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Espionage is a Family Affair (78403 words) by nagapdragon
Chapters: 41/41
Fandom: Skyfall (2012) - Fandom, James Bond (Craig movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James Bond/Q, Minor or Background Relationship(s)
Characters: James Bond, Q (Bond - Craig movies), Eve Moneypenny, Female M (James Bond), Q | Major Boothroyd, Alec Trevelyan, Miscellaneous Double-0s, R - Character
Additional Tags: Angels, Magic, Slow Build, Dysfunctional Family

It's common knowledge that angels make good weapons and terrible soldiers. They're hard to kill, hard to catch, and leave a swathe of destruction wherever they go. That's why MI6 likes them.

James Bond, Agent 007, is one of the most devastating weapons MI6 will admit to having. Explosions follow his every whim and he's nearly impossible to kill, despite the best efforts of terrorists worldwide. He's second only to the weapons MI6 pretends don't exist- archangels are only a theory, after all.

Aren't they?

What I liked: This story is so good in such a creative way that when I made a quick list of highlights of 2016, I put reading this story on it. I reread it this week, and it was just as engrossing and amazing the second time around. While it is a Bond/Q story, the main focus is on Q, his family, and the plot.

One of the most incredible things about this story is the worldbuilding. [ profile] nagapdragon builds a whole culture and history around the angels, their existence, and their powers. Each chapter begins with a passage from an in-world reference work, mission report, or gossip site that gives us the background that fills out the world around Q's experiences. One of the other strengths of the story is the mix of strong relationships. In the story, Q and his twin sister Vivi are M's children, Major Boothroyd is their uncle, and Eve is their cousin. We get a really good sense of the strength and meaning of those relationships, as well as Q's relationships with the Double-0s who make up their chosen family and the characters we meet later who I won't spoil for you. I also enjoy a lot of the little bits around the angels. When I think about this story, I usually think first about the blueberries.

There is a fair amount of canon-typical violence and a bit of textual nudity. There is no sex in the story, so it is safe for work.
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A friend asked me if I had any favorite Sherlock fic, so here is a whole post of recs. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive rundown of every Sherlock story I've liked, or even all the ones I've loved, but just a sampling of things I really like to get you started.

Nature and Nurture (203273 words) by earlgreytea68
Chapters: 57/57
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Mrs. Hudson, Harry Watson, Greg Lestrade, Sally Donovan, Molly Hooper, Sarah Sawyer, Mike Stamford
Additional Tags: Babylock, Parentlock, Kidlock, cloning
Series: Part 1 of Nature & Nurture

The British Government accidentally clones Sherlock Holmes. Which brings a baby to 221B Baker Street.

What I liked: John and Sherlock raising a clone of Sherlock and falling in love! The baby learning to talk! Everything about this was delightful. There are also some fun timestamp things in the rest of the series.

An Avalanche Of Detour Signs (56053 words) by gyzym
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Molly Hooper/Lestrade (Inspector), [Molly Hooper/Jim Moriarty], [Molly Hooper/Sherlock Holmes (unrequited)]
Characters: Molly Hooper, Lestrade (Inspector), John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Anthea (Sherlock), Sally Donovan, Anderson (Sherlock)

In which Molly Hooper gets a job, gets a degree, breaks a heart, has her heart broken, falls in love, keeps a secret, saves a life, runs a morgue, falls apart, pulls it together, and finds exactly what she didn't know she was looking for--not necessarily in that order.

What I liked: This is a really good Molly story and I also greatly enjoyed her relationship with Lestrade.

Indecorous (55424 words) by Basingstoke
Chapters: 25/25
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan/John Watson
Characters: Harry Watson, Lestrade (Inspector), Dimmock (Inspector), Mrs. Hudson, Ella Thompson, Mummy (Sherlock), Mycroft Holmes, Sally Donovan
Additional Tags: Asexual Character, Bondage, Squirting, Hangover, Nightmares, PTSD, Threesome - F/M/M, Triggers
Series: Part 2 of Yes Yes Yes

In which John learns to balance a kinky girlfriend, an asexual boyfriend, a ten-inch cock, his sister, the neighbours, his friends, and his blog. Some are more balanced than others.

What I liked: This has some really interesting kink and kink negotiation, plus a wholly different Mary than most. (Written before Mary appeared on the show, of course.)

Series: At Least There's The Football by sheffiesharpe
Words: 178,992
Works: 14
First story:
Aftermath (5617 words) by sheffiesharpe
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes/Lestrade (Inspector), Lestrade (Inspector)/OMC
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Anthea (Sherlock), John Watson, Mycroft Holmes, Lestrade (Inspector), Sally Donovan
Additional Tags: one Holmes is as difficult as another, Getting to know you, talking about football, Snark, dry socks are important
Series: Part 1 of At Least There's The Football

Lestrade arrives at the pool after the explosion and finds someone else is already there.

What I liked: So many feelings! Family (found and blood), Anthea backstory, cooking.

Series: The Sustain Stories by maybe_amanda, onemillionandnine
Words: 151,422
Works: 4
First story:
Sustain (or Concerto for the Famished in D Minor) (70679 words) by maybe_amanda, onemillionandnine
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Sarah Sawyer/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Molly Hooper, John Watson, Sarah Sawyer, Lestrade (Inspector), Mycroft Holmes, Mummy (Sherlock), OCs
Series: Part 1 of The Sustain Stories

"So now you're behaving like a six year old 'cause he didn't take you along on his honeymoon?" Lestrade said. "Grow the hell up."

What I liked: This series is so good. Kidfic, Sherlock's thought processes, multi pov, casefic. Do be forewarned that the case later in the series has offscreen violence toward women and some onscreen Moriarty violence/creepiness.

Precious Things (people) (5663 words) by rozurashii
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock/Lestrade
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes

Few things cause Sherlock to feel uncomfortable.

What I liked: This is a soft, lovely thing set after The Great Game, with cuddling.

Self Service (9478 words) by Calico
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Lestrade (Inspector)/John Watson
Additional Tags: Threesome m/m/m, Double Penetration, Barebacking, sub!Lestrade

Gratuitous porn, remixed as a favour from another fandom's double penetration prompt. Yeah, I'm not sure what the redeeming feature is either...

What I liked: This is super hot. I also liked the framing where we know what's happening from the beginning, but when we get into it with Lestrade, we also forget that it's not real.

Ain't Seen the Sunshine (Since I Don't Know When) (26592 words) by emungere
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John/Lestrade pre-slash
Characters: John Watson, Lestrade (Inspector), Mrs Hudson, Anthea, Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes
Series: Part 1 of Ain't Seen the Sunshine

"I have two sons," she said. "Ages five and twelve. They're very bright, and I don't say that as a doting mother. I say that as someone who's seen their IQ scores and discovered that the elder was writing essays for a number of university students at fifty pounds a paper."

What I liked: This is an age difference AU where John becomes Mycroft and Sherlock's nanny. I love stories where John comes into their lives and is not here for whatever nonsense they've been allowed to get away with so far. There are some sequels, and also an associated blog.

The Adventure of the Three Bedirrags (11238 words) by marysutherland
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Lestrade (Inspector), Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade
Characters: Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, John
Additional Tags: Case Fic, preslash

A policeman's work is never done, even when he's supposed to be on leave. Lestrade casefic gratuitously ripped off from ACD's The Three Garridebs.

What I liked: I really liked watching Lestrade do casework, and his relationship with Sherlock is fun.
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Stories For Me

all that is good (10136 words) by sevenfoxes
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Bourne (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jason Bourne/Nicky Parsons
Characters: Jason Bourne, Nicky Parsons
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, unprotected sex

You think about Landy, how the hearings meant to expose corruption instead started to swallow her whole, destroying the last genuinely good person you knew at the CIA. You think about Vosen and Conklin and Abbot and all the fucking men who hid behind the flag and a thick line about patriotism while pursuing their own agenda, their own power and money. You think about your father dying alone, believing you were gone, that the last of his family was dead.

“There have to be consequences,” you tell him.

That is the difference between the two of you. Jason wants to be left alone.

You want vengeance.

What I liked: NICKY! I was really excited to get a story all about Nicky. This does a really good job of alternating past and present to flesh out the characters and their relationship. Plus reproductive choices.

make haste from Babylon (3990 words) by Addison R
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Killing
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Stephen Holder & Sarah Linden
Characters: Sarah Linden, Stephen Holder
Additional Tags: Soul Bond, Writing on Skin

This must be the new guy, but he sure doesn't look the part.

What I liked: SOULBONDING. I won't give it all away, so suffice to say there's a match to shapes that I enjoyed, and also a pull to keep them together.

Other Stories I Enjoyed

A Divinely Attractive Arrangement (5895 words) by Fahye
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Love and Friendship (2016)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sir James Martin, Lord Manwaring, Lady Susan Vernon

A selection from the Private Diary of Sir James Martin of Martindale. Concerning Peas, Friendship, the state of Blessed Matrimony, and several wonders of Modern Medicine.

What I liked: This is absolutely hilarious. The characterization is spot-on, and I laughed all the way through it.

Exclusive, Mutually (1507 words) by youjik33
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Arrested Development
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: George Oscar "Gob" Bluth/Tony Wonder
Characters: Michael Bluth, Lindsay Bluth Funke, George Oscar "Gob" Bluth, Tony Wonder

“You realize they’re only even having a wedding for the attention, right?” Michael asked.

Lindsay looked at him quizzically. “Well, yeah, why else?”

What I liked: This is an outsider pov on Gob and Tony Wonder's wedding. It's funny, and I also suggest listening to the mood music linked in the notes as you read.

Aviens Rex (1603 words) by sumeria
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: birdsrightsactivist (Twitter)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bird (birdsrightsactivist) & Original Character(s)
Characters: Bird (birdsrightsactivist), Original Male Character(s), Original Child Character(s)
Additional Tags: Twitter, Yuletide, epistolary?, no politics

In which Brad and Steve just want to have a picnic and a Tyrannosaurus is only another kind of bird.

What I liked: This is a very funny story told in tweets where we see both sides of Bird's interaction with a family having a picnic.

They Call it Undercover Work for a Reason (But Not That Reason) (8273 words) by greywash
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Spy (2015), Olympics RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nancy B. Artingstall & Susan Cooper, Susan Cooper/OFC, Susan Cooper/Nancy B. Artingstall/OFC (ish), Susan Cooper/Rick Ford, Susan Cooper/Rick Ford/Nancy B. Artingstall (ish), Nancy B. Artingstall/the Italian men's Olympic rowing team
Characters: Susan Cooper (Spy 2015), Nancy B. Artingstall
Additional Tags: Yuletide Treat, the olympics, Actual Bids for the 2024 Summer Olympics, (but everything else is made up), (definitely 100 percent made up), Los Angeles 2024, Paris 2024, Budapest 2024, international espionage, Adventure, The CIA: Have Fun and See Europe While Hitting Lots of Dudes in the Face, Rivalry, Hatesex, Alternate title: The Dr. Seuss Compendium of Hatesex, Would you do it on a plane?, Would you do it at a party?, Would you do it in an alley?, Would you do it on a Ferrari?, Cephalopods, Oh my God Rick Ford be better at your job, Susan and Nancy 2017 World Tour, I have 'friends' at the American embassy, Everything author knows about French accents they learned from Harry Potter IV, (sorry France), Irresponsible use of Google Translate, (sorry everyone), shh shh you have a head wound, maybe guest starring some famous person's second cousin once removed or something just because, also there's a yacht

"Cooper," says Crocker. "We've had word of an agent trying to undermine the American bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics."

"Do we care about the Olympics?" asks Nancy.

What I liked: This is exactly as absurd as a Spy story should be.

10 Things I Hate About Reunions (17278 words) by BryroseA
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kat Stratford/Patrick Verona
Characters: Kat Stratford, Patrick Verona, Bianca Stratford
Additional Tags: Partial epistolary - text messages, Post-Canon, the 2nd chapter is just the story stripped of all formatting for accessibility

Is there anyone less likely than Katerina Stratford to go to their high school reunion?

Well...maybe there is one person.

What I liked: I loved the mix of Kat and Bianca's relationship and the improbable coincidences that happen because of Bianca's scheming.

And All The Roads Are Blinding (7978 words) by moemachina
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kat Stratford/Patrick Verona
Characters: Kat Stratford, Patrick Verona, Bianca Stratford, Cameron James
Additional Tags: Lovers to Friends to Lovers, Sisterhood, Social Media, History of Technology

In the years after high school, Kat tentatively becomes friends with her ex-boyfriend Patrick. And then Bianca gets married.

What I liked: The slow reconnecting, and also the bits about Bianca's relationships with her exes.

Days Gone Down (1614 words) by Nomad
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Eroica Yori Ai o Komete | From Eroica with Love
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Klaus von dem Eberbach, Klaus von dem Eberbach's father, Dorian Red Gloria
Additional Tags: Future Fic, Yuletide Treat

An aging Klaus has a conversation with his father.

What I liked: Aging, the connection between Klaus and his father, the mix of that serious conversation with the ridiculousness that (of course) occurs when Dorian shows up.

Friday Night Bracing for Monday (21485 words) by Addison R
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Good Will Hunting (1997)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Will Hunting/Chuckie Sullivan
Characters: Chuckie Sullivan, Will Hunting, Morgan O'Mally, Billy McBride
Additional Tags: Sharing Clothes, Happy Ending, Sharing a Bed, Postcards, Canon-typical language, Families of Choice, Past Violence, Past Child Abuse, Post-Movie(s), Yuletide 2016

Chuckie grows up a little, and Will moves back to Boston.

What I liked: Stories about people growing up and getting their lives together are my faaaavorite.

The Dame's Only Doing It for that Doll (1561 words) by major_general
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Guys and Dolls - Loesser/Swerling/Burrows
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sarah Brown/Sky Masterson
Characters: Sky Masterson, Sarah Brown, Nicely-Nicely Johnson
Additional Tags: Rule 63, Alternate Universe - Always a Different Sex, Lesbian Character, Lesbian Sky Masterson, Misses Clause Challenge

Sgt. Sarah Brown runs a mission on her own terms in the years after agreeing to a Boston marriage with Sky Masterson.

What I liked: Lesbian Sky Masterson! Also the effect of a gangster and a missionary making a life together.

Renovation (2712 words) by faithfulcynic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Practical Magic (1998)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Bridget "Jet" Owens, Frances Owens
Additional Tags: Humor, Siblings, Magic, The House has Opinions, Franny watches HGTV, Jet wants another brownie

Every decade or so, Frances has the urge to renovate the House and every decade or so the House has other plans. Jet always gets caught in the middle.

What I liked: I enjoyed the House's personality and the battles it has with Frances.

Stories By Me

Every Single Holiday (4043 words)
Fandom: Spy (2015)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Susan Cooper/Rick Ford
Characters: Susan Cooper (Spy 2015), Rick Ford, Nancy B. Artingstall
Additional Tags: Dick in a Box, 5+1 Things
Summary:When it comes to gift-giving, Ford's repertoire is somewhat limited.

First Choices (2017 words)
Fandom: Chalion Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: the Bastard (Chalion), Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting
Summary:A growing number of L.G.B.T. Quintarians are choosing to devote themselves to gods other than the Bastard.

Life to the Kingdom (2097 words)
Fandom: The Huntsman (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: The Huntsman/Sara (The Huntsman)/Snow White (The Huntsman), The Huntsman/Sara (The Huntsman), The Huntsman/Snow White (The Huntsman), Sara (The Huntsman)/Snow White (The Huntsman), Snow White/William (The Huntsman)
Characters: The Huntsman (The Huntsman), Sara (The Huntsman), Snow White (The Huntsman), William (The Huntsman)
Additional Tags: Threesome - F/F/M, Infidelity, Future Fic
Series: Part 1 of The Huntsman: Future's Hope
Summary:When the kingdom of the north had been freed and the mirror's shards taken to Sanctuary, Eric and Sara returned to Snow White's kingdom.

Hope Of Our Hearts (4031 words)
Fandom: The Huntsman (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: The Huntsman/Sara (The Huntsman)/Snow White (The Huntsman), The Huntsman/Sara (The Huntsman), The Huntsman/Snow White (The Huntsman), Snow White/William (The Huntsman)
Characters: Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Snow White (The Huntsman), William (The Huntsman), The Huntsman (The Huntsman), Sara (The Huntsman), Ravenna (The Huntsman)
Additional Tags: Future Fic, Past Infidelity
Series: Part 2 of The Huntsman: Future's Hope
Summary: When the Heir to Snow White's kingdom, who was known to the people not only by her name of Hope but also as Hope-of-our-hearts, had reached her majority, word came from the kingdom to the east that they were being harried at their eastern border by an army of nearly supernatural strength.
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Happy Halloween! Welcome to the eighth annual edition of virtual trick-or-treating.


Knock or ring the bell by leaving me a comment, and I'll reply with a treat of some sort. It might be a fic snippet, a picture, a song, or something else I come up with in the moment. My intention is to post all treats before I go to bed on Halloween. Lurkers and anonymous trick-or-treaters are welcome! (But if you're posting anonymously or with an LJ account that is completely friends-locked and you want a treat specific to your interests, let me know something about why you know me.)

(Not my actual door. Photo by Flickr user Nick Stanley, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.)
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Stories For Me

I got three stories for Yuletide! They are all on the theme of women after they give up on their mother's dreams for them, which is not surprising based on my requests, but still interesting. Also, when it became reveal time, I recognized two of these authors from other fandoms. I recommend them if you're familiar with the fandoms.

So Is It Wrong To Dance This Line (1135 words) by gaialux
Fandom: Dance Academy
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kat Karamakov/Ethan Karamakov
Characters: Kat Karamakov, Ethan Karamakov, Natasha Willis
Additional Tags: Slice of Life, Implied/Referenced Incest
Summary: Often enough, all they had was each other and dancing.

In the Shadows, In the Light (1682 words) by escritoireazul
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ice Princess (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ann (Ice Princess)/Gen Harwood
Characters: Gen Harwood, Ann (Ice Princess), Casey Carlyle
Additional Tags: First Kiss, Female Friendship, Yuletide Treat, Awkward Flirting

Gen Harwood gave up figure skating to have a regular life. Now she just has to figure out what that means.

Plan B (2634 words) by carolinecrane
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ice Princess (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Gen/Ann
Characters: Gen Harwood, Ann (Ice Princess)
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Yuletide Treat, Accidental Dating

Gen walked away from her Plan A. Ann's Plan A just didn't work out, but Plan B's not always such a bad thing.

Story By Me

I was about 90% sure I wouldn't get matched on The Fast and the Furious because I only offered Mia and Letty and I figured anyone requesting it would request Dom and/or Brian. I got matched with someone who requested any characters and specifically mentioned being interested in Mia in the request, and I really enjoyed writing this alternate path for Mia after the first movie.

And You Welcomed Me (10724 words) by rsadelle
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious (2001), Fast and the Furious Series
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Mia Toretto, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Post-Movie, Families of Choice, Roman Catholicism

Mia makes herself a new family.

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I've never watched Generation Kill, but I have read a lot of GK fic, largely because [ profile] lakeeffectgirl started writing it. (This sometimes causes confusion when I run into GK gifsets on Tumblr; none of them look the way I imagine them in my head.) This is a four-story rec set because I couldn't find the fifth story I was going to rec.

we should do it again (Brad/Nate, 6378 words) by Lake
Summary: In which Nate has issues, and occasionally sleeping with Brad is the least of them.

You should really go read all of [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's GK fic, but I'm choosing just one for this rec set, and I'm choosing this one because of the three I love best (the other two are Après moi le deluge and and my glory shall be love), this is the one I didn't beta read, which means I never commented on it as it went along, and I also meant to leave a comment on the finished story and never did. If I'd left one, it would have been something like, "Wow. This packs a lot of intensity into a fairly short story."

for my move, well I'm making it (Brad/Ray, 3226 words) by stolemyslumber
Summary:Ray has been a chick for three days when he sits down next to Brad on the couch, puts a hand on his knee, and says, “Brad. I think you should fuck me.”

Of course this rec set needs a hot suddenly a girl story. (stolemyslumber has also written a bunch of other GK fic. If you're going to read more, I highly recommend both we can take it easy if you want me to and then I pick up the pieces and run.)

For What It's Worth (Brad/Ray, 10876 words) by SarahJeanne
Summary: Neither of them really notice it's happening, until it has.

Very good accidental d/s relationship fic.

Bright College Years (Brad/Nate, 7780 words) by fourfreedoms
Summary: Bravo platoon as a fraternity.

This is possibly my most favorite frat AU ever. The throughline of the story is the Brad/Nate relationship, but it's also, in many ways, an ensemble story, and I love the other povs.

The lost story: the fifth story I was going to rec is the Brad/Nate one where Nate is sometimes female and sometimes male. I'm pretty sure I didn't hallucinate it, so if anyone knows what it is, leave a note in the comments!
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Uh, yeah. I don't really know how I stumbled upon these, but I like them. Like the last set of kink recs, these are long on porn and short on plot.

Strive to Overwhelm (2523 words) by faviconlocketofyourhair, girl!Steve/girl!Tony, "Steph Rogers has a very fast refractory period, and Tony loves that, she does, but sometimes even she needs to sleep."

This is no different. Tony sets up the machine in her bedroom, throwing a sheet over it so the dildo isn’t as obvious. Steph shows up after a run with Clint, and she’s sweating and hums into Tony’s kiss. “I can take a shower,” she says, even though she knows what the sight of her sweating, in jogging shorts and a tank top, does to Tony.

“Oh, no,” Tony says, and she slides her hands over Steph’s hips to hold her close. “I have an experiment.”

Steph’s face falls a little. “Oh,” she says. “In the lab?”

Tony laughs and kisses Steph, biting at her lips. “Sexy experiment. I want to see how you like something.”
Adjustments (2004 words) by faviconsomehowunbroken, Steve/Tony, Tony/tentacles, "It's three hours before JARVIS tells Steve that Tony is ready."

Steve laughs softly as Tony stands back up and walks back towards the tentacle machine. He drops his pants as soon as he’s out of Steve’s reach, tossing a smirk over his shoulder as he runs a hand up the length of the nearest tentacle.

“Any requests?” Tony asks, flicking the end of the tentacle with his fingertip. It ripples and moves, curling around Tony’s hand and tugging. He laughs as he stumbles toward it.

“Oh,” Steve says, almost involuntarily. Tony glances over and grins.

“I think we’ll just see where it takes us this time,” he suggests, and all Steve can do is nod.
As Passionate Machines (2155 words) by faviconsinuous_curve, girl!Steve/girl!Tony, "Steph makes the mistake of asking, “What do you do for fun?” one afternoon when she and Tony are alone in the mansion, when they’re both sweaty and pleasantly sore from a couple hours spent sparring."

Tony grins. “I think you want to try it.”

“Okay, then,” Steph says, hiding her tangle of fear and desire behind defiance. “Okay, I want to try it. What do I do?”

“Get naked,” Tony says promptly.

Steph never changed out of her thin tank and shorts after Tony finally collapsed and declared she would die if they went another round sparring. She strips off her clothes, panties, and sports bra, setting them in a pile on the nearest table. Her nipples go hard in the cool basement air and she crosses her arms over her chest, even though Tony has seen her naked hundreds of times at this point. It’s different.
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If you don't know what knotting is, fanlore has a good overview. I'm sure there are a lot of interesting stories to tell about alpha/beta/omega worlds, but I'm not in it for those stories. I'm totally in it for the porn. Overstimulation/people taking it beyond what they think they can is one of my top five kinks to read, and knotting totally plays in to that. These recs tend toward the shorter and plotless side.


Working Hard/Hardly Working by [ profile] poor_choices. Chash has done a fair number of knotting stories around the question of "What about the girls?" and this is my favorite of them all: Jared Padalecki/Danneel Harris/Genevieve Cortese, "Jared has the best job ever, in that he gets to fuck hot omegas and make out with a hot beta during his downtime." Bisexual threesome; what more do you want?

There's a jangle of bells, and Danneel sighs. "Customer," she says, slumping back against him. "What do you think, yours or mine?"

"I hope mine," he says. "I've got a raging hard-on and you're not available until eleven."

"Longer, if this girl wants a proper knotting," Danneel says, smugly. Jared isn't allowed to get off with Danneel during work hours, because he needs to be ready to take care of the omegas if they stop by. Which works for him--he just follows Danneel home and fucks her on her own bed.
Sure to Lure Someone Bad and its sequel, You Are A Fever by faviconObstinatrix, faviconmistyzeo Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, "Jensen plans to take care of his heat the way he normally does: alone. But there’s a stranger on the subway that has a better idea."

“I’m Jared,” the guys says, very quietly. “And I’m gonna fuck you.”

It should be insulting. It should be ridiculous, and outrageous, and the exact opposite of really goddamn hot, but it isn’t. Jensen sucks in a sharp breath, a pulse of want and need rocketing though him. His cock is fully hard now, throbbing in his jeans, and he has his briefcase positioned just right to not scandalize the whole train. Jared takes another step into his space, gets a foot between Jensen’s boots where he’s bracing against the subway’s movement, and his hard thigh between Jensen’s spread legs. His crotch is against Jensen’s ass, and Jensen can feel the solid line of his dick.

“Jensen,” Jensen says, choking on a moan as the guy, Jared, ducks his head to the curve of his neck and inhales. He’s obviously got his animal instinct in check, just enough that he can keep up the charade of normality in public, but Jensen’s got a feeling this guy will take him apart.
X-Men: First Class

Reading XMFC fic usually just makes me irritated with the movie all over again, but we're just in it for the porn here, so the plot doesn't really matter. (This is also why the not quite 60s elements of the porn don't bother me much.)

Fighting Acceptance by faviconheeroluva Hank/Alex, "Not all of Hank's changes are so obvious, and he has problems adjusting. Alex finally gets through to him."

Alex’s mind abruptly supplied him with a vivid image of what it would look and feel like fully erect, but Alex pushed it aside. Mouth suddenly parched, Alex swallowed thickly, his tongue darting out in a failed attempt to wet his dry lips. Forcing his gaze upward, Alex met Hank’s terrified, wide-eyed gaze. He was obliviously prepared for rejection, for disgust or fear.

Those were the things farthest from his mind at that moment, and probably one of the hottest things he’d ever seen. Alex said as much. “You’re hot.”
much in common by favicon1001cranes Hank/Alex, "Kink meme fill. Knotting, and neither Alex nor Hank know what's coming."

Hank catches him staring, and that's it, the awkward-face is back.

"Don't even," Alex says, and he launches himself at Hank for good measure. Literally launches, and he knocks Hank onto the bed more by surprise than force. "I can't wait," he slurs, because sex does this to him, it knocks him out, it makes him languid, it makes him want. He gets pushy and malleable all at once. "I want to suck your cock so bad," he croons, shoving one hand between Hank's legs, fingers sliding just over the head, and Hank makes a noise like he's been shot.
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needs must (98686 words) by faviconthatotherperv

This is an AU where Harvey is Harvey and Mike is a paid sub. It's almost 99,000 words, so it's one of those things you don't want to start unless you have a lot of time on your hands. I started reading it, and I planned to take a break at one point to do something else, and I just couldn't tear myself away from it.

Mike needs the money for Grammy's care, so he finally takes a long-term, very highly-paid subbing contract with Harvey. Mike's done this kind of work before, but he's not into subbing - or so he thinks. As time goes on, he finds out he's wrong about that, and Harvey helps set him on the path to law school. Plus, of course, they fall in love.

I loved this story. There's a middle part that hews closely to the plot of the show that I thought was only okay, but the rest of it was exactly what I wanted out of this kind of story. (Weirdly, to the point that I felt like I couldn't email this rec because it was too close, but posting it publicly to LJ doesn't bother me.) If you don't like this sort of fic, this story isn't going to change your mind, but if this is your sort of thing, I definitely recommend it, and I think most of it will make sense even if you don't watch the show.
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Today I'm thankful for [ profile] lakeeffectgirl. We've now been friends for long enough that I can refer to it as a very long time. We've drifted in and out of various fandoms over the years, sometimes together and sometimes separately, and it's a joy to be in a fandom together again. There are a lot of other great things about her, but right now one of them is that we spend a lot of time emailing back and forth about hockey. In the midst of one of our threads, she emailed me a snippet about Mike Richards in high heels, which I starred so I got to reread it every time I went to email something else to her in that same thread. When she took NaNo prompts, I told her that even though it felt like cheating since she's already writing so many things I love, I would throw in additional votes for a few things, including more high heels. She turned that original Mike in heels snippet into middle of that riot. Until she wrote it, I'm not sure I realized how much Carts buying Richie heels would absolutely be my kind of thing.
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Sidney Crosby and the Russians Who Love Him

Fandom, take note: this man is not a robot:

Picture )

I have to admit that I can barely handle this picture. Look how absolutely delighted he is to have that child in his arms. You know who else loves kids?

This guy:

Geno! )

Also, this guy:

Ovi! )

Where is the nanny AU where Sid has a baby and hires Geno or Alex to be the kid's nanny?

Danny Briere (with bonus Taylor Hall, Tyler Seguin, Scott Hartnell, and Claude Giroux)

Whatever, like I was going to make a hockey post without including him. First, let's watch this:

Video )

This is the video I tell people about when I'm trying to describe how unintentionally dirty hockey is. Barely legal draft prospects Taylor Hall and Tyler Seguin visit the Flyers locker room where Danny tells them how hard or soft he likes his sticks and how many he goes through in a season. And then Tyler Seguin can't keep himself from commenting about how tiny Danny is.

The only bad thing about that video is that it's during playoff season, which means Danny has terrible facial hair. So let's look at him in the adorable hats the Flyers had for the Winter Classic:

Adorable hat! )

And while we're on the subject of the Winter Classic, I may have watched this video a very large number of times today:

Video )

It's titled "Flyers See Winter Classic Ice," but is actually just Scott Hartnell and the Briouxs checking it out. Hartsy greets all five of them with, "Hey, Brieres."

Carts+Richie 4-EVER (with bonus Staals!)

This gif floated around tumblr recently:

Carts and Richie making hearteyes at each other. )

Mostly, it makes me want a college AU, but I can't say why it reads that way to me. Also, it comes from this video:

Video )

The best thing about this video is that nearly all of the dialogue is just the Staals chirping people. Best Scandinavian trolls.

Tyler Seguin's House of Bros

I really mean it when I say that Segs and his husband and boyfriends are making my whole summer better.

First, his husband was upset that Segs and the dog were napping without him:

Picture )

Then Segs took his other other boyfriend to see Magic Mike:

Picture )

And then slept on him in public:

Picture )

Also, it appears that someone in that house is sleeping in a bed with pink blankets:

Picture )

Really, how does this kind of thing happen in real life?

Danny Briere's (ex?-)Husband's New Boyfriend

Let's just start with pictures of that time Claude Giroux took Paul Bissonnette as his date to the NHL Awards:

Claude and Biz on the red carpet )

And lest you think that's fangirl exaggeration, allow me to assure you that every interviewer they met on the red carpet called Biz Claude's date, in those words. And then there's the video that the screencaps above come from. You may need a minute to prepare yourself for this. Keep in mind that it includes this exchange:

Alyonka Larionov: I'm just wondering, how did this relationship start?
Claude: I don't even know. When's the first time we met?
Biz: It's complicated.
Claude: My status on Facebook, "It's complicated."

Yeah, that happens:

Let's go to the video tape. )

And don't forget the first red carpet interview where they talk about how they were hanging out together in Montreal when they decided Biz should be Claude's date:

Video )

You have no idea how much I want Claude/Biz fic. And the fact that no one wants to break up Claude and Danny isn't going to stop me from talking about it. Possible plot bunnies:

The one where Danny's straight and Claude is not: Claude's young, but he's not completely stupid. He knows falling in love with an older straight man who already has a family isn't going to end well for him, so he moves out of Danny's house, gets his own place, gets over Danny, and hooks up with Biz.

The other one where Danny's straight and Claude is not: Danny really is just a friend. Claude tends to just hook up with people, and then he starts hooking up with Biz.

The one where they're poly: Claude and Danny have an open relationship. Possibly they're monogamous during the season and free to do whatever (or whomever) they want during the summer. This summer, Claude spends a lot of time hooking up with Biz.

The one where they fall in love: Biz is not into relationships. He just likes sex. And then there's Claude, and he thinks it's just hooking up. (This would be like that Taylor Hall/Ryan Whitney story with the part of Taylor Hall played by Claude and the part of Ryan Whitney played by Biz.)

The one I'm most likely to write: Claude and Biz casually hooking up in varying cities. (If I end up writing it, it's probably just going to be a sex scene that hinges on Claude asking, "Can I fuck you this time?" and Biz finding that he really likes being fucked.)
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I wrote this whole post at work today, and then Carter and Richards got their last piece of happily ever after with their Stanley Cup and no one will care about anyone else, but I wrote it, so have it anyway.

Hockey people, if you don't have [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and her fic journal [ profile] alonewithghosts friended, you're missing out. She finds and/or writes the best things.

Once upon a time, before she even liked them, she outlined the epic Brioux plot for me, and then she wrote some bits of it. She's ditching it now, but she has put the breakup scene of my heart (and a few other bits) up at her fic journal. Be forewarned, it is full of sadness, but in a really satisfying way. (Sometimes I just go reread that scene. I love it that much.)

She also directed me toward this video )which is all about Mike Richards being sad after he got traded. We would both very much like some Mike/Cabbie fic if anyone would be into writing that.

Also glorious is this post by [ profile] gigantic which has both a video of Kings players talking about Twilight (Did you know Mike Richards read the books? I have no idea why they appeal to hockey players, but I almost hope he and Carter are reading 50 Shades of Fan Fic now.) and a fabulous plot bunny about hockey players having a YA lit book club.

Also devoted to making my summer better: the Tylers. [ profile] littledivinity has an awesome primer about them, and they're continuing to live up to everything that primer promises. They live together in the off-season, which prompted Seguin to tweet about yoga. Then he adopted a puppy. Then Brown retweeted some other guy who said of them, "Good to see u boys are still happily attached at the hip." I don't know why I find these two in particular so delightful, and yet I do. Possibly it has something to do with Brown calling Seguin "the wife" in a cheerful and non-demeaning way.

Also delightful, this picture of P.K. Subban and Carey Price wearing each other's names. )Clothes sharing and people wearing each other's names forever.

Anyway, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and I have been discussing tropes we could apply to the Briouxs or Carter and Richards. Tell me your favorite tropes we could plot bunny!

I have so far written no Carter/Richards (Given the way these things go, I'm sure I will eventually. Keep in mind that they once played on a team with Patrick Sharp, who makes everything more entertaining.), but I now have three Brioux docs: the one where Sean has a boyfriend, the one where Hartsy is confused and no one got divorced (I really want to write more of this, but I don't know what else would happen), and the one where Danny is Claude's professor. I was going to post something not Brioux this weekend, but then I decided I didn't want to (a) read through it one last time for anything that needs to be fixed or (b) deal with AO3. But clothes sharing and feelings sometime this week, I promise.
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It seems like all my hockey posts are just repeating [ profile] lakeeffectgirl, but as much as I feel like I've abandoned the rest of my fannish friends (there's a clear divide: the two of us are into hockey; everyone else is all Avengers all the time), this really is what it's like when we're in the same fandom. Anyway, have some links.

First, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's hockey nicknames spreadsheet that anyone can edit. If you know nicknames that aren't on it, add them! I used the spreadsheet this week, so it is useful for writers. (You will get bonus points in my book for including a source citation.)

Secondly, she also transcribed Sticking Together, the definitive January 2011 news article that lays out the Briouxs' domestic arrangements. Highlights include Danny asking Claude to move in repeatedly, neither one of them thinking there was anything weird about their living arrangements, and the kids preferring Claude to pick them up from school.

And then there's her series of Brioux snippets. I am the lucky first recipient of these snippets in my email, and they make my day every time. I don't even know if I can put into words why I love them so much. They are just exactly the kind of story I want to wrap myself up in. They're domestic and soft and full of cuddling and oblivious marriedness. If you don't know anything about hockey, all you need to know for these to make sense is that Claude Giroux lived with divorced Danny Briere and his three sons for a season, then moved out. (Alternately, you can read the news article from the previous paragraph, since it works perfectly well as a Brioux primer.)

Unrelated to the Briouxs, you could also go read this Mike Richards and Jeff Carter article from the Philadelphia media. It's not fan fic, but it might as well be. Richards can only speak in the couple's we and the writer informs us, "While Mike Richards grew to enjoy life in L.A. this season, Jeff Carter seemed to be dying a slow death in Columbus and didn’t hide his unhappiness." I honestly think the hockey media might be even more invested in this relationship than the fangirls.
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I keep thinking I should post about hockey more so we can have more conversations about it and do all that fannish stuff, but (a) I'm not very industrious when it comes to things like pictures and video and (b) I think [ profile] lakeeffectgirl is the person most interested in it, and she and I email about hockey all day long anyway. And speaking of, go read her snippet about the Briere kids wanting Claude to move back in. It's so great! Also, I really want all the stories about the Briouxs and their kids. ALL THE STORIES. (Well, actually, only the good ones. Badly written ones can stay unread.)

Mostly my everyday tiny hockey things go on Twitter or Tumblr. I have a confession about Tumblr: sometimes I open things with the intention of reblogging them, and then don't because tagging them seems like too much work. (And I refuse to reblog without tags. My biggest Tumblr pet peeve is untagged and uncaptioned pictures. You can't interest me in people if you don't tell me who they are.) I think I use Tumblr all wrong anyway because I almost never just reblog things. Everyone who follows me and is interested in whatever it is probably also follows the person I'm reblogging from, so there's no real point in reblogging unless I'm going to say something about it, which I don't think is how you're supposed to use Tumblr. You all know I'm wordy anyway, so of course I can't just use Tumblr for pretty things. I also often open things and then decide that, no, I'm not going to pick a fight about it. (But I think there's at least one thing that's getting some angry commentary if I see it a third time.) See? This is why I can't just be fannish, because I overthink things and refuse to just capslock. Semi-relatedly, I'm horribly jealous of how much time people seem to have for fandom. Why can't I have a job where no one cares if I watch videos of hockey players taking us on tours of their houses at my desk?

I must have more time than I think, though, because I ran out of hockey fic to read. (If you know of things I'm not likely to have read, meaning things not at AO3, you should tell me about them!) I tried reading some Generation Kill fic instead (because I generally love GK fic even though I've never seen the show), but it turns out I've read an awful lot of it already, particularly the AUs, which are what I like most. I don't know what to read now. Is there new good Star Trek reboot fic?
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I had the absolute pleasure of getting to read [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's skip to the practical part as she wrote it. Like my last kink rec, this story does a fantastic job of getting the feeling right. Even if consensual violence isn't your thing, give this story a try just for that.
He always says thank you. He's not sure why.

Kaner's hands drag down his neck and over his chest. "There's a bruise on my hip," Andrew says, and Pat looks at him questioningly. He nods. Kaner pulls his briefs down, gaze following.

"Well, that one's a beauty," Kaner says dryly, and wiggles down to poke the tender flesh. Andrew hisses. Reaves had slammed him into the boards with extra force last night, retaliation for Andrew's check on Crombeen earlier in the period.

Kaner ducks down, applying teeth, and Andrew shouts wordlessly at the ceiling as the pain breaks over him, hands feeling for Kaner's head and tangling in his still-damp hair.
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The one thing I've been lamenting about hockey fandom is its lack of kink fic. There's a lot of casual kink - people enjoying being manhandled/held down/bitten - but not much of the more serious variety. Then along came [ profile] liketheroad with a complicated kindness. I'm sure you've heard me say before that my cardinal rule of sex scenes is that how they feel is more important than what they do, and this is increasingly true the more people in the scene or the kinkier it is. "a complicated kindness" hews true to that rule. She fades to black for half the sex scene, which works incredibly well because (a) the story is all about the feeling of the kink and (b) it's the kind of sex scene where you could easily get stuck on what they're doing and forget to show us how they feel. The whole story has exactly the fantastic kind of feeling I want from d/s fic. It does take place in high school, so if that's not your thing, you shouldn't read it. It also does exactly what I've been pondering when thinking about kink and hockey players being young and has them look things up on the internet.
Shaking still, he types in another link, but it doesn’t take him to more porn, which sucks a lot, but is probably helpful in terms of Patrick’s goal of not coming in his pants.

He tries to focus on the text in front of him, and after blinking at it stupidly for awhile Patrick realizes he’s reading some kind of a FAQ on bondage and sadomasochism. Patrick kind of wants to skip it and see if there’s more porn, but it was on Johnny’s list so that means he has to read it.

It seems pretty straightforward to Patrick. He never thought to lay things out like the website does, but he finds himself nodding a lot, feeling like he wants to fist-bump whoever wrote the responses. Like, who wouldn’t want to get tied up? Seems like a pretty fucking great idea. He imagines rope digging into his wrists and thinks he would still prefer Johnny’s hands, but if Johnny was the one watching him struggle against them, Patrick figures he could probably make do.

Same goes for getting hit, getting choked. It all sounds fucking awesome, if you ask Patrick, and really the only thing he doesn’t get is why anyone would want something different. Pain is - in hockey pain is how you know you’re doing good, how you know you’re working hard enough. It should burn a little. It should leave you gasping, emptied out, wanting more.

If hockey’s like that, and hockey is the best thing in the world, Patrick figures sex can’t be that much different. It might even be better, maybe, but he doesn’t really know. Mostly, all Patrick knows is that whatever he’s doing, he wants to be doing it with Johnny.
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There are two stories behind this entry. The first is that I was going to make it yesterday, because I think there should be something different for the Ides of March. Then we were ridiculously busy at work, and I didn't want to do anything but wallow in reading fic when I got home. The other story is that when I can't get my shit together (and this is the first week of 2012 where I have gotten my shit together), I pick a fandom I don't care about and read a lot of fic. So here are some recs from three previously-unread fandoms.


I have now read a lot of Avengers fic, and I feel like a terrible fangirl for saying this, but I don't really get it. Maybe if I'd seen more of the movies than just Thor. There are two stories I've liked:

Safeword by melannen. The author's summary for this is, "Tony Stark doesn't need to be safe, sane, and consensual. He has JARVIS instead. (Then he gets Steve.)" JARVIS is the pov character, which makes it a particularly interesting story.
The next time Tony specifically requested that JARVIS observe one of his encounters, the other participant was a man who did not yet appear in any of JARVIS's databases. He was tall, burly, had a few days' beard stubble and a leather jacket, and smelled of distilled alcohol and engine exhaust. He must have been someone Tony met in a bar or other location where casual encounters were commonly negotiated.

He was, at several points, rather rough with Tony, and notably demanding. However, he never seemed to have any air of malice about him, and in fact appeared to be quite carefully monitoring and reacting to Tony's level of enjoyment. And Tony never offered any signs of distress; entirely the contrary, in fact. There were several points at which JARVIS considered the possibility that he was expected to interfere, but in the end, he simply let the encounter play out.

The next morning he asked Tony if his lack of action had been appropriate.

"Oh, yeah, don't worry about it," Tony said through his smoothie. "He was considerate all the way. Guess that shows me not to judge people by appearance, huh? Thanks for caring, though, you're great."
Thor is the one movie I saw, and Darcy was my favorite character in it. I discovered, as I read Avengers fic, that I will read any and all Clint/Darcy. Gift of Asylum by carleton97 and Sister_Wolf is my absolute favorite. Clint and Darcy have really hot sex in a bar bathroom, and years later meet again as part of the Avengers Initiative.
Sleep is just about winning when bar stool girl drops two tequila shots in front of him and says, "Drink up. I'm at least two drinks ahead and you look like you can hold your liquor."

Clint jerks back, surprised again that a civilian girl managed to get so far into his personal space. "Excuse me?"

She gestures impatiently at the drinks. "You seem like you would hesitate to take advantage of a drunken me. I'm trying to fix that."

"Are you kidding?"

She gives him a flat, unimpressed look. "Do I look like I'm kidding? Listen, the math is simple: a few drinks plus you plus me equals sex. If you're not into it, let me know now and I'll stop wasting my time."

Clint isn't used to girls being so blunt about it. Normally a bar hook-up is flirting, a little kissing and "do you want to go back to my place for some coffee?" But hey, she's cute, she's a little weird but not in a bad way, and she wants to have sex with him. Clint is not an idiot.

Clint gives her one of his best charming grins and tips both of the shots back, one after the other.
X-Men: First Class

As you may remember, I loathed the movie with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, but a couple of weeks ago, [ profile] brown_betty made a post of recs for AUs where Erik is in a position to mentor people. I did read all four stories (although not the sequel to one of them) before I had to stop because it was just making my rant about the movie loop in my head. The best of the stories she recced is If You Liked The Book, You'll Hate The Movie by paperclipbitch. Erik is a high school guidance counselor, Alex and Hank are both in mandated therapy with him, Hank and Emma are best friends, Raven tries out everything, Sean is the lead singer of a band, and Erik refuses to sleep with Charles.
Mr Lehnsherr had a smile with too many teeth in and a bare office with no inspirational posters about mental health or life in general or anything in it, and the thin, mean look of a guy with bodies under concrete in his basement. He watched Alex’s glare and calculated silence for five minutes without saying anything, and then said: “I’m Erik.”

Alex had had his fair share of call-me-by-my-first-name-and-now-we’re-friends psychiatrists, and while he didn’t say it aloud, he let his scorn curl across his face.

Erik grinned. “Oh,” he said, “I’m not trying to be your friend here. I have no interest in being your friend because I’ve read your file and you’re an asshole. But I think we can let formality slide since we’re basically here to keep you from killing anyone else.
Hockey RPF

I originally started reading Hockey RPF because I wanted something to read and I was promised soulbonding, but I have to admit it's totally my fandom now. I have no interest in hockey as a sport, but hockey fic? Yes, please. Three reasons hockey fandom is awesome:
  1. It takes place in our real world - no pesky canon to learn!

  2. Most of the fic is about people living together/hooking up/otherwise making a life together while being oblivious to/dumb about the fact that they're in love, but in an adorable way.

  3. No one in hockey fandom can quite believe they're in hockey fandom, so everyone who talks about it is hilarious about it.
The first rec is the Kane and Toews primer by [ profile] totheviktor. Even if you have no interest in these people or this fandom, you should read the primer (you don't have to watch the videos; I've only watched a few, and that was well after I read the primer the first time). I laughed all the way through it.
Patrick Kane is a hideous hockey-playing weirdo who is bad at every aspect of life. "An unattractive, terrible dude?" you say. "He sounds like the worst! Tell me more! Does he happen to have a somewhat attractive, bossy captain/teammate/roommate/BFF/bromeo in his life? Do they perhaps have popsicle eating contests, weep over movies, fail miserably at fighting, buy matching furniture, read Twilight, and get called married by their mothers? As men do?"

Hockey RPF has an entire subgenre of fic where people teach Sidney Crosby about sex/feelings/having fun. Heart in Hand (Sidney Crosby/Alexander Ovechkin) by salifiable is my favorite of them. It's very long (130,000 words), so either plan to stop in the middle or don't start reading until you can read all the way through. It is worth the time. It's fantastic. You may want to skip/skim the first sex scene; it's dub con in a way that is uncomfortable to read.
"Oh my god, stop that," he says, pulling Ovechkin away from the glass where the other player is crossing his eyes and trying to touch his tongue to his nose, apparently engaging in a silly-face contest with a kid in the front row. Sid feels like telling the kid that there's no way he can win, Ovechkin has too much of a head start in that race. "C'mon, we need to start practicing."

"Okay, great! What we practice today, Sid?" Ovechkin says, bouncing up and down.

"Well, I've been working on getting better defensively," Sid says. "But you wanted to improve your game, right? What do you think you need to work on? What criticisms of your game did you hear last year?" he asks.

"Russian, dirty player, no defense, choker, predictable, dirty hitter, no defense, show-off, not team player, choker, Russian, dirty, selfish, bad fashion, bad dancer," Ovechkin rattles off.

"Whoa, whoa," Sid says. "Wait, what?"

"I know, right? I dress great, and I'm good dancer!" Ovechkin says indignantly.

"No, I mean..." What Sid really means is that he had no idea Ovechkin had taken all the criticism aimed at him so much to heart.

"But hey, we can work on defense together!" Ovechkin says, brightening. "By end of summer, we gonna be Selke nominees, tell Datsyuk he can't have any more."
You know how Twilight is terrible? Well, if you make it gay and humorous, then it becomes delightful. Where the Wild Things Are (Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews) by liketheroad is such a story.
He approaches Johnny slowly, hands up in the air. “No touching, okay, I get it,” he says, using a soft, coaxing voice, but Johnny just presses his shoulders back tighter against the wall. It looks like his nails are trying to dig into the plaster.

“Don’t break the wall, man,” Patrick says. “There’s probably asbestos in there. You could die, and that would hurt.”

It’s a serious fucking concern, because Patrick is a good guy and only looking out for Johnny’s best interests, so he’s almost offended when Johnny starts to laugh.

Okay, that’s a lie. Johnny’s face cracks open with his laughter, his body unfolds, turning loose and bent double, and Patrick stands in front of him, his hands raised triumphantly in the air.
One of the things I really enjoy about hockey fandom is the commitment to stories where one dude plays hockey and the other dude used to but is now homeless/poor/a hooker. The first one of those I read was Knocking Me Dead (Ryan Kesler/Andrew Ladd) by beatperfume. It's fluffy and delightful, and my absolute favorite variety of hooker AU.
Over the next few weeks, Andrew takes a pair of Kesler’s gloves, a Coach bag containing a present for his mom, a travel coffee mug, and his expensive sunglasses. Some of it Kesler gets back (his mom’s present, his mug) and some he doesn't (he doesn’t even bring up the gloves). But he always has to go back and ask, and every time he ends up having sex with Andrew. The fact that each time, he comes prepared with a couple hundred in cash is something he doesn't think about. He also doesn't think about the fact that he doesn't get mad anymore when he realizes something is missing.

Whatever. He's getting laid and he's playing great, so there's really no need to complain.
The other thing this fandom has a serious commitment to is babyfic. This comment/chatfic by [ profile] shoemaster and [ profile] go_gentle is such a story. Erik Staal and Jeff Skinner have a one-night stand when Jeff is seventeen, and it results in a baby. If you are not into mpreg, this story is safe for you since it skips to Jeff showing up with the baby.
He brings their stuff inside and drops it in the hall the second he sees Jeff holding Maggie. She smiles when she sees him, and he's so glad she didn't forget him, even if it was a stupid thing to worry about.

"Hey little one," he says, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "Papa missed you."

Jeff is just beaming at both of them and it just feels like home, and it feels like family, and Eric just wants to pull Jeff into his arms and hold them both.

"I missed the way she smells," Jeff admits.

"Way better than the locker rooms at Nassau," Eric agrees, stroking Maggie's cheek.

They stand there grinning at each other for few moments.

Eric finally breaks the moment. "Who's hungry? C'mon, I'll make dinner," he says, putting his hand on Jeff's back to herd him towards the kitchen.
I am semi-systematically reading my way through the hockey RPF at AO3 (there are only 632 of them, and I've already read a fair number of the really long ones), but I will take recs for fic if you are also enjoying this fandom! I am perfectly happy to read these without knowing anything about any of the characters, so team/pairing is unimportant.
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Sometimes a story comes along that is exactly everything you want from the pairing. Sustain (or Concerto for the Famished in D Minor) by Maybe Amanda and OneMillionAndNine is one of those stories. (Ignore the headers; it is complete.) It's such an incredibly satisfying story. If you like Sherlock and you have any interest in the pairing, you should give this story a try.
And what was this? A beefcake calendar on the back of the loo door? Molly, Molly, Molly. Sherlock knew perfectly well she'd blush and stutter to know he'd seen her well-thumbed Mr. January. She was so predictable. And so were her menses, by the look of it, the dates clearly circled in red ink and about 27 days apart. She had been keeping track, but only going back three months.

Sherlock crossed to the table where Molly's laptop rested. The browser history showed that she had been checking out estate agents, looking for very specifically priced properties in very specific areas, with special attention paid to day nurseries and local schools. Petersfield. Bexhill. Hove.

Good lord. Molly wanted to have a child. Not only that, but she wanted to have a child and run off to Timbuktu.

His brain reeled, imagining what her replacement at Barts would be like. Anderson's face kept coming to mind. He didn't care about Molly - she was free to do whatever incredibly stupid thing she wanted. However, it did not necessarily follow that he was going to sit still while her got herself impregnated and buggered off to Hove.

Something had to be done.
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Yuletide Story for Me
Someone wrote me Unasked. Rizzoli & Isles fic, just for me!

Yuletide Guessing Game
I wrote one story in the main collection and one in the madness collection. I talked to many of you about my story in the main collection, so those of you who heard about it are ineligible for guessing on that one, but I didn't talk to anyone about my madness story since I didn't know I was going to write it until I did. Anyway, if you guess what I wrote, I will write you a snippet of your choice!

Yuletide Recs
I surprised myself by how few Yuletide fandoms I actually wanted to read stories in. (The sexism/misogyny of so many of the requests I read on the spreadsheets of all requests also soured my enjoyment of the whole thing. Really, fandom, we're still doing that?) Of the things I did read, the following are the stories I liked best. AO3 usability hint: if you hate the Yuletide banner/margin, delete "collections/yuletide2011/" from the URL and it'll show the story without the Yuletide stuff around it.

open problem (Push, gen) - This is a fantastic post-movie story that manages to incorporate the same kind of twists and turns the movie does, and there's a line in there that is just a phenomenal perspective on the whole plot.

And You're Overdue ("You Make Me Feel" video, Gabe/Sabi) - I liked a lot of things about this video, but hated the way it reinforces the supremacy of couples and coupledom. This story fixes all that by making it a soulbonding story in a world with empaths, succubi, and other supernatural types. It also has this fantastic piece of dialogue about Gabe: "You were easy to find. Everything about you is very loud and your tour schedule is on the Internet."

All the Little Lives We Could Have Lived (Titanic RPF, Kate/Leo) - This is not a pairing I would have ever thought of on my own, but the fact that there was a story on some commentfic meme a while ago made me click on the fandom in the Yuletide collection. This is a lovely story that spans decades. I loved both the portrayal of their relationship and the way they are both such interesting characters.

Amy Potter and the Monkey of Salvation: an America's Test Kitchen Adventure (Cook's Illustrated/TV Commercials, gen) - I was curious about cookbook fic, and I have a soft spot for fic about Mayhem, so of course I had to read this. It's great. It's adorable and it made me laugh.

Three Scenes from Tiny Cooper's 2014 New Year's Eve Party that Will Definitely Be in His Autobiography (Will Grayson Will Grayson, Tiny/Will) - I was iffy about Will Grayson Will Grayson fic because the book is so fantastic, but this story didn't disappoint at all.

Other Holiday Challenge Recs
I read a handful of [ profile] bandomstuffsit fics today, and there were two I absolutely loved.

Food Of Love (Play On) (Alex/Ryland) - This is a semi-AU where Cobra Starship never got off the ground, so Ryland is a waiter/aspiring actor who also plays in Gabe's band on the weekends. He meets up with Alex again when Alex becomes the new sous chef at the restaurant. This story is so perfect. It's romantic and funny and delightful. I almost emailed one of you a rec today, and then I realized the person I was going to email probably wrote the story and had to put it in a post instead.

the times, they are a-changing, or: a modern marriage of convenience (Brendon/Spencer) - There's sort of a plot here - Dallon suggests that since they're both single at the holidays, Brendon and Spencer should hook up - but mostly there is a really hot, kinky sex scene with Spencer subbing.
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Perhaps you're stressed about Yuletide. Perhaps you're worried about those last few holiday gifts you still haven't bought. Perhaps you hate LJ's newest "improvement." Perhaps your office was eighty degrees in the middle of winter. I am here to tell you: you can put all that aside and enjoy the following links.

Good News 1
The first queer Navy homecoming kiss involves lesbians. Both of whom are in the Navy. Original (now overloaded) link courtesy of [ profile] j_crew_guy.

Good News 2
There isn't just going to be a Fast and the Furious six. There's going to be six and seven. (Spoilers at the link for Fast Five.) Link courtesy of chainsawkatana.

The Art of Seduction (John/Sherlock) by flawedamythyst is a Sherlock AU where instead of The Science of Deduction, Sherlock's website is The Science of Seduction. It's essentially a Queer As Folk UK AU (and it's very much making me want to rewatch that), and it's fantastic. It's funny, it's romantic, and it has the same kind of urgency as QAF UK. I meant to stop reading and finish up my Yuletide story hours ago, but I couldn't tear myself away. Although it's on AO3 as a series of three stories, the first two both end at places where you'll want to keep reading, so keep its length in mind when you start reading. There is some graphic violence in part two; if that sort of thing is tough for you to read, you can skip the details and still get the idea of the story.


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