Mar. 26th, 2002

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1. I am not really an OTP (One True Pairing) sort of person. Or rather, if I am, my OTP is a het couple in a fandom in which I've never read a good story. Jarod/Miss Parker and Chakotay/B'Elanna Torres being the OTPs that come to mind. Having said that, there are limits to what I will read. I'm a TTC, or sometimes FTC, type of person. If the acronyms seem odd to you, they should. I'm making them up as I go along. I'm a Three True Characters, or sometimes Four True Characters, person when it comes to lo-trips. More specifically, I'll only read things in which Orlando, Viggo, Sean B, or sometimes Ian is one half of the pairing. Unlike nearly everyone else in this fandom, I don't like the Hobbits. They look like trolls. Elijah's eyes are freaky and disturbing. I didn't see The Goonies until I was about 16 and it was too late for me to form an 80s emotional attachment to it. Although you just may be able to persuade me that Orlando/Sean A is not an entirely bad idea.

2. I like it when Orlando gets to be funny:
Had he bungee jumped into an alternate universe?
--Tricia's "The Fling"
Well, he'd show them. He was Orlando fucking Bloom, for fuck's sake. Women loved him. Men loved him. And Sean and Viggo were going to damn well love him if he had anything at all to say about it.
--Brenda's "Willing"
"Now get me the *fuck* up off the floor. My legs seem to be made of octopus tentacles."
--Nancy's "The Jealousy Waltz"
3. I just like Orlando, period. He's adorable and sexy and all of that. He says things like, "If you were short you were cast as a Hobbit, and if you were tall you were cast as a human. And if you were kind of weird and mousy looking, you were cast as an elf." And he's hot with women. Not only are there the pictures to which I've already linked, but there are also screencaps of him and Liv Tyler looking married, an adorable picture of him with Kate Winslet, and a wonderful, plot bunny-inducing picture of him with Nicole Kidman.

Was this post merely an excuse for pictures and a play on the fact that it's my one hundred first entry? Only you can determine that. But before I go, let me leave you with one last link: a picture in which Orlando looks like my brother at age six.


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