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So yesterday all I was thinking about was that Tyler Seguin somehow found my post about him, and I thought it was hilarious that he was so bored that he somehow found it. I said a lot of things here and on Tumblr about how I believe in having posts open. This morning I went and read the anon memes and other opinions about it, and I realized that in thinking about how it was my post that got linked, I didn't at all think about how it would affect people who commented on or were linked in the post. I'm sorry. I agree that we have responsibilities to each other in this community, and I'm genuinely sorry that I fell down on those responsibilities and hurt people. :( At this point, the only remaining comments on that post are from people who are okay with their comments remaining or people who commented after it was linked to by TSegs.

I am not going to change my opinion on keeping my posts open. I still very much believe in open fandom. (While also believing that it's not okay to push it at the objects of fandom.) But if this kind of thing ever happens to me again, I will be better about protecting the limits of the other people who were involved in my posts.
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Post in question.

1. I hate editing posts. My perspective is that once you've put something out there, it's out there and you're stuck with it. However, I have edited yesterday's post to add a disclaimer I probably should have put on it in the first place. To anyone else I hurt by talking at you without making it clear that I wasn't saying, "You should do things this way": I'm sorry. :-( I feel horrible about it, and I hope the disclaimer helps make it better.

2. I've had that post in my Google Docs for months and months and months where I occasionally poked at it without making any substantial changes before I finally said enough is enough and posted it. This morning, it occurred to me that I can sum up that whole middle section about sex in one sentence: The issue I've been struggling with is how to write feminist heterosexual sex scenes that include more variety than I usually see in either the mainstream culture or fandom. I know it seems like the other things in the post are more important, but this is the point I keep coming back to and worrying at when I'm writing het.


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