Oct. 12th, 2002

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Christina Aguilera. I heard "Dirrty" on the radio. I was greatly disappointed. The great thing about Christina's music is her incredible voice. And, yes, her voice is still there, but it's hidden behind the modern pop idiocy that's meant to distract us from those people who don't have a voice. The song could be by Britney for all the personality of the production, if not the voice or subject matter.

Vanessa Carlton. I liked "A Thousand Miles," despite my best friend's point about the idiocy of the lyrics, but I love "Ordinary Day." The problem with Vanessa Carlton is that her songs are much better than her voice.

Michelle Branch. Michelle Branch is a fairly good musician, but she's not great. "The Game of Love" is incredibly good. Is Santana just so good that everyone who works with him has to be good to keep up? Or has Michelle Branch been doing the wrong kind of music all this time?

Khia. I'm sure I'm not the only one rather shocked by the explicitness of even the clean version of "My Neck, My Back," but I'm fairly sure I'm the only person who's ever thought, without actually having heard the song, that the dirty version's chorus would best be rendered, "My neck, my back / Lick my cunt just like that."

A Professional Cantor. CBI managed to hire a professional cantor for high holy day services. (I'd tell you who she was, but I don't remember how to spell her name.) Because the high holy days last for ten days, we had a regular Friday night service in the middle. She brought us two very interesting things.

First, she had us stand and dance around the room for Michamocha. Michamocha, she explained, is about liberation, and for that, she wanted us to move around and physically experience it.

Secondly, she brought us a new English song/chant/meditation to say/sing/think about before the Shema (Shema yisrael adonai eloheinu adonai echad. Hear, O Israel, Adonai our God is one.): "Listen, listen, listen to my heart's song. / Listen, listen, listen to my heart's song. / I will never forget you, I will never forsake you. / I will never forget you, I will never forsake you." This is repeated three times. It looks somewhat silly in type, but it's actually a very calming and joyous introduction to the Shema.

Avril Lavigne. I liked "Complicated" the first thousand times I heard it, but now it's wearing thin. Now that I've actually heard "Sk8er boi", which could be the winner of stupidest song title ever, I realize that Avril wants to be Juliana Hatfield.

Shakira, Diego Luna y muchos más. The MTV Latin America VMAs air on October 24 on MTV Latin America and MTV2 and on November 8 on MTV. I'm looking for a kind soul who will tape them for me. I'm more than willing to pay for the cost of a blank tape and shipping.

Ani DiFranco. We, meaning my parents and I, have tickets to go see Ani DiFranco and Utah Phillips on November 4. This is quite exciting.

Final Thought. Alison Lohman deserves an Oscar.


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