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This story grew out of Chicago Parent's article on the Blackhawks baby boom. All of the other women look picture perfect; Abby looks exhausted. She says about life when Patrick's on the road, "I don't mean to throw him under the bus or anything. It's not too much different from when he's home because usually he's napping or resting for the game. But no, we're used to being on our own, you know, so it's really not that much different." About Patrick's relationship with Madelyn she says, "I think now that she's getting older, and can talk and play with him, he's just in love. ... He's really enjoying it, I think, now that she's getting out of the baby stage." I read that and thought, "No wonder she looks tired." There were also rumors floating around scurrilous anonymous gossip spaces (way before last season's specific rumor) that Patrick slept with other women.

I wanted to write a story where Abby gets fed up, takes the kids, and leaves, and then has to figure out how to, or even if she wants to, fix her marriage. This is the part of that story I wrote. I never got to the part where they figure it out and make it work, so be forewarned that this leaves off at an uncertain place. Part of what made writing this story fun was that I was writing it just for me - I decided to just write and not worry about finishing or ever posting it. Months would go by without my even looking at this story, and then I would sit down and write 600 words one day.

Content Notes: This story involves real life partners and children. Infidelity themes. There is a mention of Patrick Kane and his girlfriend makes a brief appearance.

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At one time, I wanted a story where Kane gets over Toews with the Sharps. I wrote almost ten thousand words of it without ever getting to the kissing or porn, and then I got fed up with Patrick Kane and both Cinco de Kaner and the lockout totally jossed the story and I never went back to it. There are some notes at the end about what else was going to happen.

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