Sep. 3rd, 2002

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Generally speaking, I dislike the silly surveys that pass through LJ. But this one held my attention enough that I kept thinking about it on my way to work. I've emulated Dara's approach of eliminating the questions, and I've gone one further by renumbering, or relettering, the questions for my own convenience.

A. 1. A good From Eroica With Love story. Klaus/Dorian, with a plot, true to the spirit of the manga, no scent of roses unless in mockery, no wussification of anyone, and inclusion of all the important supporting characters.

2. A good rendition of the lotrips slave AU with all the missing scenes and a better written examination of the religion. Viggo/Orlando.

3. Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera. Something good, with a plot, realistic. Maybe the half-started thing where she has something of a breakdown and he takes care of her.

4. A really good Harry Potter story. I'm not particular about pairings or genre, but something good. It would have to be a true examination of the characters and involve some detailed magic.

5. Crossing Jordan/Law & Order/Law & Order: Special Victims Unit crossover. Munch/Briscoe. Briscoe freaking out about how much Jordan looks like Claire. Perhaps finding Jordan's mother's killer. Munch/Briscoe snarkiness.

B. Six months ago, more or less, yes. I haven't really done much fandom-wise in the past couple of months, so my interests haven't changed much. The farther back you go, the more my answers would change.

C. 1. A formula sci fi/fantasy novel. Something with one person protecting the other and they fall in love while doing so. If it were a het couple, the female lead would have to be a very strong, capable, intelligent person. Otherwise, I'd like to do it as a lesbian couple.

2. A British teen rock star book. It started life as a Spice Girls AU, but it would be better as an original story. Five girls, best friends, who can all sing. The mother of one of them dies in the opening scene, and they'd have to be on stage in the closing scene. I haven't decided whether two of the girls are going to be just extremely close or lesbians.

3. Something about religion.

D. The review of "The Road to Las Vegas" by Tricia in which I would praise the story and make snarky comments about both Tricia's stupidity and the idiocy of people who think her writing must be bad because she's an idiot.

E. I don't know, exactly. But the top contenders would be "Travail", "Not That Funny", and "Resolve".

F. "Latkes and Memories", the worst thing I've ever written, and written before I was smart enough to let bad fic languish on my hard drive. I leave it on my webpage to keep me humble.

G. 1. "L'Histoire d'Obi" by Lilith Sedai.

2. "Joined at the Soul" by Diana Williams.

3. "Kickoff" by Meredith Lynne.

Three is all I can come up with, and even that was hard to think of. Although, honestly, I wouldn't want to take any fan fic on an airplane; it's far too easy to read over people's shoulders on a plane.

H. Anthony Lane.

I. I don't know. He is a movie reviewer, so he has to have some respect for the enjoyment of a fandom, but I think he might think it's silly. And if I ever met Anthony Lane, I wouldn't want him to think I was silly.

J. Either Robin McKinley or Connie Willis.

K. X-Files.

L. At the moment, I'd be tempted to say Blue Crush. On a more long term basis, I'd probably say Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera or The Fast and the Furious.

M. Eden/Anne Marie for Blue Crush, Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera for Fred Durst/Christina Aguilera, and Mia/Letty or Dom/Letty for The Fast and the Furious.

N. The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, with the caveat that the sequel ruins the impact of the book.


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