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Having learned my lesson from the last concert review I posted, a note to those of you who have arrived here via Google Alerts: I am the fan fiction writing variety of fangirl. Anything in here about the possibility of people mentioned sleeping together is wholly imaginary and meant for fun, not as either reality or an insult. (If you're a Vizzy fan, being upset that I didn't like him is a perfectly valid life choice.)

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Where is the discussion about this? There should be some bowling AU plot bunnies, discussion about how wide Brendon's legs go, and jokes about balls, at the least. (Bonus points to anyone who can make a good "There goes your social life" joke out of it.)

In other "yes, I do have a separate Twitter account so I can cyberstalk partners/siblings, why do you ask?" news, Haley came to California for a long weekend and after playing video games, she and Spencer headed off on a road trip where she's very excited about elephant seals. I'm finding her more adorable these days, although my previous mild dislike was based entirely on my being VERY JUDGEY about people who were disappointed that Dollhouse got canceled. I am also imagining this weekend to also involve a lot of pot smoking and sex while high. (Spencer, if you are not back in your home precinct today, I hope you absentee ballot voted yes on 19.) I would read a million words of Spencer and Haley, stoners in love.

And in case it was keeping you up at night, the answer to the question, "Has Ruth ever written Brendon/Spencer/Haley/Sarah porn in her head?" is a decided yes.


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