Apr. 22nd, 2002

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My stream of consciousness thoughts on this slave AU thing, typed up at work and put here for your considertion:

I think I've gone about this all wrong. Sean should be the lord and Viggo the captain of the guard. Then Sean is callous toward Orlando, but he assigns Viggo to take care of him, and Viggo and Orlando fall in love. Cheesy! But I'm having trouble with Viggo as a lord. He is the king, though. Hmm.

Also, I'm truly surprised that I've managed to make it this far without once typing Obi-Wan instead of Orlando. Qui-Gon instead of Viggo is a bit less likely due to difference of letters (although using the normal keyboard at work instead of the ergonomic one at home means I have a tendency to type Biggo in place of Viggo), but Orlando has certainly become Obi-Wan in my mind. This doesn't trouble me. The fact that I'm not bothered by it troubles me. Shouldn't I care more about correct characterization? After all, I'm the one who said that Telanu's Snape/Harry series is good but for the fact that she lifted the characterization straight from the Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan dynamic. And I've also critiqued Helen's Phantom Menace fic for having the same rhythm and structure as the rest of her work, which wouldn't be so much of a problem if it weren't for the fact that said rhythm and structure are far more appropriate to Sports Night than to Phantom Menace. I notice these kinds of things, when people write one set of characters as if they were another. And yet I can't seem to care that I'm doing the same thing myself. I'm even consciously drawing on various TPM slave AUs I've read for some of the plot points. Shouldn't all of this bother me?


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