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By Way of Introduction
Did you know there's a porn version of MacBeth? Slashdot user slaker calls it "surprisingly, shockingly true to the play."

Porn 1: Harry Potter
This is a later scene from the have to get married and have a child Harry/Snape I have a few bits of. I'm having a minor Harry Potter renaissance, brought on not by the movie, but rather by "Not Fade Away," the Angel series finale.

Porn 1 )

Porn 2: CSI
This bit is from the hooker AU I keep writing bits of occasionally. The preceding scene is Greg and Grissom at breakfast with the whole team, where Greg flirts with Nick.

Porn 2 )

Porn 3: Mary Sue-ish Real People Het/Slash
There's no explanation for this one. Or at least not one I'm willing to admit to in public.

Porn 3 )


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