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Not A Movie
I started off my weekend with the two-hour season finale of season 2 of One Tree Hill. Now I have to decide whether I should jump right into season 3 where it is now or if I should wait until it comes out on DVD and start at the beginning.

Not A Romance
Then on Saturday I watched Phone Booth. )

After Phone Booth, I watched Bride and Prejudice. )

Romance Movies at the Theater
Yesterday I went to see Last Holiday. )

Today I first saw Tristan & Isolde. )

Then I saw Casanova. ) The rest of you can see it or not as you choose, but Sky, you must see this movie.

Trailer Report
In all of this moviegoing, I saw the trailer for Something New three times. The first time we saw the trailer, the boys scoffed at it, but I'm completely charmed. Romantic comedy! Simon Baker! Natasha Bedingfield song in the trailer!

Other most exciting trailer: Stick It. This is a movie about a bike-riding girl (apparently bikes are the new skateboards) who gets sent back to gymnastics by the judge. And it's written by the writer of Bring It On. I so can't wait.

Most baffling trailer: Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst. Seriously, people, what the fuck?

Last Week's Leftovers
While I was out of town, I caught the first ever Law & Order/Homicide crossover on one of the cable channels that reruns L&O like mad. On the Homicide portion of the crossover, Lennie and Munch meet for the first time. For those of you who don't know, Lennie/Munch is my L&O OTP (!!!! [exclamation points added so you can see how much of an OTP this is]). I was excited to see the how they met episode. They go to the bar, where they start chatting and playing pool. And where they find out that not only does Lennie know Munch's first ex-wife, but he slept with her. Munch proceeds to get drunk and lose something like $500 to Lennie at the pool table.
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My brother gave me a CD, which I tried to listen to at work on Thursday. There was something in the quality of the sound that set my teeth on edge, so I gave up after about a half a song. (I'll have to try again at a different time, and possibly with different speakers.) Later that day, I started getting sick, which of course made me think of the alien signals in both Threshold and "Music of the Spheres," the Joshua Jackson-Kirsten Dunst episode of The Outer Limits.

I also had a non-serious flash of "maybe it's Asian bird flu," which I always misread as avian bird flu and then wonder who would come up with such a stupidly redundant name.

There's a New Yorker cartoon (possibly by Roz Chast) called "The Sweet Spot of the Flu." There's a person lying on a couch in front of a TV with tissues and other illness items spread around, and the caption says, "Too sick to go to work, not too sick for TV."

Yesterday I actually spent more time reading (Worldwired by Elizabeth Bear. I'm not sure if it's really not as good as Hammered and Scardown or if I just wasn't in the mood for it.) than watching TV. Today's been a bit more in the other direction.

I've been trying to watch things off of the poll some of you voted in. I've cheated a bit. I started with Dead Like Me because new friend Sarah loaned me the first season, and I couldn't resist Ned and Stacey as soon as I knew it was out on DVD (and I successfully stumped Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character with Eric).

I tried out Futurama. I told myself I was going to give it at least two episodes. I made it seven minutes into the second one before I gave up.

Farscape was the other top vote getter, and I've been putting it off because the discs are horribly inconvenient. Disc 1 has episodes 1 and 7, disc 2 has episodes 2 and 4, and so on in some incomprehensible pattern.

So instead of Farscape, I made The Dead Zone my next item. I watched the first three episodes yesterday. It was pretty good, but not spectacular. I may have seen too many psychic shows.

Today I watched Murder By Numbers. I can see why everyone was all into the teen gay murderers in love, but, eh. Michael Pitt is definitely a Leonardo DiCaprio wannabe.

Then I watched Dirty Dancing on TV. Erin says we watched it at Nikki's birthday party in elementary school, but I didn't remember it at all. Erin brought up a good point: Where did Baby get all those clothes? I myself have to wonder why this is a classic.

This evening, I tried watching It's a Wonderful Life, which I don't think I've ever really seen. I lasted 21 minutes. Then I tried ICE WARS Battle of the Sexes. That was only good for about eight minutes, but it did both make me want to see Ice Princess again and remind me of [ profile] entrenous88's "Spander on Ice" (part 1, part 2).

And now for the rest of One Tree Hill, season 2, disc 4. (Miscellaneous annoyance: If you're ever making a DVD, make sure that the theme song is at the end of a chapter. I don't want to watch or have to fast forward and find the end of the opening credits every time.)
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Coworker Karaoke
I have two coworkers who chose to celebrate their birthdays by going to karaoke night at Scotty's on Friday. I'd never been to karaoke. I'd never been to Scotty's. It was actually pretty fun. Karaoke takes place on the funky outdoor deck. One half of the deck is set up with nice, small tables where groups of people had dinner in the light of the tiki torches. The other half feels like a boat deck and has picnic tables and a pool table that appeared to have only one cue. The karaoke stage is right in the middle of the two halves.

I didn't sing, but several of my coworkers did, as did a group of kids who were with our group. You haven't lived until you've seen a trio of thirteen-year-old boys sing "Baby Got Back" as their mothers shake their booties in front of the stage.

Just Like Heaven
No real spoilers, but cut just in case. )

One Tree Hill
Season two of One Tree Hill is out on DVD, and I was lucky enough to have Netflix promptly send me disc one. One Tree Hill is perfect comfort TV because it's extremely fluffy. Most evening soap operas these days attempt to tackle real issues. On the last season of The O.C. alone we had drugs, gun violence, sexual identity experimentation, alcoholism, infidelity, and sexual assault. One Tree Hill stays away from all of that sort of thing, which makes it very restful.

I went to karaoke on Friday night, so I had to tape Threshold. I clearly did not check the reception carefully enough because about half an hour to forty-five minutes of it was completely unwatchable. However, I did like what I could see. Again, not many spoilers, but still cut. )

A Taping Dilemma
The new TV season officially starts tomorrow. There are two different times where there are two different shows I want to watch. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem; I'd just tape one and watch the other. However, I will be out of town tomorrow night, and I will most likely be having dinner with coworkers, so there is a good chance that I won't get back to my hotel room by 8:30. Which leaves me with a dilemma: Do I tape Kitchen Confidential or How I Met Your Mother?

I loved the book Kitchen Confidential. I think I like Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother) slightly more than I like Nicholas Brendon (Kitchen Confidential). Rick Kushman rated How I Met Your Mother slightly higher on the Rickster scale, which would seem to tip the balance that way, but he also loved Bones, which makes me question his taste.

Any ideas on how to figure this out or suggestions on which one I should choose to tape would be appreciated.

For the curious: The other time with two things on is 9:00, but I've decided to tape Prison Break and be okay with it if I miss Two and a Half Men.

Of course, the real problem this fall will be Tuesday at 10:00, when there are three things I want to watch on at once. I'll probably watch SVU because I love crime shows and it's the only Law & Order worth watching anymore. But then there's both Boston Legal, which I like but am not in love with, and Close to Home, which is a Jerry Bruckheimer produced show that has both the blonde girl from Crossing Jordan and Christian Kane.
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Writing about writing.
I'm looking for some kind of moderate-traffic writing discussion. My first attempt at that kind of thing has been mildly frustrating, so I'm looking for some alternatives. One option is to just post things here, and you all can chime in as you feel like it. Another option is to direct my energies into some kind of existing but unknown to me space specifically designed for that. I'm still undecided.

I love my dead gay show on a stick.
Alas, Life on a Stick appears to have been cancelled. This ruins the beauty of watching Amy Yasbeck on Fox at 9:30 and Tim Daly on ABC at 10:00.

I love my dead gay show on the falls.
After failing to find it at both Target and Circuit City, I ordered Wonderfalls from Amazon. After way too many days of waiting, it finally arrived, and I got to re-watch the first episode. I'd forgotten that we find out Sharon's a lesbian in the first episode. Now I can't wait to see what else I've forgotten.

I love my live gay show.
That incesty subtext finally showed up on season 1, disc 2 of One Tree Hill. There's a fathers vs sons basketball game (yeah, we can see where this is going). Dan knocks down Nathan. Lucas helps him up and they have this moment in the middle of the court.

For anyone who may have been in suspense: I did read the summaries of further episodes. Every episode sounds incredibly stupid when you try to summarize it in two sentences.

Misheard lyrics.
Am I the only one who hears the "push it good" on the GM hot button commercial as "pussy good"?

Looked-up lyrics.
Putting "all night" "all lies" "black mercedes" into Google without also including the word "lyrics" brings up Mulder/Krycek fic before it brings up the One Block Radius lyrics. I found this amusing. I found it even more amusing after I found out that One Block Radius is at least somewhat local.
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I've pretty much given up on doing anything constructive with my weekends, so today I spent most of the day on the couch watching things from Netflix.

First up: Sleepover. )

Then I decided that this could be a new fandom day, so I watched the first four episodes of One Tree Hill. )


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