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Summary: Victoria knows that tone. That's not the tone of a guy who had a threesome. That's the tone of a dom who was very pleased with his subs.

Notes: The idea behind this was to play with het kink where the woman is subbing, but I never finished it.

Warning/Enticement: Kink with a woman subbing for a man.

Story on AO3

A Little Duller )
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Summary: Nate gets back to the bus, and Gabe is hiding out in his bunk. The rest of the band takes a good look at Nate and figures out why.

Notes: My original thought for this was: Actually, what I really want is some Nate-centric Cobra gsf.

Story on AO3

Not Surprised )
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Summary: The beginning. That's probably not where he should start. "Mikey and I-" There isn't an easy way to explain it to them. "We're long-term non-monogamous."

Notes: Last year I wrote Well Met for the [ profile] no_tags prompt "Everyone forgets that Nate and Mikey know each other. (AU or canon.)" As soon as I started writing the story, which is an AU, I thought of the canon version. This is that story.

Story on AO3

Keep Doing This )
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I was sorting through my email looking for something else when I came across this, which I'd completely forgotten about. My note at the top of it says it's one of those things that was pornier in my head, but I'd forgotten the details by the time I got to writing it down.

Brains of This Operation )
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Title: Well Met
Pairing Nate/Mikey
[ profile] no_tags Prompt: Everyone forgets that Nate and Mikey know each other. (AU or canon.)
Rating: FRM
Summary: Nate meets a lot of people at Gabe's annual last Saturday before school blowout.
Word Count: 3000
Notes: This was written for [ profile] no_tags and originally posted here. Thank you to [ profile] inlovewithnight for reading along and talking it out with me. Thank you to [ profile] airgiodslv for running [ profile] no_tags. Thank you to [ profile] schuyler, [ profile] lakeeffectgirl, [ profile] icanbreakthesky, [ profile] isweedan, and [ profile] sleepherealone for answering questions even though (a) they didn't know why I was asking and (b) the answers served mostly as background that never made it into the story itself.

Nate meets a lot of people at Gabe's annual last Saturday before school blowout. )
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Disclaimer: Fiction.
Summary: "All we really need is the five of us, some streamers and booze. We've got three DJs between us."
Notes: Originally posted here for this [ profile] anon_lovefest prompt.

Spring Fever )
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You know what I like in fic? Cobra gsf and cuddling. These are supposed to be treats for you, but this one is pretty self-indulgent for me. The gsf is mostly implied and the cuddling isn't particularly explicit. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Victoria was having a bad day. )
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Title: Cobras Only
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Cobra Starship girl!GSF
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 1700
Disclaimer: Made up.
Summary: It starts on Warped. Well, actually it starts when Nat moves into Gabi's basement, or maybe when Gabi meets Ryla and Alex and asks them to join her band, but they don't actually do anything until Warped, because, despite popular opinion, Gabi doesn't actually fuck anything on two legs.
Notes: Originally written for an [ profile] anon_lovefest prompt. The story that made me say both, "Always-a-girl fic is difficult if only for keeping the names straight," and, "Wait. What made me think writing a five-girl sex scene seemed like a good idea? *flail* That's a lot of limbs to keep track of!"

Cobras Only )


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