May. 13th, 2002

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ER. I watched the whole stupid episode with all of the sappiness about Mark trying to fix Rachel and what makes me cry? The first shot of the funeral with Benton standing just behind Carter.

Separated at birth? Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch.

People. I not-quite-impulse bought People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People issue. Fun facts: According to Liv, Viggo had so many pictures of Henry on his mirror that there was no space for him to see his reflection. Nicole Kidman let Simon Baker stay at her house while his was being painted or remodeled or some such. No word on whether his wife and kids were there as well. They refer to Naomi Watts as Nicole's date for the premiere of The Others. Incidentally, I finally saw The Others, and was very disappointed. If you want to see a good Nicole movie, watch To Die For. If you want to see a good AmenĂ¡bar film, watch Tesis.

Entertainment Weekly. Thanks to Amy, I'm now seriously thinking about Jimmy Fallon/Tina Fey. This made me not-quite-impulse buy the issue of Entertainment Weekly with them on the cover. Inside, they're wearing some of the ugliest outfits I've ever seen. But they have some nice witty banter. Also, the Jimmy Fallon/Ian McKellan kiss was rehearsed, which means they got to do it twice. That bit made both Lorne Michaels and Rudy Giuliani laugh.

VH1. I think I've now seen all five episodes of 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders, although not in any particular order. Their number 1: "The Macarena" by Los del Rio. I'd never seen the video before. Very interesting collection of women they've got dancing. I now have Musical Youth's "Pass the Dutchie" in my head.

The X-Files. I caught part of "Eve" on TV last night. It was too creepy to watch at 11pm in a mostly empty dorm, and I had to switch to hour four of the aforementioned 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders. I was amazed at how creepy and dark that show used to be. I'd forgotten that it used to be good. Mulder didn't even annoy me, largely because instead of being all angsty he just seemed silly with his continual insistence that it might be aliens. Also, I have written on a piece of paper the following strange list: "Mulder kisses Scully. Scully kisses Skinner. Skinner brings Mulder flowers. Sk/Frohike." The last item makes me think that it may be notes from "Triangle." Does anyone remember if Skinner brings flowers at the end? Does anyone have any idea why I might have written this down?

Malcolm in the Middle. How sad is it that I found Frankie Muniz totally hot yesterday? His taking care of Dewey was too cute for words. Despite my earlier misgivings about the marriage, I find that I really like the relationship between Francis and his wife.

Alias. Jennifer Garner is hot, hot, hot with blue hair and red, red lips. I was nearly undone by Will hugging Jack.

Maeve Binchy. I was very surprised by Scarlet Feather. It's very different from most of her other books. Most notably, it takes place in a very definitely modern Dublin, full of such things as e-mail. The feel of it is also different, despite some of the stock Binchy plot devices. There's also a lesbian, although she's only talked about. All in all, I quite enjoyed it.

Eminem. His skit on Saturday Night Live was hilarious. Overall he seemed very subdued and rather determined to show himself in a good light. Something to notice if you see some of his early videos: He used to be much, much skinnier and younger looking. Theories: Being rich means he gets more to eat. Being rich and having leisure time means he can finally work out and make himself big enough and dangerous looking enough that no one will mess with him.

Crossing Jordan. Now that Di-Phi is done for the semester, I'm home on Monday nights, which means I get a chance to watch Crossing Jordan. I really like the show. It has some great characters and a brilliant use of music. I want to write a gen Crossing Jordan/Law & Order/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit crossover in which Munch and Lennie travel to Boston to investigate something or another and have to interact with Jordan. I think she'd like them, and they'd like her, except that Lennie would be freaked out by her resemblance to Claire.


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