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Andy's version of the FC origin story includes this bit about Stu:
and then he stayed with us for a couple days, in between tours or something. and it clicked so hard. he was as close with us as if he had lived with us at cramer, or them at prospect. he was family, and he wasnt even trying out or auditioning. i knew after the first day that he had to live at fc too. to complete the circle. but i wanted to see what the other dudes thought. of course they were into it. ry and kage tour with the dude all year, and are super close. and mix always loved stu. so it was official. i asked him the next day, or the day before he was gonna leave. cant remember exactly, but he was stoked.
I thought that sounds exactly like what you would do in a polygamous situation. My exact words on the subject were: "Andy would not approve of the theological underpinnings of the boywives system, but he would very much enjoy having his own boywives. ... He doesn't believe in the way the boywives system sets him up as an oppressor. He thinks people should have their own autonomy and not have to be married off to more powerful men. But at the same time, his house is always clean, there's always food there for him, and there are always people to have sex and play music with whenever he wants. Not to mention the fact that he actually, genuinely loves all of them." This has since led to a lot of Matt is the first wife jokes with friends. More importantly for this post, I started writing one, but I think it's time to admit I'm never going to get to know enough about Ryan, Kyle, and Stu to finish it.

Matt is the first wife. )
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It's been very cold here, which seems like a good reason to post this as my never-finished fic today. (In case you haven't figured out the pattern, I'm posting every other day. That should hold all the way through the end of the month unless I decide the piece I think is iffy isn't even good enough to be posted for this.)

Andy's nose was cold when he woke up. )
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You may remember the beginning of September when I posted about my goals for the month. This is the report on that.

First up, my [ profile] wastethesewords goals:

  1. Clean up/get someone to golf-check/post the Chris/Aldis golfing story - Done!

  2. Clean up/post the Gabe/Spencer corset variations - Done! (1 and 2)

  3. Finish the Jared/Jensen/Danneel porn (It just needs the rest of the spanking scene!) - Done! (Eventually I will clean this up and post it. But not today.)

  4. Clean up/post the Jared/Summer story - Done!

  5. Finish moving all my fic from my website to LJ - Done! Everything has also been delicious tagged.

  6. Figure out what happens next in the Chris/Steve space AU or officially decide to give it up - More or less done, meaning I wrote the first line of the next section yesterday, so I haven't given up and I know what the next scene is.
I also said I would claim/post a few things I wrote for [ profile] anon_lovefest, and I did that too: Across the Street and Two Blocks Down, Show You A Good Time, and Cobras Only. I also posted the Chris/Steve kidfic snippet.

I mentioned there were a couple of things I didn't know what to do with, and I posted one of those too.

And let's also check in on the other things I'm writing:

  • The thing previously known as "ruth's joe/nick control fic" is now known as "ruth and [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's joe/nick control fic," and it's coming along. One of the things I like about it is that I read it over the other day and it wasn't obvious which parts I wrote and which parts she wrote.

  • I've written a little more of the Mike/Kevin Halloween story, but not a whole lot, partly because I got distracted by the babyfic (see below) and partly because I was unsure about what I was doing with it. I'm less unsure now, because after a break, I reread what I have of it and found that I really like it.

  • I did manage to resist writing a Mike/Kevin wedding night PWP, but I may have satisfied my Mike bottoming wishes in something else. (I promise not to be mysterious forever; you'll see it eventually if you haven't already.)

  • What I did write in September was nearly 11,000 words of Gabe/Victoria babyfic for [ profile] bandomrarepair. I've been sending bits of it to [ profile] schuyler every day, which is helping to keep me on track. I do have to start writing more per day, though, because that 11,000 words covers six months, and there's still another year of their lives to go before the end, and it has to be posted at the end of November. I'm finding myself amused by it because I have three documents for it - one is the story, one is my notes for the story, and one is the timeline.

  • I wrote a random Spencer pov gen snippet that I don't know what to do with. I mostly did it for the snappy dialogue and the conversation I wanted Shane and Spencer to have about spending time with Brendon when he doesn't want to be alone.

  • I also wrote the beginning of a Fuck City boywives AU. I do know what the beginning of the next scene should be, but I pretty much stopped with Matt because I'm not confident that I know the other three well enough to write them. Also, the idea of increasing numbers of people in sex scenes is somewhat intimidating.


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