very good either. It seems to want to hinge around Nick Potter as the newest DA, but he's boring. Although Jordan Bridges looks good in a dress. And yet I keep watching despite the badness. There are three reasons why:

Stephanie March as Alexandra Cabot. They don't give her much to do, but she sure is pretty. It would be nice to know how she got out of witness protection, though. And whether or not Olivia knows.

J. August Richards is on it. He doesn't get much to do either, but he's also pretty.

The romance. I sure hope what they're doing with Brian (played by Eric Balfour, who looks like a Hollywoodized version of [ profile] max243732) and Christina is leading up to a romance.Rambling about the relationship. )

If I keep watching and this goes nowhere, I will not be happy. On the other hand, if anyone knows where I can find some Brian/Christina fic worth reading, I'd give it a try.
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By Way of Introduction
Did you know there's a porn version of MacBeth? Slashdot user slaker calls it "surprisingly, shockingly true to the play."

Porn 1: Harry Potter
This is a later scene from the have to get married and have a child Harry/Snape I have a few bits of. I'm having a minor Harry Potter renaissance, brought on not by the movie, but rather by "Not Fade Away," the Angel series finale.

Porn 1 )

Porn 2: CSI
This bit is from the hooker AU I keep writing bits of occasionally. The preceding scene is Greg and Grissom at breakfast with the whole team, where Greg flirts with Nick.

Porn 2 )

Porn 3: Mary Sue-ish Real People Het/Slash
There's no explanation for this one. Or at least not one I'm willing to admit to in public.

Porn 3 )


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