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I'm starting to think about just killing him off one of these days. This, however, is not that day.

Gimli looked from one to the other of them and headed for the stream to clean up.

Aragorn, blood-covered, stalked Legolas across the clearing. Legolas planted himself firmly, arms crossed over his chest, and watched Aragorn advance.

Aragorn reached him. He put his hands on Legolas' shoulders and pushed him, unresisting, back until his back was against a tree. He pressed farther, until his body was firm against Legolas'.

"And the Lady Arwen?" Legolas asked when Aragorn's lips neared his.

"The Lady Arwen," Aragorn said, nearly choking on his words, "would break should I ever do this." He kissed Legolas.
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"Gimli?" Legolas asked from where he sat at the base of a tree.

Aragorn shrugged. "He'll live." He knelt before Legolas. "Let me tend to your wounds."

Legolas reached out and dragged two fingers down Aragorn's face. "You are covered in blood."

"None of it is mine." Aragorn tipped Legolas' face up into the light. He carefully swiped a damp cloth over the cut on Legolas' forehead.

"It bleeds, but it is not serious."

"Mmm. Perhaps." Aragorn cleaned the cut carefully. He probed around the edges of it.

Legolas sighed and let his eyes fall closed.

"This needs to be stitched." Aragorn rummaged through his things and found a needle and thread. He thrust the needle into the fire to clean it. When it was cool again, he threaded it and held the edges of the cut together as he stitched carefully.

Legolas didn't make a sound.

"It will scar," Aragorn said, "but you'll heal." He bandaged it carefully and started to stand, but Legolas caught his wrist.

"Now you." He took the cloth from Aragorn and slowly, carefully cleaned the blood from Aragorn's face.

When he was done, Aragorn took the cloth back and turned away from him. "I thank you."

Legolas caught his wrist again. "Please. Stay with me a while."

Aragorn's breath hitched, but he did not leave.
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I saw The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring today. I was ready for it to be over after the first hour. If I had thought to bring my notebook with me, I would have left the theater and sat on a bench to write and wait for my friends. I hadn't, however, and so I stuck out the whole boring three hours. I tried working out bits of my novel idea in my head, but since only two of my characters have names, and only first names at that, it didn't work particularly well.

The one thing I did like about the movie was Legolas. There's something very interesting about his face, and the camera never lingers on him long enough to really look at him, so I kept trying to see him every time he was on the screen so I could figure out what it is that kept me looking at him. And, of course, since I knew people were slashing this, I watched out for the subtext. Frodo/Sam anyone? But what all that Legolas watching really made me want to do is reread pieces of Elizabeth Moon's The Deed of Paksenarrion and at least part of Anne Logston's Shadow series. And so the only thing I could write is something reminiscent of those novels of adventure.

"Gimli sleeps." Aragorn sat next to Legolas on the log he was using as a seat.

"As should you," Legolas replied.

Aragorn shook his head. "I cannot."

"Frodo's fate is in his own hands now."

"I told him I would give my life to protect him. My sword is sworn to him."

"You protect him as best you can. Some things must be done alone."

Aragorn put one hand on Legolas' shoulder. "You grow wise, my Elven friend."

Legolas looked steadily at him. "War teaches hard lessons." He touched Aragorn's knee to soften his words. "Sleep, Ranger. I shall keep watch."

Aragorn rose and returned to his piece of earth in near silence.


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