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Summary: Gabe and Victoria are drunk when they get married, and they aren't in love, but they make it work anyway.

Notes: In case it's not obvious from context, I wrote this two or three years ago, before Gabe and Bianca broke up and before Victoria started tweeting pictures of her professionally done nails. Consider it to take place within that time period. Thanks to D and S for providing nail polish advice, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl for reading through this and talking it out with me, and anyone else I may have talked to about this but forgotten now. Any errors and rough patches are due solely to me, not to them.

Story on AO3

Repent At Leisure )
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I know I'm pretty much out of bandom, but Gabe/Victoria is my forever OTP. I was going to make a mini-picspam, and then I had twenty-two pictures, so this is a giant picspam.

VERY Image Heavy )
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Summary: Victoria puts her hand on the back of Gabi's neck, and Gabi tilts her head down to bare more of it to her touch without seeming to know what she's doing.

Notes: Once upon a time, I was going to write a femslash d/s epic. This is the collection of scenes I did write.

Warning/Enticement: Kink.

Story on AO3

More You )
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Summary: Victoria knows that tone. That's not the tone of a guy who had a threesome. That's the tone of a dom who was very pleased with his subs.

Notes: The idea behind this was to play with het kink where the woman is subbing, but I never finished it.

Warning/Enticement: Kink with a woman subbing for a man.

Story on AO3

A Little Duller )
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Summary: The dance students get assigned to work in cross-style pairs. Victoria is tall and there aren't very many boys, so of course she doesn't get one. Instead, Victoria, (ballet/voice/piano) gets assigned to work with Bebe (jazz/contemporary/voice).

Story on AO3

Pas de Deux )
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Summary: Nate gets back to the bus, and Gabe is hiding out in his bunk. The rest of the band takes a good look at Nate and figures out why.

Notes: My original thought for this was: Actually, what I really want is some Nate-centric Cobra gsf.

Story on AO3

Not Surprised )
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Summary: The beginning. That's probably not where he should start. "Mikey and I-" There isn't an easy way to explain it to them. "We're long-term non-monogamous."

Notes: Last year I wrote Well Met for the [ profile] no_tags prompt "Everyone forgets that Nate and Mikey know each other. (AU or canon.)" As soon as I started writing the story, which is an AU, I thought of the canon version. This is that story.

Story on AO3

Keep Doing This )
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Notes: This was written as a snippet for [ profile] inlovewithnight off of a Twitter exchange where Demi said she was annoyed and Gabe tweeted, "i'll fix it."

Story on AO3

Even )
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Yuletide Story for Me
Someone wrote me Unasked. Rizzoli & Isles fic, just for me!

Yuletide Guessing Game
I wrote one story in the main collection and one in the madness collection. I talked to many of you about my story in the main collection, so those of you who heard about it are ineligible for guessing on that one, but I didn't talk to anyone about my madness story since I didn't know I was going to write it until I did. Anyway, if you guess what I wrote, I will write you a snippet of your choice!

Yuletide Recs
I surprised myself by how few Yuletide fandoms I actually wanted to read stories in. (The sexism/misogyny of so many of the requests I read on the spreadsheets of all requests also soured my enjoyment of the whole thing. Really, fandom, we're still doing that?) Of the things I did read, the following are the stories I liked best. AO3 usability hint: if you hate the Yuletide banner/margin, delete "collections/yuletide2011/" from the URL and it'll show the story without the Yuletide stuff around it.

open problem (Push, gen) - This is a fantastic post-movie story that manages to incorporate the same kind of twists and turns the movie does, and there's a line in there that is just a phenomenal perspective on the whole plot.

And You're Overdue ("You Make Me Feel" video, Gabe/Sabi) - I liked a lot of things about this video, but hated the way it reinforces the supremacy of couples and coupledom. This story fixes all that by making it a soulbonding story in a world with empaths, succubi, and other supernatural types. It also has this fantastic piece of dialogue about Gabe: "You were easy to find. Everything about you is very loud and your tour schedule is on the Internet."

All the Little Lives We Could Have Lived (Titanic RPF, Kate/Leo) - This is not a pairing I would have ever thought of on my own, but the fact that there was a story on some commentfic meme a while ago made me click on the fandom in the Yuletide collection. This is a lovely story that spans decades. I loved both the portrayal of their relationship and the way they are both such interesting characters.

Amy Potter and the Monkey of Salvation: an America's Test Kitchen Adventure (Cook's Illustrated/TV Commercials, gen) - I was curious about cookbook fic, and I have a soft spot for fic about Mayhem, so of course I had to read this. It's great. It's adorable and it made me laugh.

Three Scenes from Tiny Cooper's 2014 New Year's Eve Party that Will Definitely Be in His Autobiography (Will Grayson Will Grayson, Tiny/Will) - I was iffy about Will Grayson Will Grayson fic because the book is so fantastic, but this story didn't disappoint at all.

Other Holiday Challenge Recs
I read a handful of [ profile] bandomstuffsit fics today, and there were two I absolutely loved.

Food Of Love (Play On) (Alex/Ryland) - This is a semi-AU where Cobra Starship never got off the ground, so Ryland is a waiter/aspiring actor who also plays in Gabe's band on the weekends. He meets up with Alex again when Alex becomes the new sous chef at the restaurant. This story is so perfect. It's romantic and funny and delightful. I almost emailed one of you a rec today, and then I realized the person I was going to email probably wrote the story and had to put it in a post instead.

the times, they are a-changing, or: a modern marriage of convenience (Brendon/Spencer) - There's sort of a plot here - Dallon suggests that since they're both single at the holidays, Brendon and Spencer should hook up - but mostly there is a really hot, kinky sex scene with Spencer subbing.
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Bands/Characters: Cobra Starship, Leighton Meester, The Academy Is...
Pairing: Leighton/Victoria
Word Count: 59,000
Rating: Adult/Explicit

Warnings: Although the sex itself takes place off-screen, Victoria does engage in a romantic and sexual relationship with Saporta as part of her cover. Gabe and Alex's non-celebrity ex-girlfriends are characters in this story.

Summary: NYPD Vice Detectives Leighton Meester and Victoria Asher go undercover in Gabe Saporta's underground club with the aim of gathering enough evidence to put Saporta away for good. Leighton and Victoria are used to undercover work, but this is a longer operation than usual, and they aren't used to being apart. A "Good Girls Go Bad" video AU.

Notes: When Cobra first posted the video for "Good Girls Go Bad," I promptly tried to give away the plot bunny for the story the video had so clearly set up. Then there was [ profile] bandgirlsbang, and I used that as a reason to start writing the story. It kept growing and growing well beyond the due date, and I'm so pleased to be able to post this as part of the same challenge this year. Thank you to the mods for running it both years and giving me a reason to both start and finish this story. Thanks are also due to a great number of other people. [ profile] lakeeffectgirl, [ profile] siryn99, [ profile] icanbreakthesky, [ profile] mayqueen517, and [ profile] unrequitedangst let me add them to the Google doc. Even if they weren't reading regularly, knowing they were there helped me keep writing. [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and [ profile] schuyler were extra awesome and beta read for me. (Any remaining mistakes are, of course, my own.) [ profile] siryn99 and [ profile] schuyler helped me figure out a title. So many people that I have failed to keep track of them all answered questions and let me talk out things I was unsure of. You all have my thanks. I couldn't have done it without you. Huge thanks go to [ profile] dwg for the art and [ profile] delphinapterus and [ profile] roadmarks for the mixes. They are all amazing, and there is more gushing about them in the respective posts. Title loosely taken from Stars' "The Night Starts Here."

On AO3 At LJ: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Bonus Material

Art by [ profile] dwg

Mix 1: Undercover and Still In Love/It's A Bumpy Road by [ profile] delphinapterus

Mix 2: Oceans Won't Freeze by [ profile] roadmarks
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Master Post

Mix number two is by [ profile] roadmarks.

Oceans Won't Freeze


  1. The Like - Fair Game

  2. Hawksley Workman - Striptease

  3. Garbage - As Heaven Is Wide

  4. Shiny Toy Guns - Frozen Oceans

  5. Pixies - Cactus

  6. Tegan and Sara - Back in Your Head

  7. Mother Mother - Body

  8. Ellie Goulding - Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

  9. City and Colour - Comin' Home

  10. Imogen Heap - First Train Home

  11. Stars - Ageless Beauty

  12. Florence + The Machine - Dog Days Are Over
[ profile] roadmarks Notes: I had a blast reading and mixing for this fic and I can't wait to read it again! When I was mixing, I started out trying to pick songs that fit with the plot, but then I gave in to the urge to make a mix that was mostly about pining -- I hope you like it nonetheless! :)

Author's Notes: I think this is actually a stealth pining mix. I didn't realize it was the one with the mixer note about pining until I was looking for a title for the story and looked up the lyrics to all the songs in both mixes. This is such an upbeat mix that if you aren't paying attention to the lyrics you won't know how much pining there is in it. You could conceivably have a lively party to this mix. I love how well that fits with Leighton and Victoria being undercover and upbeat while they're missing each other.

A few specific notes: I love "Fair Game," and I'm not sure I'd ever heard anything by The Like before. My brother loves Bassnectar, so I can't wait to tell him someone put a Bassnectar remix on a mix for something I wrote. I love that both mixers put Stars songs on their mixes. I only knew one of their songs before, but now I'll definitely be looking for more. "First Train Home" keeps catching my ear. I love that this ends with "Dog Days Are Over," which is neither a pining nor coming home song, but a keep fighting song (at least in my head).
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Master Post

Mix number one is by [ profile] delphinapterus.

Cover Art )

Undercover and Still In Love/It's A Bumpy Road


  1. My Love Follows You Where You Go - Alison Krauss & Union Station

  2. The Night Starts Here - Stars

  3. Air We Breathe - Alisha's Attic

  4. Problem Queen - Danger Mouse & Daniel Luppi

  5. Constant Craving - k.d. lang

  6. Moments in Love - The Art of Noise

  7. Lies - Kaki King

  8. The Price We Pay - A Day to Remember

  9. Trouble Sleeping - Corinne Bailey Rae

  10. Code Red - Tori Amos

  11. Prelude to a Kiss - Alicia Keys

  12. I'm All Right - Madeleine Peyroux

  13. Home - David Byrne and Brian Eno
I knew one of the mixes had notes that the mixer had cut from following the plot to just making a pining mix. It's actually the other mix that has that note, but if you listen to this one, you can see why I thought it was this one on first listen. This mix has a lovely melancholy feel. If you are in a long distance relationship or unrequited love situation, you may not want to listen to this. I'm not in either of those situations, and it still almost made me cry on first listen.

A few specific notes: My dad is a big Alison Krauss fan, and I'm looking forward to telling him that I have one of her songs on a mix for something I wrote. I love that both mixers put Stars songs on their mixes. I did know this song, and I will have to go looking for more of their music. I was absolutely delighted to see Alisha's Attic on here. I haven't thought of them in years, but I remember loving one of their songs way back in the day. "Moments in Love" catches my ear every time I listen to this mix. "Home" is a lovely ending to this mix.
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Master Post

[ profile] dwg's note: I made a series of posters with corresponding wallpaper packs - they range from 1600x1280 to 1024x768, widescreen versions included. There are 6x ~5MB packs

Author's note: When I opened my email and clicked on the links to the art, I literally gasped at how perfect this art is. I love how glossy it is, and how well it matches the look of the video. What they really remind me of are the kind of TV show ads you might find in magazines, and I love that [ profile] dwg made that for my story. [ profile] dwg, thank you so much for these! Everyone else, be sure to take a look behind the cuts and see how incredible this art is.

Elle )

Leighton )

Vicky-T )

Victoria )

Gabe )

Victoria & Leighton )


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