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There were good parts of 2012, but it was also a very rough year for a lot of us. People lost friends, family members, jobs. People struggled to get through challenging times while feeling overwhelmed and overstretched. People experienced trauma that left lives irrevocably changed.

We can't ever truly put these things behind us. Everything that happens to us becomes part of the fabric of our selves. But we can learn to live with who we are and the world we find on the other side.

So this is my wish for all of us for 2013: I wish for healing. I wish for peaceful hearts. I wish for better fortunes and more love. I wish for good memories and good times. I wish for strength and support in the inevitable hard times. I wish for peace and joy, love and light.

Goodbye 2012; hello 2013.

Happy New Year. ♥
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A couple of weeks ago, I read this Alternative Press article about how bands don't make any money. They mention that the best thing you can do to financially support a band is to go to a show and buy a t-shirt while you're there. The article made me feel horribly guilty for not spending money on music. I don't really go to shows and I don't want band t-shirts (so not my style to wear things with designs, plus I only wear v-necks) or other merch (I'm not into buying stuff these days). And yet, I really want to financially support bands I support in other ways. [ profile] lakeeffectgirl pointed out that Empires has a donate button on this page of their website (it's hidden waaaaay at the bottom under the Twitter box, and the layout breaks and hides it in Chrome), so I gave them some money. This resulted in not one but two thank-you notes (possibly from a template, but definitely not auto-generated as they came one and two days after I donated), one from management and one from Tom. This is part of why I adore this band; they are truly that sweet and that dedicated to being close to their fans. If you want more than just a thank you for your money, you can buy some of their merch or one of Tom's prints. (If you like Tom's style but not any of the specific prints there, he does rotate them - as soon as one sells out, he puts up something new. You can follow him on Twitter or his blog/[ profile] tomconradsyn to see when he puts up something new.) You should also read [ profile] lakeeffectgirl's post which says all this more fervently and more eloquently than I just did.

There is also an easy, non-financial way you can support Empires. They are one of sixteen bands in a contest to be the first unsigned band on the cover of Rolling Stone. However you feel about Rolling Stone as a publication, this is awesome exposure for Empires. Go here and give them five stars. If you have access to multiple computers with different IP addresses, vote from all of them!

And if Empires isn't your speed, then take this opportunity to support whatever bands or artists are your speed. As Tom's header says, "Buy art, even if it's not from here." ♥
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Dear Self,

You melt down in the summer. I'm hoping that by writing this down now, you will remember it. It's okay. It doesn't make you a failure. Be kind to yourself. Take care of yourself. Go to bed early. Turn the air down a few degrees. Sleep with the fan on. Do less when you need to. Enjoy not being cold, and remember that October and the burst of energy that comes with cooling weather is just around the corner.

Love, always,
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Somehow, most likely through a couple of comments on a [ profile] anon_lovefest and some very anti-woman comments on a girl!Mike/girl!Kevin fic (not mine, but someone else's), I've had the feeling that fandom is especially misogynistic recently.

But then. In the last month or so, there have been three amazing things that have reminded me that being a part of fandom is about being a progressive community of women as much as it is about porn:

  • [ profile] megyal made two posts linking to other women's posts on feminist topics. (Full disclosure: one of the posts she links to was one of mine.)

  • [ profile] roga, who I don't know at all, recced "You Have My Heart (in your hands)," which led to a handful of people reading it and leaving feedback. What's making me particularly joyful about this feedback is that the things people are saying they liked are all of the feminist elements of it.

  • [ profile] colouredmango has made two posts in the last couple of days that both made my heart feel full. "I just need your hand in mine" indeed.
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Two of today's PostSecrets are about gold stars:

I never got enough of these as a kid

Our teachers never gave us gold stars in school... so we made our own :)

So these stars are for you. Every one of you deserves them. Every one of you deserves appreciation and recognition and love.

Photo by Flickr user pewari.

♥ to you all.


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