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Everyone else is quoting Clueless so, while I do think Tai was Brittany Murphy's greatest role, I'm going to give you something different for today's treat. I have to admit a certain fondness for Uptown Girls. It's a completely predictable, formulaic movie, but I like those kinds of things. It also has Dakota Fanning (the real reason I originally saw it), Heather Locklear, and, of all people, Jesse Spencer (better known as Chase on House), in addition to Brittany Murphy.


As a bonus, here's the last scene of the movie. If you've ever seen the trailer, you should be in no way surprised by this. If it seems cheesy and ridiculous on its own, rest assured that it is no less so in the context of the movie.

Molly Smiles )
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I feel compelled to confess (even at the risk of being permanently shunned) that I love Miley Cyrus's "See You Again."
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It's well documented that deep down inside I am (a) a sap and (b) a twelve-year-old girl, so it should surprise none of you that I went to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on opening night.

I was nearly in tears even before the lights dimmed. The people filtering in were groups of women--teenagers, middle-aged women who probably read the books when their daughters did, and even some women who looked old enough to have granddaughters the right age for the movie. I think I was the only person in the theater who was there alone, and it made me miss the good days in high school when my three best friends and I would see chick flicks or camp out in my living room or pass notes in class.

Although some of the people there were older, the majority of the audience was teenage girls, which has its ups and downs. On the one hand, it was mildly annoying because teenage girls are loud and because every time I see large groups of teenagers I despair at how they all seem to have come out of the same cookie cutter. On the other hand, it was great because I wasn't the only one crying and much of the noise was girls whispering to each other about how the movie was different from the book.

The Harry Potter trailer was awesome! I hadn't seen it yet. I had, however, seen trailers for all the other movies we had trailers for today. But the Herbie: Fully Loaded one was new. Breckin Meyer is in it. Breckin Meyer! This almost makes me want to see it, despite the desecration of yet another childhood memory. (My brother and I used to watch the Herbie movies whenever they came on our local PBS affiliate when we were kids.)

And then there was the movie. )
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I've pretty much given up on doing anything constructive with my weekends, so today I spent most of the day on the couch watching things from Netflix.

First up: Sleepover. )

Then I decided that this could be a new fandom day, so I watched the first four episodes of One Tree Hill. )
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As I walked into the theater, I thought, "Should I have brought Kleenex?"

Not ten minutes later I was in tears at the trailer--the trailer!--for The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Amber Tamblyn is playing Tibby. I vaguely remember hearing that she was going to be in it, but Tibby! I really imagine Tibby dorkier--like little girl God only older--but Amber looks like she's going to be fantastic. Amy, you must get your hands on at least the first book. I myself will be going to the library tomorrow morning to put myself on the list for the third one.

Also seen in the trailers: The Perfect Man, which stars Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear, and Chris Noth. I don't know either.

And then, of course, there was the actual movie. That's right, folks: I went to see Ice Princess on opening day, and I paid Friday evening prices for it.

The audience was interesting. There were a couple of people there on dates, a couple of moms with a whole gaggle of kids, and a couple of elderly folk. Maybe G movies are all their hearts can take.

I think I was more charmed by the movie than anyone else there. Let me enumerate its charms. )


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