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Ruth Sadelle Alderson is my real name. I use it on the internet both because it is who I am and because I could never come up with anything better. You can only call me Ruthie if you've known me since I was a small child.

I mentioned recently that I'm thankful for my boring life, and it really is boring. Right now, it mostly consists of work, writing, and yoga. There used to be more stuff in it. I took belly dance for almost five years, but left it a couple of months ago because as valuable an experience as it was, it's just not me right now. I took ballet for two years - only stopping for financial reasons - but I'm still deciding if I want to go back. I belonged to a writing group for two and a half years, and while that was also a valuable experience, it just doesn't fit my needs right now. I'm thinking of leaving my writing group and belly dance as making room for something else in my life, but I don't know yet what that is.

I have an identity statement kind of thing in my LJ/Facebook/MySpace userinfo, but if I had to boil it down to no more than ten words, it would be: Fangirl first, writer second, everything else after that.

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Feel free to ask questions if there's something I didn't cover or if you want to know more about anything!


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