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Content note: This story includes a consensual but undernegotiated rape fantasy scene.

I really like this story! But it needed work that I lost interest in doing, both rewriting the beginning and doing fighting research for the kink escalation it needed in the middle. I feel guilty about abandoning it since a couple of friends were kind enough to read through it and help figure out what it needed, but it's time to admit I'm never coming back to it. If I'd finished it, the title probably would have been "A side of love you've never known" from Jason Derulo's "In My Head."

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Summary: "I have two," Shawzy says when everyone turns to look at him. He's so very carefully not slurring his words that he has to have had even more to drink than Brandon thought. "Not the same, like Sharpy's. Different people." He holds up his covered wrists.

Notes: Way back in July, there was a prompt at Grinding It Out In The Corner: Another Hockey Rare Pairs Fest for "Brandon Saad/Andrew Shaw/Brandon Bollig, name-on-the-wrist soulmates - Shawzy has two Brandons on his wrist. Because that's not confusing at all." I plot bunnied one idea with lattice_frames, who turned that into Every Letter a Complication, but it was one of those ideas that I couldn't stop thinking about. I ended up plot bunnying out half of this version to Esueno71 on Twitter, and when that still wasn't enough to get the idea out of my head, I wrote this version of the story. I veered from the original prompt a bit in that this is a poly V relationship instead of a threesome. Thanks to everyone who was encouraging, and especially Lake and Kate who read along.

Story on AO3

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Summary: Andrew's cataloging his prospects for sharing a table when he sees Brad, still just the guy with the weird nose. He grins, and heads that way. Hockey's enough of a bond that he should be able to get half a table out of it.

Notes: Snippet for jabberwockingly, who wanted Marchand/Shaw, terrible chirping, accidental dates.

Story on AO3

Sitting With You )
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Summary: It's probably not a joke anymore when Brandon puts large dog bed into Amazon's search field and buys one of the ones on the first page of results.

Warning/Enticement: Puppy play. Fully consensual but not explicitly negotiated.

Notes: Thanks to [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and [ profile] ninja_orange for encouragement and ideas. Title from Mark Twain: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Story on AO3

The Fight in the Dog )
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Summary: In which the gay bar is Stalberg's idea and Kaner doesn't notice Jon pretending to be his boyfriend.

Notes: Thank you to everyone who provided suggestions of boyfriendy things and talked to me about endearments. Special thanks to [ profile] lakeeffectgirl for cheerleading along the way. Title from Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend."

Story on AO3

Keep You On My Arm )
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I had the absolute pleasure of getting to read [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's skip to the practical part as she wrote it. Like my last kink rec, this story does a fantastic job of getting the feeling right. Even if consensual violence isn't your thing, give this story a try just for that.
He always says thank you. He's not sure why.

Kaner's hands drag down his neck and over his chest. "There's a bruise on my hip," Andrew says, and Pat looks at him questioningly. He nods. Kaner pulls his briefs down, gaze following.

"Well, that one's a beauty," Kaner says dryly, and wiggles down to poke the tender flesh. Andrew hisses. Reaves had slammed him into the boards with extra force last night, retaliation for Andrew's check on Crombeen earlier in the period.

Kaner ducks down, applying teeth, and Andrew shouts wordlessly at the ceiling as the pain breaks over him, hands feeling for Kaner's head and tangling in his still-damp hair.


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