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Okay, so I know Cobra Starship has done some less than amazing things recently, and the way some of the people I love and respect are done with them makes me feel a little guilty for how much I love them, but I'm new to this whole bandom thing and haven't had time to get sick of them yet. There are three Cobra things in particular that I've come across and loved over the last couple of days.

"Good Girls Go Bad" Video

In case you haven't seen it:

I love every single thing about this video. I have a whole not-it plot bunny post (contains spoilers for the video) over at the newly resurrected not-it community on Dreamwidth. Suffice to say, it sets up an awesome Leighton/Vicky-T AU that someone who is not me should write.

Promo Pictures

Then there are some new promo pictures. Here's my favorite one:

Cobra Starship on some tires

Here's what I imagine is going on: Ryland just said something funny, but kept a straight face while doing it. Alex was maybe involved. Nate knows he's not supposed to be laughing and is covering it up. Vicky-T is laughing, but she's keeping her eyes on the camera because it's a photo shoot. And Gabe doesn't care; he's cracking the hell up because it was funny, but he's also carefully/casually holding onto Vicky-T so she doesn't fall off his lap when he laughs so hard he has to bend over.

Fic Rec

Oh, come on, I wasn't going to make a fannish post without a fic rec! The rec is "We Use Our Wings To Swim" by [ profile] formerlydf, which is an awesome GSF/wingfic story.
Nate sleeps on his stomach, but whenever he hears noise anywhere near his bunk he automatically rolls onto his side, wings between his body and the wall. It's just a habit.

"Nate?" he hears, just as his left wing, smushed indelicately into the mattress and tangle of blankets, begins to twinge in protest. "You awake?"

It's Alex, he realises dimly, and rolls over onto his stomach again. "Yeah," he mumbles. "What?"

Alex might have spoken, but it's Ryland who pushes the curtain open. Sometimes Nate thinks they're the fucking Wonder Twins or whatever. "Come on, we're having breakfast," Ryland tells him.

"Mmph." Nate gropes around on the floor for the shirt he was wearing yesterday. "Where?"

"IHOP," Ryland says, smacking something above Nate's line of vision. He looks up, only to see a shoe right in front of his face; apparently Alex is sitting in the top bunk. "We're going to destroy Alex's gourmet taste buds with maple syrup and cholesterol."


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