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I actually have a Google doc titled "plot bunnies" to keep track of these things (sort of; I know a lot of them get lost because I forget to copy them into the doc). If you love any of these and end up writing them, please let me know about it so I can read the story! (Unless you take the disturbing one and write a serial killer story, because I'm not into serial killer fic.)

You know, we always assume Pete is all subby, but there should be a story where he gets turned into a werewolf and turns out to be an alpha. No one is more surprised by this than Pete. Patrick swears a lot when Pete uses his alpha thing to get his own way.


Ryan (Luciani, not Ross) ends up pregnant. Mike K, being the only sensible person in that group, explains that he's going to have a baby and he can't live in his car/people's couches. The Stegers are practically family, so Ryan moves in with Max and the Steger parentals. Then Max/Ryan, obviously.


Possibly horrifying plot bunny: Zack quietly takes care of anyone who might hurt Brendon or Spencer.


You know all that fic where Pete sexes up Patrick to show him he's attractive? There should be fic like that about Max. I would even read fic where Pete (creepy or not) is the one sexing him up.


Andy Hurley and Misha Collins both tweeted about the protests in Barcelona. Where's that cracky fic? They meet, and Misha's like, "I already have a threesome," and Andy's like, "That's cool. Want to have sex anyway?"


Once upon a time, I was going to make an illustrated Black Cards mini-primer/plot bunny, but I didn't get my act together and then they kept losing members, and now this is all that's left of it.

There are four people in the Black Cards:

Pete Wentz (bass, frontman): formerly of Fall Out Boy, father of Jessica Simpson's nephew, soon to be ex-husband of Ashlee Simpson
Bebe Rexha (vocals): the girl, formerly of a publicly unnamed wedding band
Nate Patterson (guitar/keyboard): the one I know nothing about
Spencer Peterson (drums): Cobra Starship's Nate Novarro's best friend and former drum tech

You do have to pay close attention, though, to know there are four of them. Publicity is all Pete or Pete and Bebe. The sense I get from Twitter is that Nate, Spencer, and Bebe hang out together. I would love to read a story that examines that. Possibly something about how Pete feels very alone/isolated - he has this whole new band full of people who seem to like each other more than him, he's getting divorced, so many of his friends live far across the country - and how he slowly comes to realize he can be part of this group with his band.
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Summary: "No," Patrick says, "you did fine." He's quiet for a long moment. "Sometimes you just have to tie him up and fuck him."

Notes: This was going to be a kinky threesome sort of story, with lots of things about how each twosome within that threesome works.

Warning/Enticement: Kink.

Story on AO3

Rock Star )
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Summary: Of course Patrick doesn't do anything about it, because he can't take that step back to look at Pete rationally. So the next time Pete acts up when Bob is around, Bob grabs his arm and drags him to his room in the communal house.

Notes: I was having trouble with a different werewolf AU, and thought maybe I should just recast all the wolves, so I started thinking out loud on Twitter. And then instead of making it Mike/Tom, it became Pete/Patrick/Bob. The hard part of this would be walking the fine line between Bob knowing what the hell he's doing and not falling into the trap of one person can fix everything about another person.

Story on AO3

Silver Core )
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Foxy Shazam is a lot of people, and from what I could see from where I was standing, a lot of weird people. They have some not quite coordinated dance moves that made me see how they fit into a tour with Bad Rabbits. (I still don't understand why The Young Veins were on that tour.) They were entertaining, but I wouldn't see them again unless they were opening for someone I wanted to see.

The second act was Patrick Stump, and when I say "Patrick Stump," what I really mean is "Patrick Malfoy as styled by Flock of Seagulls." More about Patrick. )

And then there was Panic!. We moved down to the floor for them because I wouldn't have been able to see Spencer from the bar area we were in for Foxy and Patrick. We kept ending up in the dude sections of the place because [ profile] idahophoenix is tall and was trying not to be in people's way. But it was fine! We were right at the back of the floor, and for most of the set, I could see right between people to watch Spencer. More about Spencer. And those other dudes he plays music with. )
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Reduced Information Intake
I'm greatly reducing the things I read. I pruned my friends list, stopped reading fueledbygossip and Bandom TFLN (to the extent that I deleted them from my history so they wouldn't show up and tempt me when I start typing into the location bar), and stopped following Nathan Fillion and the majority of TAI's hangers-on and ex-bandmembers on Twitter. I was annoyed with Facebook's declining usefulness, but I guess it'll keep me from spending too much time there. Delicious has been similarly helpful. I'm only reading Sociological Images sporadically (I think I'm going to try once a week). I'm not clicking on every link that appears in my Twitter feed or email. (This is hard for me. I never want to miss anything, but I just need to remind myself that it's okay. I don't have to read/watch/listen to everything.) I'm trying to step away from the internet and go read a paper book when I'm feeling overwhelmed. This all sounds more dramatic than it actually is. I go through this kind of media pruning every once in a while when I'm either feeling like the internet is too much (which I have been for most of this month) or when I'm trying to cut out things that aren't my core priorities (which I'm starting to do since it's starting to be fall, which is when I have a lot more energy).

The last two movies I saw in theaters (unless there was something else in there I'm forgetting) were Colombiana, which I wanted to like more than I did, and Attack The Block, which I very much liked. Attack The Block was fun and funny, and the experience had the bonus points of (a) introducing [ profile] norwich36 to our local art house theater and (b) running into a friend I'd just been thinking about but hadn't seen in years. A win all around!

I've had my Netflix account on hold for a while (and will probably keep it that way into the foreseeable future - again with technology helping me stay productive by being less and less useful), so I've been checking out DVDs from the library. I've seen some very bad movies. Two of those are Diane Keaton movies. I was looking to see what else Gabriel Macht had been in, and one of the things is Because I Said So, which was already on my Netflix queue (because Piper Perabo is in it; she's beautiful as always but the movie gives her nothing to do), and which my library owns. It's not a good movie, and yet I still cried. I'm so easily emotionally manipulated. But because the movie is all about a mother-daughter relationship (Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore), it reminded me of another movie that also has an interesting mother-daughter relationship: The Family Stone. It's possible that The Family Stone is even worse than Because I Said So, and I'd seen it before so I really should have known better. It does have one absolutely lovely moment between the mother and one of her daughters (Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams) when they open presents.

I also watched The Edge of Love. Wikipedia quotes a review that says, "tonally it's all over the map," and isn't that the truth. I mean, I knew it wasn't going to be good when it was a Keira Knightley movie I'd never even heard of, but I didn't quite expect the part where it didn't know what kind of movie it was trying to be. Fun fact: my library actually owns two copies. According the catalog, there's a third one at another branch. Now I'm very curious about who makes DVD purchasing decisions for the system.

YA Unrec
I read Jennifer Hubbard's The Secret Year last week. It's not horrible, but it's very flat and it doesn't seem to have much purpose. It also has a surprising amount of talk about sex and people having sex (off screen) without ever actually being sexy. The best parts are the family parts. She should have stuck to that story.

I heard Patrick Stump's "This City" (featuring Lupe Fiasco) on the radio yesterday. The radio! I had no idea it had made it off the internet.

New TV Shows I Have Watched One or More Episodes Of
It's not a coincidence that all of these have female protagonists.

Revenge: Ohhhh, I like this one. Soapy but not in a particularly ridiculous way, more in a way that draws you in. This is the new show I'm most impatient to watch the next episode of.

Ringer: This is not a great show, but it gets a few more episodes. If I decide I'm watching too much TV, this will probably be on the chopping block. I do appreciate that Sarah Michelle Gellar is managing to make Bridget, Siobhan, and Bridget-as-Siobhan three separate characters. Minor spoilers if you haven't watched to the end of the pilot. )

Charlie's Angels: Do not watch this show. It's terrible in nearly every way. You know how the Drew Barrymore-Lucy Liu-Cameron Diaz movies were fun? This is not. It's also not really a drama. They seem to be stuck somewhere in a middle ground where they don't know what tone to take, so it all falls a little flat. They don't even manage to make the fight scenes look good. Charlie being a voice on a speaker phone is creepy instead of the joke it probably should be. And then there's the race fail. I was going to leave the entirety of this warning outside of a cut, but once I wrote it all out, I realized how terrible and offensive it really is, so the description is behind the cut in case you'd rather not deal with it. Spoilers and race fail. )

Prime Suspect: I wasn't necessarily going to watch this, but then [ profile] norwich36 said I should let her know if I made it past the first fifteen minutes, so I watched it so I could talk to her about it. The sexism is pretty outrageous, and neither one of us or my mother (who I also talked to about it) believed the blatant nature of it. I'm hoping that was just a setup and that now that they have the attitude established, it can be more realistic and subtle. What's most interesting about the show, and what I didn't know from the one ad I kept seeing at the movie theater, is that she's partnered. (It's probably not a good thing that I can't remember the names of either Maria Bello's character or the partner.) Before you get too excited by my choice of terminology, the partner is male. Their relationship is very interesting, and it's what's going to make me watch at least one more episode. What I really want is for someone on YouTube to cut together reels of just those interactions for each episode. I would watch all of those. As it is, this is likely to be one of those shows where I watch an episode here and there when I'm in the mood for a cop show.

The Secret Circle: I wasn't sure about this show. [ profile] siryn99 suggested it, and [ profile] eleanor_lavish didn't think much of it. I gave it two episodes because the first one was painfully establishing, but two episodes is all it's getting. I might remember to read some brief recaps in a couple of months to see what happens, but it's not worth watching. A few miscellaneous thoughts: Never before have I so clearly seen the use of magic as a metaphor for sex. It's suffering in the transition from page to screen, particularly in the pilot where I could practically see the inner monologue. Somewhere there is a problem in the logic of there being six people to complete the circle when all twelve of the current six's parents seem to have been in the previous one. I would much rather watch a whole show about Faye than Cassie. It really makes me want to watch The Craft, which is an urge I get often enough that I might just buy it.

Returning and Ongoing Shows I'm Watching
In addition to the things below, I'll also be watching Leverage and Rizzoli & Isles when we get to the second half of their split seasons.

Haven: I was looking for things to watch, and [ profile] norwich36 sent me a link to a thread of shows to catch up on over the summer that have strong female characters. This was on it, so I watched my way through the first season. What surprised me most were how many people I know replied to me when I tweeted about watching it. Who else is watching this show I'd never even heard of but love? (I have more to say about Haven, but it's going in a separate entry.)

Hawaii Five-0: This show continues to be absolutely ridiculous, and yet fun. Minor Spoilers )

Nikita: I love this show. I'm completely captivated by the story and the relationships. Spoilers )
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Watch this:

Video via MTV )

Now tell me if you had the same thought I did: clearly Patrick is a member of the American branch of the Malfoy family.
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This Twitter exchange from this weekend needs to be memorialized on the internet:

PatrickStump: Currently listening to Mongo Santamaria's version of "Watermelon Man." (source)

BebeRexha: @PatrickStump We used to play that in Jazz band class! :) Love it! (source)

PatrickStump: @BebeRexha I didn't know you were in jazz band. I totally BS'd my way into/through it. Still can't read music. I just swung/improvised (source)

I love the way he says he didn't know that as if he knows enough about her that it's a surprise to learn something new. Fandom, where is the Patrick&Bebe - or Patrick/Bebe or Pete/Patrick/Bebe or even Pete/Patrick and Pete/Bebe V relationship - fic? Do I have to do everything around here?
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Last weekend, I started blabbing over Twitter about some porn in my head that I was probably never going to write down. Then I wrote the story part leading up to the happy ending. I have since gone back and put in a tiny bit of the porn. If you object to women liking penetrative heterosexual sex, you may want to skip that part of the story.

Summary: Andy and Matt run an erotica/fetish photography studio. Pete gets Trish (they're not together) a session with them because he thinks she needs to build up her confidence.

Glowing at the Camera )
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Remember that time I expressed the unpopular opinion that I liked the (New Regrets) version of "Spotlight" better than the (Oh Nostalgia) version? Patrick agrees with me.
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This is for an anonymous to you but not to me person's prompt for this pairing. Many thanks to [ profile] mayqueen517 for her suggestion of Tennessee when I needed a drummer.

This is an AU that does not in any way, shape, or form conform to the reality of the music business.

Fic: Better Than Céline and René )
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This is the snippet where the answer to "Who would Patrick sub for?" is "Bob." This is also the last of the snippets that answer that question.

Warnings: Kink - d/s, implied breathplay and orgasm denial.

Now You're Not )
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This is the snippet where the answer to "Who would Patrick sub for?" is "Brendon."

Warnings: Kink (hitting with a flogger), mention of Patrick's weight loss.

Someone Who Can Keep A Beat )
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Three of the things you'll see this month are things where I was playing with the question, "Who would Patrick sub for?" This is the one whose answer is "Pete."

Warnings: Mild consensual violence, mention of Patrick's weight loss.

Commentary, snippet, commentary )
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Technically, one of them is gen and one of them is Pete/Patrick/Brendon/Spencer, but the three of them more or less make sense in a post together.


This first one is a gen snippet of what I've been wanting someone to write: Travie telling Pete and Patrick they need to just talk to each other.

You're being an idiot )


The second one is the plot bunny for some Pete/Patrick/Brendon/Spencer kink.

Did you smoke up before you came over? )


The third one is two snippets from an unwritten werewolf!Pete/Patrick, Andy/werewolf!Matt story where Andy sends Patrick to Matt for werewolf advice.

Matt's a werewolf. )
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If you're in bandom and you haven't already, go to Patrick's website and marvel at the terrible usability download both versions of "Spotlight."

I'll wait. You can come back to my opinion. )
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I've read tentacle fic before, and I've never really gotten into it. It didn't squick me; I was just disinterested. But it turns out that I really like tentacle fic when it's about Bob. So have some recs. (Yes, yes there are multiple tentacle fics about Bob.)

I clicked on the link to [ profile] mahoni's The Red Light District of R'lyeh (Bob/Brian/Patrick[/tentacles]) even though I was skeptical of tentacles because it was delicious tagged as bandom+d/s and I hadn't read it yet. You know what I love in kink? People taking it beyond what they think they can, and this story has that in spades.
By the time it stops, he can only breathe through his nose. His jaw stretches wide, as wide as when Brian and Patrick both fuck his mouth at the same time. He can't hold back a desperate moan; it's still a little bit from being freaked out, but he can't deny he's getting turned on. This is different than when it's just him and Brian and Patrick. He knows them; he knows the kinds of things they like to do.

This thing, he doesn't know what it will do. He's helpless against it, and it can do anything to him, and even though that's scary in a way he's never scared with Brian and Patrick, it's also a lot hotter than he'd like to admit.
Then I was reading my way through Bob/Mikey fic and came upon There Are Worse Things Than Tentacles, also by [ profile] mahoni. This one is more humorous than porny, although there is some sex in it.
Suddenly Bob's blush deepened and his eyes went a little wide. He glanced down between them. Mikey followed his gaze and noticed that his other two tentacles (yellow and white polka dots, and a festive neon green with red swirls) were slowly twining around Bob's legs. Mikey hesitated, startled and abruptly overwhelmed with the extra sets of sensations -- Bob's broad shoulders, and Bob's solid waist, and the curve of Bob's ass and his thighs and wow.

"Um," Bob said. His voice sounded a bit strained, but not an angry or unhappy sort of strained. More the kind of strained Mikey tended to hear when he straddled Bob's lap in his tight jeans and dominatrix boots and pinned Bob's wrists to the couch and made him ask politely for it. "Like I said. Weird. But. Also kinda hot, now that I'm thinking about it."
And then this weekend I've been reading Bob/Brian fic, and I came across [ profile] saekokato's Tossing Up a Strong Vibe. The thing I loved about this fic before I read it is that she wrote it for kink bingo - for the voyeurism square. It's also totally hot. (And I would read any and all sequels.)
Because Brian has definitely walked in on Bob jerking off in front of the television.

Like actually in front of the television, using the black screen as a mirror, bent over his coffee table, moaning like he's being ridden hard. His back is arched from the way he's spread his legs - back and out - so that he's still on his feet, but not blocking his view on the screen, and his head is twisted around so he can watch as a tentacle fucks itself into his ass. There's another one wrapped around Bob's wrists, pulling both of his arms over his head, and the angle forces him to rock up onto the balls of his feet with every thrust the other tentacle makes into his ass.
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Happy Halloween! I did this last year and it was fun, so let's do it again.

by flickr user barryhorneotf

Knock or ring the bell by leaving me a comment, and I'll reply with a treat of some sort. It might be a fic snippet, a picture, a song, or something else I come up with in the moment.

(Not my actual door. Photo by Flickr user barryhorneotf, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.)
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Basically I've decided it's silly to wait until the end of the year to clear out the things I know well before then that I'm not going to finish, so here is another bunch of snippets.



Warning: Abortion

Brendon/girl!Spencer )


Spencer Breaks Dishes

In real life, Spencer's response to The Young Veins' AP interview was to tweet a picture of tambourines. But I apparently have a thing about him breaking dishes, so here's an alternative angsty snippet.

Spencer Breaks Dishes )


Gabe/Nate/Victoria College AU

I had this idea for a college AU where Victoria's taking a photography class and needs a model. Someone suggests philosophy grad student Gabe. In the meantime, she and Nate are roommates. This would be the kind of story where Nate and Victoria have been dancing around each other until Gabe forces the issue, but I only ever wrote one scene.

Gabe/Nate/Victoria College AU )


Pete and Patrick Meet at Yoga

Some time ago, there was this prompt on [ profile] anon_lovefest about Pete and Patrick meeting in a yoga class. In my head, there is a lot of Pete making obvious and obnoxious come-ons and then some eventual dating, but I only ever wrote the scene where Patrick starts to change his mind about Pete.

Pete and Patrick Meet at Yoga )


Mike/Bill, watermelon

[ profile] inlovewithnight was having a bad day recently, so I wrote her a snippet based on this picture and her commentary thereon.

Mike/Bill, watermelon )
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This is a collection of miscellaneous plot bunnies and snippets. The snippets are mostly the beginnings of things I know I'm not going to write more of.


Warning: This first one could be triggery. Suicide talk ahead. Skip to the next LJ-cut if you don't want to read it.

Suicidal Spencer Gen )


Nick/Tyson )


Brendon always has to give up his dogs. Shane got Dylan, Spencer got Bogart, and Sarah got whatever the new dog's name is.


In the story in my head but I'll probably never write, Cassadee Pope, rock star, falls in love with a guy who owns a coffee shop.


Domestic Mike/Emma and Michael/Naomi )


Mike/Michael/Naomi Beginning )


Nick Jonas/Brendon Urie: Gay In A Religious Family )


Nick Jonas/Brendon Urie: Substitutes )


Nick Jonas/Brendon Urie: Musicians In Love )


Patrick/Spencer Beginning )
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Happy Valentine's Day! I love you all.

Special thanks to the person who gifted me with paid time. This is what I think of you: ♥ ♥ ♥

I did not get my act together to do anything for Valentine's Day this year, so here are some (only slightly annotated) recs instead. I intended to read everything from [ profile] no_tags and then found that some things just didn't interest me, so I read almost everything. This is twenty stories I liked from it. They're in reverse order of when they were posted because I just skimmed through and opened things in new tabs. I hope you find something you enjoy!

  1. These Aren't The Droids You're Looking For - Amazing Patrick gen Star Wars AU.

  2. Tick Tick Boom - Gabe/William MacGyver AU, in which Gabe is an agent, William is a science teacher, and together they fight crime.

  3. i'll be your lightning rod - William/Mike. I loved the way their relationship works in this story.

  4. All night, sugar rush - Gabe/Brendon bakery AU. I'm a sucker for cooking AUs.

  5. when there's nothing left to burn - Brendon/Ryan/Spencer. I don't usually go for angst involving Brendon and Ryan, but this has stuck with me.

  6. An Allotrope of Carbon - Excellent Frank/Jamia thieves AU.

  7. Are We The Parts, Are We The Whole - Adorable Gerard/Lindsey/Bob.

  8. 10-23 (Stand By On This Frequency) - Bob/Ray EMT AU.

  9. Catch a Wave - Brendon/Spencer, with some fun Pete and Ashlee teasing.

  10. wanna talk to her (she's hot as hell) - Hilarious Brendon/Cassadee story where she's confused by him hitting on her because "But. Aren't you gay?"

  11. With Tongues So Reptilian - Gabe/William Snakes on a Plane AU without the snakes but with them both being smart about literature.

  12. Don't Look Innocent Enough - William/Vicky-T on tour.

  13. Ante Up - Amazing Gabe/Vicky-T continually upping the ante on each other.

  14. Walk and Don't Look Back - Patrick/William early days fic.

  15. Steps will always rhyme - Adorable Gabe/Travis story where they own a coffee shop, and Travis just waits until Gabe thinks things are his idea.

  16. Gathered Here to Witness - Frank/Gerard wherein they meet at Mikey's wedding.

  17. Couldn't Call It Unexpected - Frank/Jamia genderswap. This story is the hottest one in the whole set. I love the way it only works because of the relationship they already have.

  18. Strange Steps Take Us Back - Gabe/William accidental boyfriends. I love stories where people are involved in a relationship before they realize it.

  19. Pixelated Romance - Frank/Gerard. This is the funniest story in the whole set. I laughed all the way through it.

  20. Taste like guilty longing - Carden/Siska. I love this story. I love that it has a d/s vibe that is very serious, and at the same time, Siskay is totally cheerful about it.


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