Nov. 3rd, 2002

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Jerry Spinelli. Surely I'm not the only person around who ever read Jerry Spinelli's School Daze series (Report to the Principal's Office, Who Ran My Underwear Up the Flagpole?, Do the Funky Pickle, and Picklemania). However, I may be the only one for whom Salem Jane Brownmiller serves as the prototype for Hermione.

Already half the kids had taken a step backward, edging for the bus. No one spoke until Salem Brownmiller raised her hand. "Yes, I have a question." Forty-seven students groaned. Salem looked up from her notebook, in which she had been writing the entire time.
--Jerry Spinelli, Picklemania

Tuck Everlasting. My mother and I saw Tuck Everlasting yesterday. The movie has all the style you should expect from a Disney-produced version of a period novel, but it has no emotional impact. I'm now waiting for next weekend and 8 Mile.

Religion/Philosophy. "I'm trying to explain it in order so it'll make sense. Look, hoodoo isn't sticking pins into an apple. Hoodoo is all the energy and attention you bring to what you do. Everything you do. The work of your hands, done with all your attention, becomes a container full of energy that you can transfer to somebody else. Baking bread is hoodoo work. So's putting in a garden. Or fixing an amplifier, or teaching someone else to. If you do it right, with your whole head, and an awareness of where it came from, and where it's going when it leaves you. The process it's part of. And you have to be concentrating on moving energy, not money."

"Then this is a hobby business?"

"There's a difference," she said with exaggerated patience, "between getting money for what you do, and doing it for money. If you don't do it for love, or because you think it needs doing, get out and let somebody else do it. If nobody else does it, maybe that means it shouldn't be done."
--Emma Bull, Bone Dance

Writing. I'm still writing. Although I seem to be working on only one thing at the moment, I still have ideas for others. And so, the fourth version of the list. )


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