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I actually have a Google doc titled "plot bunnies" to keep track of these things (sort of; I know a lot of them get lost because I forget to copy them into the doc). If you love any of these and end up writing them, please let me know about it so I can read the story! (Unless you take the disturbing one and write a serial killer story, because I'm not into serial killer fic.)

You know, we always assume Pete is all subby, but there should be a story where he gets turned into a werewolf and turns out to be an alpha. No one is more surprised by this than Pete. Patrick swears a lot when Pete uses his alpha thing to get his own way.


Ryan (Luciani, not Ross) ends up pregnant. Mike K, being the only sensible person in that group, explains that he's going to have a baby and he can't live in his car/people's couches. The Stegers are practically family, so Ryan moves in with Max and the Steger parentals. Then Max/Ryan, obviously.


Possibly horrifying plot bunny: Zack quietly takes care of anyone who might hurt Brendon or Spencer.


You know all that fic where Pete sexes up Patrick to show him he's attractive? There should be fic like that about Max. I would even read fic where Pete (creepy or not) is the one sexing him up.


Andy Hurley and Misha Collins both tweeted about the protests in Barcelona. Where's that cracky fic? They meet, and Misha's like, "I already have a threesome," and Andy's like, "That's cool. Want to have sex anyway?"


Once upon a time, I was going to make an illustrated Black Cards mini-primer/plot bunny, but I didn't get my act together and then they kept losing members, and now this is all that's left of it.

There are four people in the Black Cards:

Pete Wentz (bass, frontman): formerly of Fall Out Boy, father of Jessica Simpson's nephew, soon to be ex-husband of Ashlee Simpson
Bebe Rexha (vocals): the girl, formerly of a publicly unnamed wedding band
Nate Patterson (guitar/keyboard): the one I know nothing about
Spencer Peterson (drums): Cobra Starship's Nate Novarro's best friend and former drum tech

You do have to pay close attention, though, to know there are four of them. Publicity is all Pete or Pete and Bebe. The sense I get from Twitter is that Nate, Spencer, and Bebe hang out together. I would love to read a story that examines that. Possibly something about how Pete feels very alone/isolated - he has this whole new band full of people who seem to like each other more than him, he's getting divorced, so many of his friends live far across the country - and how he slowly comes to realize he can be part of this group with his band.
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Summary: Pete tweets, sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Notes: After I wrote Just Right, I wanted to write the non-kink version. This is only the two tiny bits I did write.

Story on AO3

Technically, It's My Bed )
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Last weekend, I started blabbing over Twitter about some porn in my head that I was probably never going to write down. Then I wrote the story part leading up to the happy ending. I have since gone back and put in a tiny bit of the porn. If you object to women liking penetrative heterosexual sex, you may want to skip that part of the story.

Summary: Andy and Matt run an erotica/fetish photography studio. Pete gets Trish (they're not together) a session with them because he thinks she needs to build up her confidence.

Glowing at the Camera )
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The origin for this in my head was "a kinky fairy tale" plus the parenthetical part of this prompt, so originally I was goofing around with Pete as Goldilocks finding reasons different people can't be his dom. But then when I got around to actually writing some of it out, I just skipped to the fun part. This was mostly written over Twitter, although it does have a shiny new beginning.

The other influences for this are Time is but the Stream (because I really want a Pete/Andy version of it) and Leaving Albuquerque (that one in a less obvious way), both by chaosmanor.

Warnings: Kink - d/s, non-explicit pain.

Just Right )
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Andy's version of the FC origin story includes this bit about Stu:
and then he stayed with us for a couple days, in between tours or something. and it clicked so hard. he was as close with us as if he had lived with us at cramer, or them at prospect. he was family, and he wasnt even trying out or auditioning. i knew after the first day that he had to live at fc too. to complete the circle. but i wanted to see what the other dudes thought. of course they were into it. ry and kage tour with the dude all year, and are super close. and mix always loved stu. so it was official. i asked him the next day, or the day before he was gonna leave. cant remember exactly, but he was stoked.
I thought that sounds exactly like what you would do in a polygamous situation. My exact words on the subject were: "Andy would not approve of the theological underpinnings of the boywives system, but he would very much enjoy having his own boywives. ... He doesn't believe in the way the boywives system sets him up as an oppressor. He thinks people should have their own autonomy and not have to be married off to more powerful men. But at the same time, his house is always clean, there's always food there for him, and there are always people to have sex and play music with whenever he wants. Not to mention the fact that he actually, genuinely loves all of them." This has since led to a lot of Matt is the first wife jokes with friends. More importantly for this post, I started writing one, but I think it's time to admit I'm never going to get to know enough about Ryan, Kyle, and Stu to finish it.

Matt is the first wife. )
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Title: A Great Idea
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: girl!Andy/Matt
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 4000
Disclaimer: Not mine, never happened
Summary: Andi and Matt slept together once. Andi thinks they should do it again. She just has to get Matt to agree.
Notes: I wrote the outline of this plot bunny over Twitter and thought I would be done with it, but I couldn't just let it stay there. I had to come back and fill it in to be a story. Many thanks to [ profile] schuyler for suggesting pool when I needed one more thing.

A Great Idea )

WIP Post

May. 20th, 2010 12:33 pm
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There's no current WIP meme going on (that I know of, anyway), but I made a comment yesterday about how many things I have in progress and thought I would post little bits from each of them. For the purposes of this post, "in progress" means I've written something of it in the last month or it's in the editing stage and I actually intend to edit it. This is only fan fic and excludes my novel.

WIPs )


Works Not (Yet?) In Progress

These are bits from things I'm not actually writing (yet?) but keep thinking about.

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These are all three different girl worlds.


I keep wondering what an all girl!FC would be like. On the one hand, I think they'd be a lot like they are now, with their football and eating at Beans & Barley and hanging out. On the other hand, the way boy!FC is coded so masculine makes me think maybe girl!FC would be coded really feminine and all into cute shoes and talking about boys and Grey's Anatomy instead of Lost.


Girl!Matt is cheerfully bisexual, and Andy has to lie in his bed in the room below hers and listen to her have sex with hot girls and hot boys.


This one is slightly expanded from the version on Twitter. Also, I decided girl!Matt should be named Maddy. Theodore is Ryan Morgan's son (um, canonically, in case you missed it).

I want to have Hurley's baby. )
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I started out thinking about why there isn't any girl!Mixon, but then I got distracted thinking about girl!Andy, and then about girl!Andy as the only girl in a house full of boys.


Girl!Andy )


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