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I cried through the trailer for When the Game Stands Tall three times in theaters, and I was really looking forward to crying through the movie since I love sports movies. Sadly, the movie didn't live up to the promise of the trailer.

Spoilers/Review )
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I kind of wanted to see Begin Again anyway, and then [ profile] lakeeffectgirl kept talking about how great it is, so I put it on my calendar and went to see it on Saturday.

If you want a very detailed recap of the movie, go read [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's post. Here's my brief recap so you know what I'm talking about: Spoilers and Progressive Politics )
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Today I'm thankful for the Thor movies. I made a real, concerted, good-faith effort to get into Avengers fandom along with everyone else, and it just didn't click for me, but I love the Thor movies. They're funny, they have a lot of female characters (comparatively speaking, at least), and they often let the comic book world be comic book-y and unrealistic looking.
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Today I'm thankful [ profile] ninja_orange ran across Ninja Cheerleaders on Netflix. According to Wikipedia, this is a remake of Cheerleader Ninjas, which I have actually seen. Cheerleader Ninjas is an abysmally bad movie I wouldn't recommend to anyone for any reason (you can watch the trailer here to get a sense of just how bad it is), but I have a very clear memory of renting it. There are a lot of things from earlier years that I just don't remember, but for some reason, I vividly remember standing in Hollywood Video with a group of friends I have mostly drifted from over the years looking at Cheerleader Ninjas and deciding that it was what we were going to watch. So while the movie itself was terrible, the reminder of its existence from [ profile] ninja_orange prompted me to think back fondly on that time and that group of friends.
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I loved Snow White and the Huntsman. The friend I went with only liked the first hour, and another friend who saw it opening weekend hated it, so I was expecting more varied opinion, but after collecting opinions, they're still the only two people I know who didn't like it. I thought about writing about the movie before, but I didn't really know where to start or what to say; I loved nearly everything about it, and it's the kind of movie I should have seen alone (and did see alone the second time) so I could just enjoy and revel in it without having to talk about it. But I've read a couple of things about it - a small handful of delighted fannish posts and a meta post - none of which get anywhere close to talking about the things I liked best about it. (In the interests of full disclosure, part of the reason I haven't written about the movie is that summer meltdown number one was about this. Even while I was in the midst of it, a part of me kept thinking, "Snow White and the Huntsman, really? This is what's going to send you into a meltdown?" It wasn't about the movie, of course, but about feeling like I was wrong, which I'm even less emotionally equipped to handle in the summer.) So here's a short list of some of the things I liked about the movie, and why I disagree with the tiny part of fandom I've seen talking about it.

Spoilers/Literary Analysis/Fannish Disagreement )
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I saw The Hunger Games last weekend with two fangirls, a fangirl's wife, and my mother, which was a lovely group of women to spend the morning and lunch with. I've been slacking on making a post about the movie because I really only had three things to say. Now, however, I'm on a Hunger Games email thread that has brought up a fourth thing about the series that I want to talk about. This entry does include political discussion on race and gender lines, so if that isn't your thing, you can read to the first two points below and then leave this post.

The movie as an adaptation. )

The pairing I didn't expect to see. )

Race. )

Gender and Romance )
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Perhaps you're stressed about Yuletide. Perhaps you're worried about those last few holiday gifts you still haven't bought. Perhaps you hate LJ's newest "improvement." Perhaps your office was eighty degrees in the middle of winter. I am here to tell you: you can put all that aside and enjoy the following links.

Good News 1
The first queer Navy homecoming kiss involves lesbians. Both of whom are in the Navy. Original (now overloaded) link courtesy of [ profile] j_crew_guy.

Good News 2
There isn't just going to be a Fast and the Furious six. There's going to be six and seven. (Spoilers at the link for Fast Five.) Link courtesy of chainsawkatana.

The Art of Seduction (John/Sherlock) by flawedamythyst is a Sherlock AU where instead of The Science of Deduction, Sherlock's website is The Science of Seduction. It's essentially a Queer As Folk UK AU (and it's very much making me want to rewatch that), and it's fantastic. It's funny, it's romantic, and it has the same kind of urgency as QAF UK. I meant to stop reading and finish up my Yuletide story hours ago, but I couldn't tear myself away. Although it's on AO3 as a series of three stories, the first two both end at places where you'll want to keep reading, so keep its length in mind when you start reading. There is some graphic violence in part two; if that sort of thing is tough for you to read, you can skip the details and still get the idea of the story.
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A while ago, for no reason I can remember, I decided to read some Star Trek reboot fic. I missed this fandom the first time around for two reasons: One is that I don't want to read Kirk/Spock. I get that they're the original Trek pairing, but (a) Spock and Uhura! and (b) as much as I expected Kirk and Spock to fall in love, they didn't. The other is that I saw the movie in theaters three times in a month, and my reactions were something like this:

First time: Awesome!
Second time: Wow, that's a lot of lens flare.

Two years later, that trauma has worn off, and it was probably time for me to get into this fandom anyway since I generally pick up fandoms two years late. Since I'm not reading Kirk/Spock, there are two other pairings I've gone for: Kirk/McCoy and Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto. I didn't think I was that involved in this fandom, and then Zachary Quinto officially came out and I had a lot of feelings about it, so maybe I just imprint quickly.

This entry originally had a recs request section, but since my last entry makes that redundant, this is now just five recs.

Fic Rec: Kirk/McCoy
I read Ceres_Libera's Switch on accident. Not that I didn't mean to click on it, but I misread the word count, and only when I'd been reading for a while and hadn't gotten anywhere near the end did I realize it was 230,000 words, not 23,000. The story is fantastic. It's long and slow and they don't get together until near the end. There's bed sharing and stealth bed sharing. Kirk becomes a teacher to a bunch of other Cadets, which is one of the things I love in outsiders in an academy stories. It's a fantastic love story with a really good McCoy pov and interesting politics. It is also the first story I've ever read that uses "clavicle" in a sex scene where it's both character appropriate - McCoy uses anatomical terms to talk about bodies all the way through the story - and sexy. Really the only problem with this story is that every time I go look at it to rec it, I get sucked in again and spend hours rereading it.
Jim was silent while Leo stepped toward him, but shifted to the edge of the bed and spread his legs so that Leo could stand between them. Leo'd never had a patient that so aggressively wanted the doctor to invade his personal space. "I'm going to make a lesson plan for you, too, Bones," he said quietly. His color was still high from fighting, and Leo could practically hear the adrenaline zinging through his system.

"That a fact?" Leo drawled, lining up hypos on the tray with some satisfaction.

"Yep," Jim said, and Leo started at the feeling of Kirk's hand wrapping itself around his hip the way it had the other night, and he looked up, straight into Jim's bloodshot blue eyes. "Going to make sure that you're capable of disarming an enemy, teach you to use whatever weapons you have at hand to defend yourself and sickbay."

Leo picked up one of the hypo sprays menacingly, and he heard Jim chuckle, then felt his long fingers flex on his hip, his thumb rubbing against the ridge of his external obliques. Jim was watching him, his eyes twinkling with amusement and something that looked a lot like affection, before he closed his eyes and lifted his chin, exposing the long line of his neck. "Go ahead, Bones," he said quietly. "I'm all yours."
Kink Fic Rec: Kirk/McCoy
You remember how overstimulation/people taking it beyond what they think they can is one of my top five kinks? [ profile] silverlining_99's Just Can't Get Enough is one of those stories, and an incredibly hot one at that.
Jim sets it aside for awhile, though it nags at him, the very suggestion that maybe he doesn't need to bother holding back and hiding even the most extreme parts of himself. On the one hand it's a completely foreign notion to him, has been since he first became acquainted with his own near-insatiable drive and realized it isn't normal, the way his body resists being done if he allows himself to get going at all.

On the other hand, since the day he met Bones the man has bitched and moaned but indulged him in every way that matters, every single time.

On some level he's not exactly surprised that Bones would do it for this, too. If anything it's that that makes him reluctant to let go entirely, to let Bones see just how far -- and long -- he could actually go.

He doesn't want to take advantage, or anything.
Kink Fic Rec: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto
The cheesy title made me put off reading [ profile] medea_fic's Captain Spanky and Supernova series. Then I stumbled into a different excellent piece of kink [ profile] medea_fic wrote, and decided to trust that these might be good. I loved them. They are incredibly engrossing. There is also some really hardcore kink, as in if I'd been told what was in them I might not have read them because it's not my thing. It works, though, in the story.

The basic plot is that Chris starts to think he might be a little kinky, gets Zach to play that out with him, and then it keeps escalating, both kinkwise and relationshipwise. The other thing you should know before you start reading is that this is not one of those stories where the author warns for angst, and then you read it and think, "That wasn't angsty!" [ profile] medea_fic means those angst warnings. Don't start reading part 12 of Supernova unless you have time to read from there all the way through to the end. Those last few chapters are rough, but the story arc is incredibly satisfying.
Zach gives a small smile. A strange smile that Chris had never seen before. It hits him: this is the smile reserved for Zach’s lovers. Chris feels a stab of – something – at the thought that so many others before him have seen that gorgeous smile.

“You want me to spank you? Doesn’t sound like it to me.”

“I want you to hit me. I’ve been thinking about it for – for months. Please, Zach.” Chris is thinking, Hell yes this is my thing. And no need for fantasies of a hot female redhead, either. He wonders what his face looks like, because he is trying to project desperation and appreciation and anticipation and all the things he thinks Zach would like to see. It seems to work.
Fic Rec: Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto/George Clooney
Now this is a threesome you never knew you wanted, but now that you're thinking about it, you can't stop. The story is [ profile] sparky77's The George Clooney Experience, and it is absolutely hilarious.
There are certain things that George does not do. Not because they’re wrong -- his grasp of right and wrong has never been that strong -- but because they never turn out as well as he planned.

He’s learned his lesson. No more fucking pretty boy actors. It never works out well. And they’re never as pretty as he thought when he was drunk and it was dark. And they generally turn out to be idiots. And assholes. And lousy in bed.

He’s not entirely sure what the kids are getting up to these days, but clearly it’s not good sex. Maybe he should talk to the President about the state of sex education in this country. Clearly something is missing. He has his phone out of his pocket before it occurs to him that drunk-dialing the President is probably not a good plan.

He is really, really fucking drunk. And that’s the only excuse for the fact that right now he is checking out the ass of a pretty boy actor. It’s a very nice ass, and, you know, fuck it. He can learn the lesson about not fucking pretty boy actors again tomorrow.
Fic Rec: girl!Kirk
In addition to the pairings above, I wandered my way into always-a-girl territory, and found In Her Aspect and Her Eyes by ninhursag. The story is "Four people Jamie Kirk likes the look of, and the one she loves." Each section is told from the other person's pov, and yet Jamie doesn't get lost in it. The first three sections are good, but it's the end of the fourth and the fifth that have lodged themselves in my head. Heed the consent warnings.
"You have scars," Gaila whispers when she finds them with her fingertips. They're broad and flat, just raised skin, really. They're all over Jamie's back and scattered over her ass.

"Good observation. I do," Jamie says and she sounds a little lazy-- still calm and sleepy, still, but she's gone stiff. No more purring cat, more like spine curved, claws ready.

Gaila frowns and finds herself going stiff too. "I don't-- do human manners say it's rude to ask? You've been so nice, don't let me be rude, please."

For some reason that turns out to be exactly the thing to say. Jamie laughs, relaxing again, and kisses Gaila on the mouth, warm and pleasant. She tastes like Gaila's orgasm and that works just fine for her. "You," Jamie says, "Are the least rude person I have ever met. Forget about it, okay?"
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Reduced Information Intake
I'm greatly reducing the things I read. I pruned my friends list, stopped reading fueledbygossip and Bandom TFLN (to the extent that I deleted them from my history so they wouldn't show up and tempt me when I start typing into the location bar), and stopped following Nathan Fillion and the majority of TAI's hangers-on and ex-bandmembers on Twitter. I was annoyed with Facebook's declining usefulness, but I guess it'll keep me from spending too much time there. Delicious has been similarly helpful. I'm only reading Sociological Images sporadically (I think I'm going to try once a week). I'm not clicking on every link that appears in my Twitter feed or email. (This is hard for me. I never want to miss anything, but I just need to remind myself that it's okay. I don't have to read/watch/listen to everything.) I'm trying to step away from the internet and go read a paper book when I'm feeling overwhelmed. This all sounds more dramatic than it actually is. I go through this kind of media pruning every once in a while when I'm either feeling like the internet is too much (which I have been for most of this month) or when I'm trying to cut out things that aren't my core priorities (which I'm starting to do since it's starting to be fall, which is when I have a lot more energy).

The last two movies I saw in theaters (unless there was something else in there I'm forgetting) were Colombiana, which I wanted to like more than I did, and Attack The Block, which I very much liked. Attack The Block was fun and funny, and the experience had the bonus points of (a) introducing [ profile] norwich36 to our local art house theater and (b) running into a friend I'd just been thinking about but hadn't seen in years. A win all around!

I've had my Netflix account on hold for a while (and will probably keep it that way into the foreseeable future - again with technology helping me stay productive by being less and less useful), so I've been checking out DVDs from the library. I've seen some very bad movies. Two of those are Diane Keaton movies. I was looking to see what else Gabriel Macht had been in, and one of the things is Because I Said So, which was already on my Netflix queue (because Piper Perabo is in it; she's beautiful as always but the movie gives her nothing to do), and which my library owns. It's not a good movie, and yet I still cried. I'm so easily emotionally manipulated. But because the movie is all about a mother-daughter relationship (Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore), it reminded me of another movie that also has an interesting mother-daughter relationship: The Family Stone. It's possible that The Family Stone is even worse than Because I Said So, and I'd seen it before so I really should have known better. It does have one absolutely lovely moment between the mother and one of her daughters (Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams) when they open presents.

I also watched The Edge of Love. Wikipedia quotes a review that says, "tonally it's all over the map," and isn't that the truth. I mean, I knew it wasn't going to be good when it was a Keira Knightley movie I'd never even heard of, but I didn't quite expect the part where it didn't know what kind of movie it was trying to be. Fun fact: my library actually owns two copies. According the catalog, there's a third one at another branch. Now I'm very curious about who makes DVD purchasing decisions for the system.

YA Unrec
I read Jennifer Hubbard's The Secret Year last week. It's not horrible, but it's very flat and it doesn't seem to have much purpose. It also has a surprising amount of talk about sex and people having sex (off screen) without ever actually being sexy. The best parts are the family parts. She should have stuck to that story.

I heard Patrick Stump's "This City" (featuring Lupe Fiasco) on the radio yesterday. The radio! I had no idea it had made it off the internet.

New TV Shows I Have Watched One or More Episodes Of
It's not a coincidence that all of these have female protagonists.

Revenge: Ohhhh, I like this one. Soapy but not in a particularly ridiculous way, more in a way that draws you in. This is the new show I'm most impatient to watch the next episode of.

Ringer: This is not a great show, but it gets a few more episodes. If I decide I'm watching too much TV, this will probably be on the chopping block. I do appreciate that Sarah Michelle Gellar is managing to make Bridget, Siobhan, and Bridget-as-Siobhan three separate characters. Minor spoilers if you haven't watched to the end of the pilot. )

Charlie's Angels: Do not watch this show. It's terrible in nearly every way. You know how the Drew Barrymore-Lucy Liu-Cameron Diaz movies were fun? This is not. It's also not really a drama. They seem to be stuck somewhere in a middle ground where they don't know what tone to take, so it all falls a little flat. They don't even manage to make the fight scenes look good. Charlie being a voice on a speaker phone is creepy instead of the joke it probably should be. And then there's the race fail. I was going to leave the entirety of this warning outside of a cut, but once I wrote it all out, I realized how terrible and offensive it really is, so the description is behind the cut in case you'd rather not deal with it. Spoilers and race fail. )

Prime Suspect: I wasn't necessarily going to watch this, but then [ profile] norwich36 said I should let her know if I made it past the first fifteen minutes, so I watched it so I could talk to her about it. The sexism is pretty outrageous, and neither one of us or my mother (who I also talked to about it) believed the blatant nature of it. I'm hoping that was just a setup and that now that they have the attitude established, it can be more realistic and subtle. What's most interesting about the show, and what I didn't know from the one ad I kept seeing at the movie theater, is that she's partnered. (It's probably not a good thing that I can't remember the names of either Maria Bello's character or the partner.) Before you get too excited by my choice of terminology, the partner is male. Their relationship is very interesting, and it's what's going to make me watch at least one more episode. What I really want is for someone on YouTube to cut together reels of just those interactions for each episode. I would watch all of those. As it is, this is likely to be one of those shows where I watch an episode here and there when I'm in the mood for a cop show.

The Secret Circle: I wasn't sure about this show. [ profile] siryn99 suggested it, and [ profile] eleanor_lavish didn't think much of it. I gave it two episodes because the first one was painfully establishing, but two episodes is all it's getting. I might remember to read some brief recaps in a couple of months to see what happens, but it's not worth watching. A few miscellaneous thoughts: Never before have I so clearly seen the use of magic as a metaphor for sex. It's suffering in the transition from page to screen, particularly in the pilot where I could practically see the inner monologue. Somewhere there is a problem in the logic of there being six people to complete the circle when all twelve of the current six's parents seem to have been in the previous one. I would much rather watch a whole show about Faye than Cassie. It really makes me want to watch The Craft, which is an urge I get often enough that I might just buy it.

Returning and Ongoing Shows I'm Watching
In addition to the things below, I'll also be watching Leverage and Rizzoli & Isles when we get to the second half of their split seasons.

Haven: I was looking for things to watch, and [ profile] norwich36 sent me a link to a thread of shows to catch up on over the summer that have strong female characters. This was on it, so I watched my way through the first season. What surprised me most were how many people I know replied to me when I tweeted about watching it. Who else is watching this show I'd never even heard of but love? (I have more to say about Haven, but it's going in a separate entry.)

Hawaii Five-0: This show continues to be absolutely ridiculous, and yet fun. Minor Spoilers )

Nikita: I love this show. I'm completely captivated by the story and the relationships. Spoilers )
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It turns out I was only a little over-ambitious in making goals for the weekend.

Things I actually did:
  • Posted five snippets and wrote one more that didn't get posted. (It's half plot bunny, half snippet, and probably out of character. But kinky, so I might post it anyway.)

  • Baked both bread (almost right this time!) and cinnamon rolls (so good my coworkers aren't getting any).

  • Wrote/posted an entry about Huntress.

  • Finished reading Just Kids.

  • Enjoyed lunch with [ profile] norwich36. Mostly enjoyed Colombiana, although I think I wanted to like it a little more than I actually did.
Things I didn't quite manage:
  • Adding the snippets to my master posts/delicious.

  • Writing/posting an entry about Just Kids.

  • Trying River Marked again.

  • Doing my novel writing yesterday or today. I don't know why I'm hiding from it right now, but every time I look at it, I think, "Nope," and go do something else.
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Goals stated publicly here for accountability purposes. If I have not met them by Monday night Pacific Time, you have my permission to come back to this post and pester me about them.

Labor Day is one of the few holidays for which my place of employment is actually closed. (Technically, we're only sort of closed, but I don't have to work.) I am also having trouble giving myself permission to play with things that I don't want to do the work to turn into a giant story, so I was going to do prompt snippets. But then I started making a list of those kinds of things that are already in my head - or my snippets and such file - that could be completed/posted this weekend and thought, "Why not just write those things instead?" So that's what I'm going to do, at least three of them, even if I end up posting them all on Monday instead of one per day, and I'm giving myself permission for them to be the fun parts/snippets, and to not write everything that I could possibly do with the plot bunny. The thought that I should make them into real stories has been keeping me from working on them at all, so this is one of those times when something is better than nothing. Below is the list I made. Although I might still do whatever I want to do, feel free to comment with votes for what you'd like to see!

The List
  • The third Gabe/Victoria/Bebe story.

  • Post-episode seven melancholyish Suits gen (Harvey&Mike) with cake.

  • Tom/Sean, Tom owns a collar.

  • girl!Brendon/Sarah, crossdressing.

  • Harry/Draco EWE pre-slash wherein Draco follows Harry around for a week.

  • Evie runs away to the Human Lands: a fairy tale.

  • Suits/Sherlock crossover (because Sherlock Holmes should meet Mike Ross).
Other things I'm going to do this weekend:
  • Bake something. Bread and/or cinnamon rolls.

  • Write/post an entry about Malinda Lo's Huntress.

  • Finish the book I'm reading (Patti Smith's Just Kids) and write/post an entry about it.

  • Take a second crack at the book I stopped reading earlier this week (Patricia Briggs' River Marked).

  • Enjoy myself having lunch and seeing Colombiana with [ profile] norwich36. (Okay, I admit it: this one is on here because I know I'll be able to do it, and it's always good to have something you're sure you can cross off your to-do list.)
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I loved Friends With Benefits. It's a movie about people who have sex and then fall in love, which is totally a story I love. It's also by the guy who made Easy A, and like Easy A, I laughed all the way through it, except for the parts where I cried.

There are two things that make it very, very interesting as a mainstream movie:

First, the sex. There's a lot of it, and for the characters, part of what just sex means is that they don't have to engage in their usual patterns. Specifically, they can give directions to get what they want - and that goes for both of them. Yes, that's right, a woman in a mainstream movie gets to direct her own sex life for her own pleasure without ever being slut shamed for it. How often do you see that?

Secondly, one of the themes of the movie is that love should be a partnership, that happily ever after isn't being swept off your feet - although that can be fun - but walking through life together. In case you haven't figured it out from reading my LJ, that is exactly my belief, and you don't see it enough in the standard romance narrative.

HP 7.2

Jul. 24th, 2011 04:08 pm
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I almost didn't make a post about this, and here's why: I read the book once, and quickly, and once I was done, I was, in many ways, done with Harry Potter. I no longer remember any details about the book, so seeing the movies was like meeting the story anew all over again. There's something they kept in the movie that made me wince (see below the cut for details), and I remembered it bothering me in the book too, so I went back to see if/how I talked about it at the time. Half the comments on that entry are people telling me I'm wrong, and I was surprised by how much that hurt. After thinking about it, I realized I was still upset about the first time people told me I was wrong about Harry Potter (even though it was ten years ago, and even though I turned out to be right after all). But then I thought about it some more and I decided (a) to hell with this; I'm an adult, and I can handle people disagreeing with me, and (b) I've decided that if last year's summer meltdown involved flashbacks to high school and this year's involves flashbacks to college, that must be progress. So here's a post with my four HP bullet points and my two recs requests.

Spoilers )

Super 8

Jun. 19th, 2011 08:08 pm
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Short version: Really good. Made me cry. Too much lens flare.

Slightly longer version: Spoilers )
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My brother learned to read from Dr. Seuss (he would come out of his room where he'd been reading, yell, "Hop on pop!", and jump on my dad), but Spiderman taught him to really enjoy it. Then, when I was about fifteen or so, he got me into the animated X-Men cartoon. Because we were already a comics-friendly house, I started reading the comic books. While X-Men wasn't the first thing I felt fannish about, it was my first fandom in terms of fannish participation. (I'm sure my few newsgroups posts are still out there somewhere.) I started out loving it for the Rogue/Gambit relationship, but Mystique quickly became my favorite character. (I had the first ever Mystique fan page on the internet when I was about seventeen or so.) Then I started reading Generation X, and Emma Frost became my second favorite character. (If you've seen X-Men: First Class, that is probably enough of an explanation for why I didn't like the movie, although there's a lot more detail below.) I tell you all this so you know that I come to the X-Men movies from a place of history.

Even though I spent the movie wanting to hurl things at the screen, I will start out with the two things I liked: Spoilers )

And then there was the rest of the movie. Spoilers )
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I'm still trying to figure out if I can organize my thoughts enough to be able to write a long version of why I didn't like X-Men: First Class, but in the meantime, I thought I would rec you something I can gush over.

I don't actually like Arthurian legends. I know they're a classic example of the heroic journey/Jesus story, etcetera, but I don't like them. I'm pretty sure the only reason we went to see King Arthur was because Keira Knightley is in it. I'm so glad we did, though, because it's one of my favorite movies.

Three things I love about it: Spoilers )
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Never before have I spent two hours of my life wanting to hurl things at a movie screen.
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I had a lovely lunch with [ profile] norwich36 yesterday where we spent an entire hour talking about Hawaii Five-0. (We might have spent longer, but then we were off to see Priest, which has one really good moment but is otherwise not very good. It's kind of too bad, because I would see a sequel anyway.) In talking with her about H50 fic, I was finally able to really articulate something I don't like about it.

H50 has a somewhat old-school fandom. ([ profile] icanbreakthesky said, "It's like The Sentinel for the new generation: better hair and explosions!") That means that a lot of the fic falls into those old-school patterns, which is probably why I find that most of the things where the writing is bad/mediocre are also incredibly boring in concept. But it also means that a lot of fic falls into that traditional slash model of one guy who is open/in touch with his emotions, and one guy who is not. I'm generally not a big fan of this dynamic; I like relationships between equals, and often between equals who are also adults who own their own emotional stuff. Closed off guy/open guy is often not that. Closed off guy/open guy also plays into that old staple that all the stoic guy needs is the right woman (to do all the emotional work) where the part of the woman is played by the open guy, and that's not a model I'm fond of either.

The problem with this as a pattern for Steve/Danny fic is that that's not what's happening on the show. Sure, in the pilot Steve's a little closed off. His dad has just been murdered and he's holding it together while he finds the guy who did it and learns to work with someone new. But halfway through the ep, he and Danny are drinking beer on the beach and having a relatively intimate conversation for strangers. (I like to think of this as their first date. In the epic story I hope someone writes where they're hooking up the whole time, this is the point where one of them says, "Don't punch me if I'm reading this wrong. Wanna fuck?") By the end of the second ep, he's referring to his team as his family. As Nora pointed out, just because Danny says things about Steve only being a softie when kids and their fathers are involved doesn't mean that it's actually true. I think this is part of why I prefer fic from Danny's pov: I'm not interested in and don't buy the pov of a closed off Steve. H50 is not a show where one guy thinks they're married and the other one is oblivious. It's a show where Steve and Danny are married to each other - they're both in this together. That's the kind of fic I want to read.

The most stoic, closed off character on the show is actually Chin (except sometimes with Kono, who could definitely fit the younger sidekick exception role), and in a world where the show and the fandom didn't put the white guys first, all that closed off guy/open guy fic would be about him and Steve.
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In case you missed it, I spent a long weekend visiting friends in New York. This involved a movie premiere, a concert (the reason I went this particular weekend instead of some other), other fannish delights, and food. Plus a lot of just hanging about with some of my favorite people in the world.

Talihina Sky

Thursday night was adventure number one: Talihina Sky. In case you have never heard of it, it is a documentary about the Kings of Leon. We did not just see this movie; we attended the premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Premiere adventures. )

My Chemical Romance

On Friday night, we went to see MCR. You can read an actual review of the show here. My thoughts on the experience. )

Other Fannish Viewing

We watched a bunch of fannish things, as you do when spending a long weekend with fangirls.

Panic!, AAR, MCR, Community )


One of the promises about this trip was that we would go to BabyCakes, which is a vegan, gluten-free bakery, so on Saturday night we did just that. I bought a cupcake and an apple crumble thing (kind of like a coffee cake). The cake part of the cupcake was fine. The frosting was amazing. It tastes like a cream cheese frosting, but it's vegan. I had the apple crumble as part of my breakfast on Sunday morning, and then promptly started googling vegan, gluten-free apple cake recipes. I may have to buy one of their cookbooks. We also went to Risotteria, a gluten-free Italian place, where we each had a different kind of risotto. I may also have to learn how to make risotto now.

Concluding Note

Fangirl weekends are the best. You should have them if you don't already. ♥


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