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Last weekend, I started blabbing over Twitter about some porn in my head that I was probably never going to write down. Then I wrote the story part leading up to the happy ending. I have since gone back and put in a tiny bit of the porn. If you object to women liking penetrative heterosexual sex, you may want to skip that part of the story.

Summary: Andy and Matt run an erotica/fetish photography studio. Pete gets Trish (they're not together) a session with them because he thinks she needs to build up her confidence.

Glowing at the Camera )
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Andy's version of the FC origin story includes this bit about Stu:
and then he stayed with us for a couple days, in between tours or something. and it clicked so hard. he was as close with us as if he had lived with us at cramer, or them at prospect. he was family, and he wasnt even trying out or auditioning. i knew after the first day that he had to live at fc too. to complete the circle. but i wanted to see what the other dudes thought. of course they were into it. ry and kage tour with the dude all year, and are super close. and mix always loved stu. so it was official. i asked him the next day, or the day before he was gonna leave. cant remember exactly, but he was stoked.
I thought that sounds exactly like what you would do in a polygamous situation. My exact words on the subject were: "Andy would not approve of the theological underpinnings of the boywives system, but he would very much enjoy having his own boywives. ... He doesn't believe in the way the boywives system sets him up as an oppressor. He thinks people should have their own autonomy and not have to be married off to more powerful men. But at the same time, his house is always clean, there's always food there for him, and there are always people to have sex and play music with whenever he wants. Not to mention the fact that he actually, genuinely loves all of them." This has since led to a lot of Matt is the first wife jokes with friends. More importantly for this post, I started writing one, but I think it's time to admit I'm never going to get to know enough about Ryan, Kyle, and Stu to finish it.

Matt is the first wife. )
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Title: A Great Idea
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: girl!Andy/Matt
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 4000
Disclaimer: Not mine, never happened
Summary: Andi and Matt slept together once. Andi thinks they should do it again. She just has to get Matt to agree.
Notes: I wrote the outline of this plot bunny over Twitter and thought I would be done with it, but I couldn't just let it stay there. I had to come back and fill it in to be a story. Many thanks to [ profile] schuyler for suggesting pool when I needed one more thing.

A Great Idea )
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These are all three different girl worlds.


I keep wondering what an all girl!FC would be like. On the one hand, I think they'd be a lot like they are now, with their football and eating at Beans & Barley and hanging out. On the other hand, the way boy!FC is coded so masculine makes me think maybe girl!FC would be coded really feminine and all into cute shoes and talking about boys and Grey's Anatomy instead of Lost.


Girl!Matt is cheerfully bisexual, and Andy has to lie in his bed in the room below hers and listen to her have sex with hot girls and hot boys.


This one is slightly expanded from the version on Twitter. Also, I decided girl!Matt should be named Maddy. Theodore is Ryan Morgan's son (um, canonically, in case you missed it).

I want to have Hurley's baby. )
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I started out thinking about why there isn't any girl!Mixon, but then I got distracted thinking about girl!Andy, and then about girl!Andy as the only girl in a house full of boys.


Girl!Andy )
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Title: Ringing In
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Patrick/Mixon
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 630
Disclaimer: Made up.
Summary: Patrick can't help but compare Matt to Pete.
Notes: Originally written for an [ profile] anon_lovefest prompt. I've been waiting longer than this to claim/repost, but this is a New Year's Eve story, so it seems appropriate to post today. Plus, this way all of my anon_lovefest fic for this year is posted this year.

Ringing In )
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It's been very cold here, which seems like a good reason to post this as my never-finished fic today. (In case you haven't figured out the pattern, I'm posting every other day. That should hold all the way through the end of the month unless I decide the piece I think is iffy isn't even good enough to be posted for this.)

Andy's nose was cold when he woke up. )
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You might be wondering, Ruth, who is that hot guy? I'm glad you asked! That's Matt Mixon. Today is his 29th birthday. Happy birthday Matt! I don't know what he's doing for his birthday this year, but here's what he did for his 27th birthday:

Picture! )

That didn't quite answer your question, did it? The actual answer is that Matt is Andy Hurley's BFF and a member of Fuck City. Matt first came to fandom's attention when Fall Out Boy headlined the Honda Civic Tour. They had two buses, and Andy let Patrick have the back lounge bedroom on their bus in exchange for the right to bring along two friends: Matt and their trainer Tyler.

In the world of Fuck City, Matt is FC2. It took me a ridiculously long time to figure out that they're numbered in order that they moved into the house. Well, sort of. Andy is FC1 because he owns the house, but Matt flew home early from the HCT to move them both in, so I think technically he was the first one to move in. The story behind FC is that when Andy went full-time with Fall Out Boy, he vowed that if they made it big, he would buy a house and let his friends live there. (I highly recommend Andy's origin story blog; it pretty much reads like a polygamy AU. They also tell the origin story in the first podcast.) Andy also agreed to support Matt until he was making $60K/year, which Matt upped to $80K/year. As if that weren't enough, they sound totally married on their podcast (feed/index of streaming locations).

On Podcast 2, someone asked if they had to have "super gay sex" with someone else in FC, who would it be? Matt says Ryan, which makes Andy jealous so he chooses Kyle out of spite:


Later in the same podcast, Matt talks about the comparison between his dick and Ryan's. Andy assures him that they're both pretty radical:


In another podcast, Matt tells the story about how he and Ryan used to watch porn and jerk off together when they shared a room:


That's only the beginning of the slashiness of the podcast. I highly recommend listening to it.

But let me get back to the real part of this treat: the pictures. Warning: There is one NSFW picture in here.

Hot Mixon is hot. )

If I've managed to convince you that Matt and Fuck City are worth knowing about, you can read more about them here, here, and here.

Sources: the showna pictures were taken from flickr. (She no longer has them publicly available, but you can find them from Matt's dad's flickr, which I will tell you about but would feel creepy linking to. If you do go find it, he also has both a baby picture of Matt and what [ profile] schuyler referred to as "the single gayest graduation photo in the history of photography.") The rest of them were taken from Matt's MySpace.
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To say that my financial situation is iffy this year would be an understatement. I can't afford to buy gifts or even cards, so I'm trying to think creatively about the holidays. One of the things I'm going to do for all of you wonderful people who find me interesting enough to read this LJ is post treats every day in December. Those might be a picture, a song, a video clip, a fic snippet, a recipe, or whatever else I come up with.

This post is not just an announcement post! This is also a request post. If there's something you'd like to see as a treat, comment and tell me about it. It can be general (a pretty picture) or specific (five people Joe Jonas wishes he never slept with) and of any type of treat you might like. This is a present for you, and I want you to enjoy it! I will try to fulfill as many requests as I can.

And since we're talking requests and holidays and such, here's my wish list for this year:

Things I want. )
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Title: Pretty Fucking Good
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Andy/Matt/Renee
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 2900
Disclaimer: Made up.
Summary: Matt's life is pretty fucking good.
Notes: [ profile] _slashygoodness said of Matt, "He's so so gone for them both." That obviously required fic.

Pretty Fucking Good )
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There are two things I would like to either finish or make significant progress on in October.

The first one is the Gabe/Victoria babyfic. It's now about 17,000 words, and she's still only seven months pregnant, which means there's probably a good 17,000 words or more to go. The posting dates for the challenge I'm writing this for ([ profile] bandomrarepair) are at the end of November. I would really like to be close to the end of it by the beginning of November so I can have some time to edit, fill in the missing pieces, and get someone to beta before it has to be posted. I might make a soundtrack for it too. I've been pulling random songs into a playlist as they play with iTunes on shuffle. For some reason I do not have Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach," which is a key song for this hypothetical soundtrack. Excerpt:
They have a band meeting between soundcheck and the show. Alex makes half a dozen things for them to snack on and Gabe locks the door to the bus.

When they're all settled around the table, Gabe bangs his fist on the table. "Cobras, come to order."

Ryland promptly says, "Steak, rare, with the baked potato."

Gabe flips him off. "Any other wiseasses?" He waits for a moment, and then shakes his head. "I don't know if I should be glad you're taking this seriously or disappointed only one of you could come up with an appropriate joke." He doesn't wait for anyone to come up with another one before he says, "Victoria?"

She's sitting next to Gabe, and she reaches for his hand. He hums a few bars of "Papa Don't Preach," and Victoria stifles a burst of giggles.

"I'm keeping it." She's a lot less ambivalent about it now, and a smile takes over her face. "You're all going to be uncles."

Nate lets out a whoop. Alex grins and pushes one of the snack trays at her.

Ryland says, "Delicious," but his smile is too open to be Guy Ripley.

It's almost too much, and Victoria grips Gabe's hand to have some kind of outlet for it. He squeezes back and lets everyone spend another couple of minutes making excited exclamations. Victoria swallows the lump in her throat and tries not to let it make her cry.
The second one is a Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas story for this prompt. It starts on Halloween, and I think it would be cool to post it on Halloween. The biggest problem with this is that it's almost 6,000 words already and I have no idea where it's going or what I'm doing with it. Anyone who wants to read and brainstorm with me should let me know. Excerpt:
Kevin doesn't really know how these things happen to him. It's possible he was a disobedient lemur in a past life and this is how the universe is letting him make amends. Or maybe there's like, some kind of quota for number of crazy things a person has to do in his life, and fate's just helping him along. But probably, probably it's just Joe's fault.

It was Joe's idea to go out for pizza in the middle of the night on Halloween, and it was Joe who wouldn't let him be a zebra and made them be the T-Birds instead. Even Nick's quiet observation that "At least it wasn't the Pink Ladies" didn't make him much happier about it. He really wanted to be a zebra. Or, like, a cheetah. Something with a pattern.

So it's Joe's fault he's in a crowded pizza parlor on what is technically the day after Halloween when a girl in a really, really, really short skirt knocks into him and he reaches out to grab her so she doesn't fall and gets a handful of her waist where it's bare between her shirt and her skirt.

"Are you okay?" Kevin asks, or starts to ask, because he looks at her halfway through the question and she's beautiful and he kind of forgets how to speak.

"Let go of me," she says, or Kevin thinks she does. Now that he's noticing her, he can tell she's pretty drunk, and her words kind of slur together into one surprisingly deep tangle of syllables. She pushes at him, but when he lets go she starts to sway, and Kevin grabs at her again.

A guy dressed liked a tree - probably a willow, by the way his arms are all long and drapey, although maybe that's just the way his arms are - turns around from where he's talking to a guy dressed as a crocodile, or maybe an alligator - the difference is something about their teeth, and this guy just has regular old human teeth - and looks all the way down at Kevin and the girl.

"How kind of you," the tree says, "to take care of Mike in such a state of inebriation."
Those are pretty much my only set writing goals for this month. In addition to those, I do have at least one more [ profile] anon_lovefest thing I could post, I'm sure I'll end up writing bits either for [ profile] anon_lovefest or other things (like this and this), and [ profile] lakeeffectgirl and I are still working on our Joe/Nick control fic.
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As you may have noticed, Fuck City is my new fandom. It's a small one, and the undisputed queen of Matt/Andy is [ profile] megyal. She's written a lot of really good fic, and of the two that are my favorites, one of them is nicely kinky: "Waiter, there's been a mistake; I ordered a quiche." (My other favorite of hers is "one mile to every inch of.")

The sum total of her summary for "Waiter, there's been a mistake; I ordered a quiche." is, "Written for [ profile] sosodirty comm. NC-17 | ~4,200 words | kink: piercing". Every time I read it, I'm struck by the way she identifies piercing as the kink. Sure, the piercing is important, and they do have sex made even better for it, but the piercing is mostly the framework for the real kink of the story, which is about power, control, and what happens when you let someone all the way in. (That last one is a recurring theme in her Matt/Andy fic.)
Matt sounded smug. "Oh yeah, that's it. You said it yourself, too. Some girl says, hey, I like you with a labret, and you do it because it gets her off when you go down on her and you like having her want that. Some dude likes when you suck his dick with the tongue-piercing and he needs it so bad and you want him to need it. It's not just a sex thing. You want them to... to owe you, or some shit like that."

Andy scowled. "And you? What the fuck do you want it for?"

"I want." Matt was breathing hard. "I want you to fucking memorize who put it there. I want that every time you move, you curse me out and you want me to fuck you all at the same time. I want that, you stupid shit," and fuck, Matt was in a mood, because he hung up on Andy again.

Andy thought about calling him on the house-line and yelling his ear off, but he was so turned on, he had to toss his phone to one side of the bed and grabbed his stiff cock, jerking his fingers roughly over sensitive skin; he bit his lip as he came, Matt's rough voice ricocheting in his mind.
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Title: Three Days Home
Author: Ruth Sadelle Alderson
Pairing: Matt/Renee, Andy/Matt/Renee
Rating: FRAO
Word Count: 2200 words
Disclaimer: Made up.
Summary: Andy gets home from tour.
Notes: So Andy said, "Probably the saddest I've ever been at the end of a tour." And then I thought, hey, this needs cuddling fic, which I started writing over Twitter. And then I wrote myself into a threesome corner and had to write the porn too.

Three Days Home )
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Nobody prompted me yesterday (although if you still want to, I'm still willing to outline AUs!), so instead I spent some time writing fluffy clothes sharing fic over Twitter. blahblahblah )

For those of you wondering who these dudes I'm writing about now are, the short version is that they live in a house with some other dudes, they all have at least two sets of matching hoodies, and Andy's in a band. The long version, including pictures of the matching hoodies, can be found here, here, and here.

Eleven Times Andy Wore Matt's Hoodie )


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