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I don't know how interesting other people's writing processes actually are if you're not them, so this might be one of those entries that's less for you to read and more for me to write. This does contain lots of spoilers for "Fighting For," so if you have any interest in the story, you should go read it before you read this. If you're not interested in the story, but are interested in the intersection of sci fi and feminist thought, you might still find the section on gender politics interesting.

Writing Without a Plot: Origins and Story Arc )

Sex Scenes That Don't Obey )

Gender Politics )

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Influences )

Things I Did That You Might Not Have Noticed )

Things I Did That I Might Not Have Noticed

One of the things I love about having other people read something I wrote is when they notice things I didn't even know I was doing. If you read "Fighting For," I'd love to know what you noticed in it that I didn't know I was doing.
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I'm kind of stretching my fantasy theme today because I'm out of stories that are specifically fantasy play. Instead, this rec is for a story about a character getting something he's been fantasizing about. The story is "And Then They Came On Brendon's Face, The End" by [ profile] sociofemme and [ profile] disarm_d, which is Panic GSF. I actually avoided this story for a while because of the title, but you should read it despite the title. What makes it so amazing is less what they do and more the dynamic of Brendon wanting something, not feeling like he can ask for it, and thinking he's giving away too much at times when no one else gets what he thinks he's letting them know.


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